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  1. The Backyard BBQ is located on the path in between the park and Boomerang Bay. (Picnic Grove)
  2. Twitter: WindSeeker expected to make its debut on Tuesday! http://twitter.com/#!/KingsIslandPR Facebook: The wait is finally over! WindSeeker is expected to open Tuesday! Gold and Platinum passholders will have the opportunity to be among the first riders at 9:30am. http://www.facebook.com/visitkingsisland
  3. Thanks for the help, goodyellowkorn182, We all have Season Passes, and one of our friends is moving out of state, and Thursday was there only available date. I have been to the park once where it was just raining, no lightning/thunder, and the park was absolutely empty, so hopefully we can have a good time. Thanks again!
  4. This Thursday, me and some of my friends were planning to stay at the park all day, one of my friends mom is reluctant about letting him go. http://www.weather.com/weather/wxdetail/48027:20?dayNum=2 From seeing this it looks like there will just be rain, but I have absolutely no idea. Any Help? Thanks
  5. As it was a very sunny hot day, and it was Memorial Day, we expected the park to be extremely crowded, but as the day went on it, it wasn't too bad. We got into the water park at 10:40 and headed to the wave pool to get some good seats, but as it turns out, almost every single seat was taken, so we sat elsewhere. The lines in the water park were not bad at this time, as we got some time in the wave pool, and walk-ons for Down Under Thunder, Sydney Sidewinder, and Snowy River Rampage. We then headed to the park and as we entered the main gates, a woman asked us if we wanted to write a letter to the Military, which we did accept. Me and my family were EXTREMELY impressed with this, Kudos to you Kings Island. As we were already completely dry, and it was still blazing hot out, we headed for Congo Falls, which I have never had to wait in a line for. Today was no different, it was still a walk-on ride. After this we headed for Flight Deck (which looked amazing with its new paint job) and this was also a walk-on ride. I also noticed that there was music playing in the station, I haven't remembered it to have done this last year, but I may be wrong. We then went and ate at the new Potato Works in Coney Mall, and then rode The Racer, which was walk-on. That ride never dissapoints. For our last ride, we decided to choose the Crypt which wasn't too bad, maybe a 15 minute wait. The queue seemed to have some new theming, (Ex: Wooden entrances at the last two rooms of the queue.) but the ride itself was nothing new. Overall it was good, but very hot, day. EDIT: We also got a ride on Adventure Express
  6. The closer it gets to Halloween, the busier the Haunts will get. I have gone the past 3 Friday nights with attendance increasing at each one. You will find, however, that after about midnight the park starts to clear out, leaving the lines for Haunts much shorter and the lines for some rides virtually nonexistant. Just my experiences. I've yet to go to a Saturday haunt Thank You, last night, we left about 9:30 because the lines were so bad and there was nothing to do Trust me, Urgent Scare was GREAT! I was hoping to ride The Beast that night too, but we had already left. The next time we're going is the 30th.
  7. So last night, I went to Halloween Haunt for the first time. The lines were unbelievable! As soon as we got there, we got in line for Urgent Scare and that was all we did all night because lines were 3-4 hours long! What I want to know is, is Haunt always like this, or was it just that night?
  8. I just read your signature, and I'm thinking of flushing my toilet, and playing an E-flat at the same time!!!

  9. where do you find this map? It's not on the haunt website, is it?
  10. Is this the supposed Son of Beast haunt? I'm guessing it is due to the post right above this.
  11. It seems like just yesterday we were posting trip reports of opening day, where have the days gone?
  12. I was there from 6 to 10 and rode Boo blasters and shake rattle and roll. thats all
  13. For all of you that were at the WindSeeker press conference or watched it online, did you notice them say a new haunt this year?
  14. ^^Now dont forget Knotts. http://www.knotts.co...eeker/index.cfm or Canadas Wonderland http://canadaswonderland.com/attractions/detail.cfm?ai_id=691
  15. I'd also like to post this: http://www.facebook.com/cedarpoint#!/cedarpoint?v=app_146095325419845
  16. Via WLWT! I wish I could give a link but it was litterally just announced! And a new haunt maze..... hmmmmmmm... the location seems to be right by The Racer. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/park/rides/thrill_rides/WindSeeker.cfm
  17. Oh I've already signed up thank you for that!
  18. so how intimidating is the hill when you get to it?
  19. The whole Wetterstroem family was posted on KI's facebook today. I was going to be in this event but there was a mixup and now we're not
  20. Yeah I went today and it took both the people in my raft and the lifegaurd just to get us through..
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