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  1. I go to my fav spot, if you know me it is Tower Gardens. And found these iron fence supports sticking right out. If a small child would run into them they would be impaled.

    Did you report this to the park?

  2. Okay, this is my first TR so bare with me.

    We arrived at the park for ERT at around 9:05-ish. Thinking that people had already been allowed in, we were suprised when we got there. No one was in yet. Just a few short lines. This continued untill around 9:30 when we finally allowed in. ( Was this supposed to happen? ) We sprinted to Diamondback and got 3 great station-wait rides. We then saw that Surf Dog was rather empty so we rode that. Since the park had just opened now, we decided to go ride Firehawk and Flight of Fear. We had gotten to the front of the Firehawk line ( Station-Wait ) when an employee with a bad attitude said we could not have our bag on the ride. So we got out of line and saw that lockers were $2.00. That wasn't happening. We found a hiding place for it and got on the front seat red train. We then got in Flight of Fears station-wait line and rode away. The park was still pretty empty then so we decided to get a ride on Racer. Only the Red side was running then, so we got there to see once again, a station wait. We rode that and headed to Adventure Express, and walked right on. It was great to see all the effects working. We then took a ride on the train to the waterpark to meet our Mom for lunch. After we ate we thought, "Why not ride a few things" as my little brother was waiting eagerly to come. We took a dip in the wave pool, rode Down Under Thunder, then Sydney Sidewinder, then Snowy River Rampage, Crocodile Dundee ( Ewww ) and ended our day with another dip in the wave pool.

    So overall a great day.





    Red Racer-1






    K.I A M.V R.R-1

  3. Ooh! I know another embarrassing thing! Me and my friend Aaron were on our 15th ride of the day (in 3 hours) and on our 10th ride on Diamondback. The whole ride Aaron was screaming, "Yes! Woo-hoo! This is so fun!" but then when we got on the brake run into the station, he puked all over the floor. It was probably more embarrassing for him than it was for me.

    Warning - Never go in the Green Train, Seat 6:2. (yes, I remembered the seat he puked in :P)

    Thats what that was?! :P

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  4. Tuesdays 5@5

    Questions selected and the answers for Tuesday's 5@5 mailbag:

    Derek Branock – Answering your question from yesterday I do indeed have a favorite show for this season and it would definitely be as of now Way Too Much TV. My favorite of all time, The County Line, sadly had its last performances last season. I know many of the cast members personally from both shows because of last season and they are all nothing but talented. My question for today is, how has the guest feedback been for Planet Snoopy, especially to the children and their parents? Have they all been good, better than expected, or a little in-between? I personally think adding Snoopy was a great addition to an already awesome park and it seems the children are having fun

    Way Too Much TV is a fun show! It brought back a lot of memories. As for Planet Snoopy, the guest feedback has been very positive, Derek. Kids of all ages have enjoyed meeting Snoopy and the Peanuts Gang. Guests have told us our kids' area is more colorful, much more vibrant than before. The live stage show in Planet Snoopy, Charlie Brown's Hoedown, has also been very well received. Some guests were skeptical of the change initially, but once they had a chance to see and experience Planet Snoopy they've found that it has exceeded their expectations.


    Michael Eshom – Any update on the carousel organ yet?

    Not yet. It has been a busy week.


    Dave Wetterstroem – Have you gotten to ride Red Racer yet this season? I thought it was running smoother then Diamondback. I was very impressed with the work that was done on it.

    I have not taken a ride on The Racer yet this season. A lot of work has gone into the ride over the past three years. It's hard to believe the ride is almost 40! Because of the work and care that has gone into it, the ride is getting better with age.


    Cameron Saaverdra – How old do you have to be a Ride operator. I plan on leaving my summer job next summer and I was wondering How old you have to be? 16? I hope.

    Cameron, you would need to be at least 16 to work as an associate in rides at the park. When you turn 16, you'll want to apply for a position in rides online through our website. Do you have a particular ride you would like to be an operator on?



    Brett Fehr – What is your favorite ride in Planet Snoopy?

    My favorite ride in Planet Snoopy is Race for Your Life Charlie Brown. It's such a fun ride. A great family ride. Surf Dog and Woodstock Express would round out my top three in Planet Snoopy.

