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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.

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  1. To celebrate my 37 birthday I bought myself tickets to Kings Island with Fast Lane as a gift from my wife. A friend of mine went with me as my wife does not like rides for the most part. Anyway on the hottest day of the year the Fast Lane really came in handy. While the park was not that crowded the last thing I needed to do was stand in line and bake in the sun. We arrived at the park at 9:40, got our Fast Lane tickets and walked through the stores to try to stay in the AC. Finally the park was opened and we hit Diamondback. Honestly here we arrived to the station about the same time a
  2. We used it on AE and passed a surprisingly and relatively long line.
  3. I'll put up a full trip report later. But Fast Lane did come in handy even though most lines were non-existent. Due to the heat severely taking a toll on my body (20 years and 40 lbs ago I would have been better) we only got in 26 rides, 3 Diamondback 2 on beast and 4 on the Haunted House ride (I hate the new name). Was shocked to find no misting fans around being replaced by fruit that requires a knife to eat. Bought the 15 dollar wrist band for drinks but was disappointed that they wouldn't honor it at the fudge shop where the Coke Freestyle was. Overall a good time and with the heat n
  4. At 37 it will be a challenge to make it the full 14 hours, lol. I'm thinking its best to arrive around 9 or 9:30 so we can get our wrist bands and start riding at 10.
  5. I was on the SOB on 7/9/06 shortly before the train that caused the injuries (as oblivious as I am it could have been that train). It was my first time on the ride, I remember hearing a cracking noise at one point during the ride and noticed it was extremely rough ride. When the ride came into the station it was not the cheering you usually hear but more of a quiet nervous sound as if something wasn't right and heard some others complaining of pain. I felt weird but then got an ice cream, walked on to Vortex (literal walk on, the gates opened as I got there), then we left just as the first r
  6. Thanks for the clarification on the 20 oz drinks. Really don't want to carry a cup around all day Saturday but still sounds to be a good deal. My goal is to hit 100 rides on Saturday with the Fast Lane with at least 5 on DB & Beast ea.
  7. Breakers Express was nice for what it was. Biggest benefit is early ride time.
  8. I can't believe how cheap that is. Made my birthday weekend even better especially in 90 degree heat. Thanks everyone for the info.
  9. Next stupid question. Where do you buy the $5 20 oz drink wristbands? Yes I want to be in the 1% that day :-)
  10. Awesome. Looking forward to it. I didn't renew my pass this season due to my new part time job and other expenses so this will probably be my one time to KI this year. Goal is to ride Diamond Back at least 5 times and Beast at least at night front seat. Not to mention Invertigo for only the second time. One ride I will not use fast pass on is Firehawk as I simply don't like that ride.
  11. So how does Fast Lane work? I got Fast Lane passes for my birthday for this Saturday. What should I expect? What would the average wait time be if any? Also where do the Fast Lane entry points begin? I'm assuming for Stunt Track & Diamond Back they use the SRO & former Fast Pass lanes. What about Beast, Racer, etc?
  12. Such as? Only thing I could tell was they couldn't load 2 trains fast enough to keep up with a third.
  13. Also it seems on busy days that Raptor is the busiest at the start of the day due to being the first ride in the park.
  14. Did not ride Mean Streak on purpose. Rode it last year when I had a much shorter visit to the park and did not like it at all, way to rough to be fun (for me). Friday's crowd wasn't that bad, Saturday was bad plus they had two company events that day as well. Though if me and my friend go there again next year it would be a Sunday Monday trip or a Thursday/Friday trip.
  15. Just got back from a great trip to Cedar Point where if the theme was "Do It All" it would be mission accomplished. We left my house at 5:30am on Friday morning in Verona, KY and drove from there through Dayton in one of the heaviest downpours of rain I have ever driven in (and I drove through Tropical Storm Faye in 2008). That slowed us down about an hour but we kept going only stopping at a rest area that warned us about the lying and non-creative beggars (they evidently kept telling the same lies) and heard two guys in the bathroom talking about how it would take a guy as big as Hulk H
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