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  1. Does anyone have any screen captures of any of the Diamondback testing from the webcam?
  2. What are your favorite sounds at Kings Island? For me... personally, I love the sound of the chains pulling you up the hill on The Beast, the carousel music, and "ALL CLEAR!" hahaha
  3. Tell her to get excited! First ride on The Beast is truly amazing.
  4. I would do anything to ride Diamondback or Beast right now. It's like I'm craving a ride! Who's with me!?
  5. I love watching the Diamondback cam! It will look cool once there is snow (:
  6. -school school school! -working out to stay in shape instead of hibernating! -watching MOVIES! -going shopping
  7. Be outgoing! It's an amusement park, they want lively people working there. Also, if they ask why you chose to apply here, say that you love the environment of the park and amusement parks in general (assuming that you do like the environment of KI, since you're on KIC).
  8. I found this on flickr one day and I almost fell out of my chair! Is this anyone from KIC? I thought it might have been posted before because it's so funny. So, credit to whoever owns the photo! http://www.flickr.com/photos/justadrumer/2740662620/
  9. eww and the gunk in there from maps being left on the boats is truly disgusting. I will complain!
  10. Abracadabra by the Steve Miller Band Love that song!
  11. hmmm I wonder how long the lines are going to be tonight.
  12. The singing in this show is great! The songs were great as well. They all fit together very well. Also, I think Zach deserves extra credit... He really gets into his character at every show I've been to. He gives it all and has so much energy.
  13. Thanks! Honestly, I like it to be a little bit crowded. It's more exciting! It was no fun opening night, as quiet as it was. Or this past Saturday...I just couldn't stand waiting on line 2 hours for The Beast again (:
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