  5. I'm suprised these have not been posted yet

    Below are the questions selected for Friday’s 5@5 mailbag:

    Austin Bention – what is standard procedure after a thunderstorm...like is there any particular number of test runs that must be done before it opens back up for guest...etc?

    Every ride goes through a series of operational, mechanical and electrical tests before they re-open. It’s the same tests we do prior to the park opening each day.


    Kirk Emond – Based on past attendance, how busy do you think the park will be on Friday, June 4.

    The date you plan to visit should be a good one. There are still some schools in session through the end of that week. Be sure to check out the Rock Band Live show that day, and our new nighttime light show, Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular.


    Bruce E. Knolle Jr. – I've heard stories that the park is haunted. Not "Halloween Haunt" Haunted, but "ghost" haunted. Like specifically the Train and the Eiffel Tower. Know any true to that rumor? Or have perhaps a story? Thanks.

    The stories about the park being haunted have been out there since 1972. I’ve been at the park all hours of the night and have never seen any ghosts. Others claim they have. But nobody has been able to produce any concrete evidence.


    Brian Krosnick – Will you be watching the LOST series finale? Perhaps Kings Islands next big game-changing move could be to purchase the rights from ABC, use the technology behind Universal's Spiderman / Busch Gardens' DarKastle and create the most epic LOST ride anyone could ever imagine! Think about it! ;] And you know you can call me in for creative consultation (for ANY ride for that matter... really... anyyyyy ride)!

    Brian, I have never seen the show LOST. It always came on the same time as ESPN.



    Michael Eshom – What is the status of the carousel organ? I've heard that the "guts" are stored in the Flight of Fear building and that it would cost around $3000 to fix it. Is there any truth to these rumors?

    Michael, thank you for your interest in the Grand Carousel. It’s a classic; something I tried to ride every day when I visited the park as a guest. I don’t have an update for you other than the carousel organ remains in storage. I will look into what plans, if any, there might be at this time to fix it.

  6. Below are the questions selected and the answers for Monday's 5@5 mailbag:

    Austin Benton – i noticed on the international cam..there is what appears to be a huge pile of dirt...what is it for and on Diamondback cam i noticed some new black things by the station...are they for the light show thing?

    Austin, the pile of dirt you noticed on the International Street webcam is for the brick pavers that we’ve been replacing the black asphalt with. If we’re both looking at the same thing through the Diamondback webcam, those will be used as part of the new nighttime light show, Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular, which begins May 29.


    Bruce E. Knolle Jr. – On Sunday I noticed one of the full time Managers, his gold name tag said Don, in the Coney Mall with a guy filming the bumper cars with a large TV like camera. Then they went toward the Monster and interviewed a couple other guests. What was they were doing and what will this footage be used for?

    A station in Indianapolis was at the park for a story on a high school violinist with a unique connection to Kings Island. The subject of the story no only took up the violin he became a serious musician and is now one of the premiere young violinists in Indiana. His music talent helped earn him a full ride scholarship to Indiana University. His story began several years ago when he joined the orchestra after the music teacher promised they could visit Kings Island.


    Travis Nuss – what is your favorite old roller coaster? ex. The Bat, king cobra etc.

    The Bavarian Beetle. My brother, sister and I had some great times riding that coaster in the 1970s.


    Faith Gendron – We are coming to the park this summer and I want to ride the Diamondback I was wondering where is the best to ride in the back or front?

    The trains on Diamondback feature open-air, stadium-style seating which offer riders an unobstructed view of the ride as you snake your way around 5,282 feet of track at speeds up to 80 miles per hour! I prefer to sit in the second or second to last seats on Diamondback, on the right hand side. There’s an abundance of airtime from every seat on the train.



    David McPeak – If you could add any coaster to the park, from what manufacturer would you choose? I think we need another Werner Stengel coaster from Intamin, a Mega-Lite like Maverick in the Octoberfest section of the park :)

    Based on the popularity of Diamondback and my own ride experiences on roller coasters, I’d go with B&M. Every B&M coaster I’ve ridden has been thrilling and enjoyable.

  7. </h2>

    <h2>Below are the questions selected for Friday's 5@5 mailbag:

    Ryan Suhr – If all of the Kings Island employees were contestants on Survivor, who would win?

    I’d have to go with one of our foods managers, Mike Loy. He’d be able to quickly establish the alliances that are necessary to get far in the game and would fare well in most of the challenges.


