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  1. That first picture is really good! Can I use it as my avatar?
  2. I just looked at their website and it says its under construction? I'm going this Wednesday so I just wanted to make sure.
  3. Ok, because I have read that alot have people had gotten lost last year, so I was just making sure. Thanks!
  4. (Sorry double post) Does anyone know if there will be signs telling which direction to run, or some kind of notification at all? Thanks
  5. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/public/fun/blog/2010/7/23/Penn_Station_owner%2FGM_buys_%24500_worth_of_ducks.cfm
  6. ^I am REALLY claustraphobic, so I don't like rides like that ( small tunnels ), and I like DUT alot though.
  7. I chose Maverick. My first ride on it I didn't know what to expect, I rode in the front seat and it was, well, AMAZING!
  8. I am doing the 10k because I think it would be a great experience to go behind the scenes of all the rides. (Including SOB!)
  9. Did you report this to the park?
  10. I might do it, but 40$ is really pushing it.
  11. Sergeant Pepper


    I really like the Corkscrew picture, did you ever ride STR?
  12. I saw this on EXtreme Skyflyer yesterday.
  13. On the sign by backlot for the hint it says "Can you navigate your way around international drive?"
  14. A pair of underwear in the boomerang bay parking lot entrance
  15. has set their status

  16. I was looking on Vodhins at a BLSC recreation and here is what someone commented. http://www.vodhin.org/e107/download.php?view.966
  17. Okay, this is my first TR so bare with me. We arrived at the park for ERT at around 9:05-ish. Thinking that people had already been allowed in, we were suprised when we got there. No one was in yet. Just a few short lines. This continued untill around 9:30 when we finally allowed in. ( Was this supposed to happen? ) We sprinted to Diamondback and got 3 great station-wait rides. We then saw that Surf Dog was rather empty so we rode that. Since the park had just opened now, we decided to go ride Firehawk and Flight of Fear. We had gotten to the front of the Firehawk line ( Station-Wait ) when an employee with a bad attitude said we could not have our bag on the ride. So we got out of line and saw that lockers were $2.00. That wasn't happening. We found a hiding place for it and got on the front seat red train. We then got in Flight of Fears station-wait line and rode away. The park was still pretty empty then so we decided to get a ride on Racer. Only the Red side was running then, so we got there to see once again, a station wait. We rode that and headed to Adventure Express, and walked right on. It was great to see all the effects working. We then took a ride on the train to the waterpark to meet our Mom for lunch. After we ate we thought, "Why not ride a few things" as my little brother was waiting eagerly to come. We took a dip in the wave pool, rode Down Under Thunder, then Sydney Sidewinder, then Snowy River Rampage, Crocodile Dundee ( Ewww ) and ended our day with another dip in the wave pool. So overall a great day. DB-3 SD-1 FoF-1 FH-1 Red Racer-1 AE-1 GBR-2 DUT-1 SS-1 SRR-1 K.I A M.V R.R-1
  18. I cant stop watching your avatar! :)

  19. I'm suprised these have not been posted yet Below are the questions selected for Friday’s 5@5 mailbag: Austin Bention – what is standard procedure after a thunderstorm...like is there any particular number of test runs that must be done before it opens back up for guest...etc? Every ride goes through a series of operational, mechanical and electrical tests before they re-open. It’s the same tests we do prior to the park opening each day. ------------------------------ Kirk Emond – Based on past attendance, how busy do you think the park will be on Friday, June 4. The date you plan to visit should be a good one. There are still some schools in session through the end of that week. Be sure to check out the Rock Band Live show that day, and our new nighttime light show, Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular. ------------------------------ Bruce E. Knolle Jr. – I've heard stories that the park is haunted. Not "Halloween Haunt" Haunted, but "ghost" haunted. Like specifically the Train and the Eiffel Tower. Know any true to that rumor? Or have perhaps a story? Thanks. The stories about the park being haunted have been out there since 1972. I’ve been at the park all hours of the night and have never seen any ghosts. Others claim they have. But nobody has been able to produce any concrete evidence. ------------------------------ Brian Krosnick – Will you be watching the LOST series finale? Perhaps Kings Islands next big game-changing move could be to purchase the rights from ABC, use the technology behind Universal's Spiderman / Busch Gardens' DarKastle and create the most epic LOST ride anyone could ever imagine! Think about it! ;] And you know you can call me in for creative consultation (for ANY ride for that matter... really... anyyyyy ride)! Brian, I have never seen the show LOST. It always came on the same time as ESPN. ------------------------------ . Michael Eshom – What is the status of the carousel organ? I've heard that the "guts" are stored in the Flight of Fear building and that it would cost around $3000 to fix it. Is there any truth to these rumors? Michael, thank you for your interest in the Grand Carousel. It’s a classic; something I tried to ride every day when I visited the park as a guest. I don’t have an update for you other than the carousel organ remains in storage. I will look into what plans, if any, there might be at this time to fix it.
  20. I Agree, but, I could very much use Wi-Fi with the Ride Hopper app on my Ipod Touch. So, I hope it happens.
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