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  1. I suppose so. To me, Action Zone is just another one of those things that were done under the Paramount name that I wish could be reversed.
  2. In my opinion, "Action Zone" isn't any better. I mean, come on - an area themed to "action?" That seems pretty vague. Not to mention none of the rides in AZ really fit that theme either.
  3. I've been a member of ACE for several years now, and I quite enjoy it.
  4. LordSkippy

    The Bat

    I forsee issues... "...and that's why The Bat was torn down." "What do you mean? The Bat is right next to Banshee." "No, I mean-" Either way, I do think this here is a real good thing.
  5. Yes, the coaster currently known as Flight Deck was once red. I don't know the exact year it was repainted (nor do I care) but according to your account of it being grey in 2002 and a photo of a red Top Gun in 1996 on RCDB, I'd imagine it was sometime between 1996 and 2002. Probably closer to 1996, though.
  6. A...bat cave? Holy renovations, Batman!
  7. With the Skyride footer: it is indeed still there, although a small tree has somewhat comically been planted inside the footer where the support must've gone. Also, earlier in this topic someone mentioned there still being poles from Der Spinning Keggers in the woods around Viking Fury's exit path. Oddly enough, there are indeed two rusty poles there, but I can't tell if they were from Der Spinning Keggers or not.
  8. Most definitely the Tumble Bug. Wait...no.
  9. Isn't the ride track for Boo Blasters identical to the ride track from Phantom Theater? Can that even be considered remnants?
  10. Screamin' Demon? The loop stayed with the ride when it was relocated to Camden Park, and was eventually scrapped.
  11. I've got one. To my knowledge, one of the Skyride footers still exists, near the edge of the Oktoberfest pond on the Bier Garten patio. It used to have a boat covering it, but that has since been removed and a tree has been planted inside the footer. Also, I believe the Snoopy Boutique used to be the Hanna-Barbera Land Skyride station.
  12. Wait, so the inexplicable rectangular building between the exit path of The Racer and the silly basketball game used to be the queue for the Tumble Bug? Huh. The more you know. Somebody should compile a comprehensive list of all the remnants from past attractions. I'd do it, but I haven't the experience necessary.
  13. What was this topic originally about, again?
  14. Has this really turned into another YoungStud hate thread? Already? It baffles me how one singular user can be the subject of so many of these tangents and not be banned. And yes, yes, I know - people have a right to their opinions. But this transcends that. People don't dislike YoungStud because of his opinions, at least not entirely.
  15. B&M might not have invented the wing coaster, but they certainly did popularize it, and that's gotta count for something.
  16. Looks like a great addition. If only Kings Island could bring back its two "treasured favorites..." (and I'm not talking about Scooby's Ghoster Coaster.) One can dream.
  17. I really enjoyed SkyRider at Canada's Wonderland. It is by far my favourite standup I've been on.
  18. He's said nothing more out-of-the-blue than some of your B&M jabs. Anyway, I've had enough of this debate. B&M and Intamin both have their pros and cons, and denying that fact isn't the way to be perceived as a rational person. Stay rational, my friends. (Edited to fix double negative weirdness. Thanks, Terpy!)
  19. Very funny, YoungStud. Look at this thread. SOB posted about how we were hearing about Intamin every day, and the immediate reply - from you, no less - makes that oh-so-familiar statement about your concept of Intamin superiority, that then begins the inevitable debate and subsequent debate about the stupidity of the debate.
  20. ^ ^ Ha. That's cute. You know, I don't think there is such a thing as a B&M fanboy on this site. Only people who are willing to accept the merits of B&M as a company and are sick of hearing those who aren't.
  21. I don't care who is right and who is wrong, but I would like to point out something - the majority of these Intamin vs. B&M debates are started by the Intamin camp, escalated by the Intamin camp, and concluded when the B&M camp is sick of debating with the brick wall that is the Intamin camp. I can't be the only one who's noticed this.
  22. Hopefully night rides on Banshee won't turn riders into horrendous zombie-like creatures. That would not be good.
  23. Roller coaster quality is so subjective, any time a definitive list of "the best" is made, it's bound to be flawed. I leave it at what my favourites are.
  24. Did I miss something? So far, I have seen nothing to suggest one penny of this $50,000,000 will be spent on a giga coaster. EDIT: Apparently I did miss something. Or I can't read. I will say, though, I'm a bit skeptical, especially considering how closely guarded the whole Banshee project was. Most of that is likely done by individual parks, but still.
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