    Nicholas Himes – What is your favorite attraction in Boomerang Bay?

    Tazmanian Typhoon is my favorite attraction in Boomerang Bay, Nicholas. I have an absolute blast on that attraction. It’s also something my family and I can enjoy together.


    Griffin Hodges – I noticed one of the sections of trees in Coney Mall, near Skyline Chili, was cut down. Was this for aesthetic purposes or in preparation for some sort of new building?

    Griffin, I am looking into it and will let you know what the reason was.


    Daniel Bruington – I've noticed that The Beast's tunnel lights are still on at night...did you find out if there was a reason for this when you asked? Will they be turned off in the near future?

    Daniel, the tunnel lights are on a timer and it needed to be re set. The lights, as of tonight, are now off in the tunnel.



    Tyler Nusky – What are some names that could have been the names of roller coasters at Kings Island

    The park originally planned to build a replica of the Shooting Star back in the late 70’s – and name it that – but chose instead to go a different direction. It was a direction that changed the world forever! Well, at least the roller coaster world with The Beast. We discussed a few weeks ago what the name for Flight Deck was going to be. Outside of that ride, the names you see (or originally saw) were the names planned for the ride.

  8. Yesterday in Gym, I heard one of my buddies say that "Snoopy Land" had 10 coasters and his dad owned Kings Island.

    Ya everybody at my school calls it Snoopy Land........some people really just say whatever. Haha.

    This is all I have to say. Fail?

    Comment from link above on facebook

    Ever since Cedar Point bought Kings Island from Paramount everything has gotten dumber and dumber. They had to get rid of all the Nick. characters and made everything SNOOPYLAND for god's sake! and the new names for some of the rides? Ridiculous. Like, Drop zone got changed to Drop Tower.
  9. R.d. Reynolds - Does KI keep old sound tracks from extinct rides? For instance, is there a copy of the old train sound track with the old guy telling us, "There'll be no eatin', drinkin', or smokin' on this here train. We're goin' through some mighty nice country and wouldn't want to mess it up!" And if it does exist, any chance on releasing those to the public, either for free, or via, say, iTunes

    There are a couple of people in our office that are madly in love with that train and I've heard them recite the soundtrack you're talking about way too many times! We do have a lot of the soundtracks and sound effects – somewhere. None of us like to throw anything away. I'll ask around tomorrow to see if we can dig up that train "track".


    Austin Benton - Who is in charge of the Haunt...like who is the person that makes the transformation happen and makes sure all the props are there?

    Haunt is a huge undertaking and a true team effort but the real Overlord at KI is Kevin Brunck, Manager of Live Entertainment. The same guy that brings you Way Too Much TV, Down Home Country, and Don't Stop the Music also has a much more twisted side and has developed most of what you see (and feel) weekends in October. Kevin's team has done a great job with this and they work on it year round.


    Derrike Marksberry - what all is taken into consideration when the park closes on a scheduled day, like last year when the park closed a couple of nights haunt was scheduled to be open

    We much prefer to be open with lots of people in the park. There are some days though where mother nature does not cooperate. Closing the park is always the last resort. Many things go into consideration: Are there people in the park already? If not, can we communicate the closing enough? Etc. We are very stubborn about keeping the park open. There were many days last summer that the waterpark stayed open that it could have easily closed. Last Sunday was another one that could have closed early and not many would object but we stayed 'til the end. The Haunt days were an exception. We had enough knowledge that it was going to be terrible weather. These were also new dates that were being tested. Again, these were the exception rather than the rule.


    Bret Shroats - What is wrong with Drop Tower? I noticed it did not open today and looked as if there was some damage to it..

    Probably don't need to tell you it was very windy today. These winds limit our ability to operate rides like Drop Tower. As soon as the winds let up we get them going.


    Daniel Bruington - Will any more areas of the park be given the "paver treatment" in the near future (where sections bland blacktop/concrete are replaced with nice-looking brick pavers)? The midways in Rivertown and Planet Snoopy that have received this treatment look great, and I would love to see this trend continue throughout other parts of Kings Island!

    There is certainly a pattern here. New rides resulting in refreshment of the surrounding area. We love the pavers and plan to keep going with them. At this pace we should have more pavers than not very soon.

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