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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. It's A Small World from DisneyWorld. I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'd have to agree with whomever said Alpengeist. I loved that ride. Busch Gardens is a sweet park.
  2. Negative! All the seats are the same size. Trust me. I worked there for 3 months. Also, for those wondering, the reason that it has to be 3 clicks is because the computer system won't send the train unless each lap bar is down 3 clicks. I was trained to drive the ride, so we had to know this stuff. Dontcha love those pretty sweet safety features?
  3. I've never lost anything, but my boyfriend lost his favorite Ohio State hat on Flight Deck. Then, when we were walking out the exit, we saw his hat lying under a tree on the sidewalk. He was so lucky, and very very happy.
  4. I worked on Diamondback. Every single seat is the exact same size.
  5. That was my little sister. I came up with that!
  6. someone tried to smoke on Diamondback once. I'm not even joking. Okay. That reminds me oif something I found out last night. A family friend who works at the school told me this, and his younger brother knew the girl. So, last year, some girl was in her history class. During the middle of the class, she whipped out a joint and lit it, and was smoking it. Then, she offered the teacher some! Did I mention this was DURING CLASS?!?!!!!!! Well, she didn't get to spend the rest of the year in the good ol' place called Sycamore High School, and she had to go to rehab before returning this year.
  7. someone tried to smoke on Diamondback once. I'm not even joking.
  8. I'm going to go with not me. I was absolutely awful at mic every time I was put on it. I never know what to say and I get so flustered. My last day was Aug. 22nd though, so I don't have to worry about it for a while.
  9. some of the music they play in Diamondback's line is awful. Here We Go Again: PureNRG -a Christian pop group consisting of 2 14 year old girls and a 16 year old boy. the song is annoying, catchy, stupid, and every time I hear it I get so angry! It probably didn't help that I work(ed) Diamondback for a while.
  10. Hate to tell you but ride supervisors really have no say on those types of ride issues. They can make recommendations to their managers, but it is not their decision to make or give to maintenance. my fault. it was just one of those stupid rumors. i swear, working at that park is just like high school.
  11. This is why an inside joke between us associates is that the Crypt is nothing much more than an indoor Ferris wheel, and whenever people ask me about it I always tell them not to ride it because it is quite terrible.
  12. I worked on the Dodgems several times in my 3 years of working at the park. The supervisor of MSD (monster, scrambler, dodgems) from two years ago (a real fatty) hated how "fast" the cars were going, so he had maintenance turn the speed down. This season I haven't worked on them so I have actually no clue how fast they go, but I know last season they went about 2 mph. No joke.
  13. Along the lines of this, my 25 year old boyfriend thinks Action Theatre is one of the greatest rides at Kings Island. Something about Spongebob and that pickle just makes him very happy. He's also a huge fan of Top Gun (excuse me...Flight Deck) and The Racer. I can still get him on Diamondback and FoF though. :-P
  14. As a rides associate of Kings Island, I hear many strange things from guests, and have heard many stories from my associate friends. A friend of mine who works on the Train says that some guy came up to him and (with a serious face) said "Does this have loops on it?" And another guy came up to my friend and asked, at the Train station: "Is this where the train lets off?" No. No it's not. I worked on Racer for two years, I got a lot of "are there any loops on this?" Once I got sent to work on Drop Tower, this was last year right after that young girl got her feet amputated from the D
  15. i'm a 3rd year rides associate and I have been EXTENSIVELY trained to be VERY particular about height requirements. I worked on Racer for 2 years, and I checked many, many kids who were close, but I wouldn't let them ride. I've been cussed out, boo'd, threatened, pleaded with, and many other things because of the height restrictions. I remember one particular story from last year, when I worked on The Racer. A father came through the line with his daughter, who was OBVIOUSLY too short. I could tell because her shoulders were not in line with the handrails: this is how we usually judge height
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