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  1. I wear glasses, I've tried contacts, but they bothered me. So I stuck with my glasses. I bought a glasses strap that work fine on rides.
  2. Thursday's 5@5 mailbag answers below. Ross Musick - Is there any chance you would be able to share some photos of "lost" areas of the park? The lower level of Flight Deck's station? Any barns or outbuildings left from Lion Country Safari? In Scooby Doo's show building, are there any hidden parts left of the Enchanted Voyage? Many of us are history buffs and would love to see some hidden pieces of park history! This is a great suggestion and one we have been kicking around quite a bit. You will see a more focused effort to these historical changes being added to our FB page and official site moving forward. We will be making this a regular feature. There are so many cool treasures around our offices that can be posted to this "online history museum". From pictures to ride renderings to sounds that might take you back. Why not start a thread on our discussions page and fire off some ideas. ------------------------------ Nicholas Himes - Actually it was concluded that straight-line winds were what caused the sign to topple over. The news said straight line winds – probably because they didn't predict a tornado! Either way it was a very ugly storm in September of 2003. Fortunately it was overnight and early in the morning. The former marquee stood in this place since 1978. I'll place a pic in our wall photos of the old sign. I think you'll the wind may have done us a favor. ------------------------------ Jeffrey Schoenstra - I've been a big fan since opening day 1972, My question is The first year after KI removed The olde Time Cars, One of the managers, I think has name was Jeff, Told a group of us that The cars will make a return, is that still something we can look forward to, or did Cedar Fair nix that project, Not sure who told you that but I'm afraid that was probably wishful thinking on someone's part. That decision had nothing to do with Cedar Fair. There is always hope it could return. There were lots of upkeep issues, especially with that particular attraction but it was also very popular with a wide age range. I think you know my vote. ------------------------------ Tom Short - I really liked the way the path going back toward The Beast used to be marked with the "paws" painted on the ground leading to the queue. Also done with twisted metal for Vortex, and other rides as well. A small thing that I kind of miss. Are there small bits and bobs to the park that have changed over the years, that you would like to bring back? I too have fond memories of the paw prints. Faded and crumbling paw prints don't look great though. These do make nice anniversary celebrations. Personally, I loved the "world's largest hanging basket" that used to be on display here. What's better is hearing the landscape folks talk about how they came up with the idea one (late) night. They stayed even later, put their welding skills to work and had it in the park the next day as a surprise to most everyone else that worked here. That's pretty cool. How many other things happen that way around here I wonder? ------------------------------ Austin Benton - How often does the Eiffel Tower get painted...and how much maintenance is spent on restoring it..cause it still looks amazing and it was built sooooooooo long ago!!! The tower was last painted in 2005 and required more than 2,200 gallons of paint for the one-third scale replica. There was talk at that time of changing the color and we saw renderings of light and dark blue, a purplish thing, and bronze. Here are a few more fun facts about the tower: - 450-ton structure designed and fabricated by Intamin - Installation and equipment costs exceeded $1 million - It took just over 30 days to build in the spring of 1971 - Average elevator speed is 10 feet per second. - Elevator riding time is 30 seconds. - There are 15,000 bolts holding the structure firm. - There are 410 steps that lead to the top of the tower. - On a clear day you can see 18 miles from the top. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- They have also put on this.
  3. It looks like our new website is coming soon, Kings Islands Twitter
  4. Camp Remote? http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5085790&id=155893938367
  5. [/url]This is my favorite shop name. It is...uhhhh....amuzing, to say the least It is O' so unique!
  6. We've been given new Planet Snoopy information! http://www.visitkingsisland.com/attractions/category.cfm?ac_id=39
  7. Nick Honea – Will Kings Island's website be getting a redesign soon like Carowinds' website did recently? A: YES! We are working on it right now actually and have been for some time. We are still in the design stage and I'd love to have your help. I will start a topic in the discussions box (below on this page). Throw out your ideas and we'll incorporate as much as we can - keeping in mind that we're going with a similar structure as Cedar Point, Knott's, Worlds of Fun, and Carowinds. --------------------------- Zach Clapper – How much thought and work goes into marketing and advertising a ride like DB? A: Zach, we put a ton of time and energy into promoting Diamondback. It's not every day that you get a ride like this so we didn't want to leave any stone unturned. We tried very hard to build the buzz and keep Diamondback top of mind all year long. We had a lot of fun doing it and are very proud of the results. It's not a one-year deal though. We are spending lots of time now thinking of ways to keep DB out there. The best part though is the fact that the ride totally delivers. --------------------------- Derek Branock – How much work goes in the planning of a major special event…and what exactly goes on during the planning? A: These large events can be the most stressful but most rewarding things about my job. I will never forget the Knievel event...ever. Stumble upon a crazy idea, convince your boss it's worth the risk and effort, work with every single department in the park on the never-ending details, find all available PR opportunities, and then close your eyes and hope he makes it. Find another idea and repeat! --------------------------- Brett Fehr – What do you think about a contest, like designing a slogan or picture, that could be hosted via Facebook with prizes? A: We are working on some ideas now. As you can see, we're putting much more effort into this and we are committed to making this a big part of what we do. We have such a fun product and we need to have more fun with it. I see great FB pages out there for really boring products. We will do better. Again, your ideas are welcome. Really. --------------------------- Brandon Sersion – Is "The Fun and Only" really becoming Kings Island's new slogan? A: You will hear and see THE FUN & ONLY in most everything KI puts out this year. Some call it a slogan, some say it's the way we sign our name. I can't think of one piece of creative that I've seen in my 13 years of doing this that I loved the first time I saw it. Where Else grew on me. Do me a favor, please. Take an open mind with you to our YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/kingsislandonline). I will post a :30 soundtrack that you'll hear in some of our advertising. Picture this with lots of great park video. Listen to it a few times. It just may grow on you. ---------------------------
  8. Q: KYLE JOYCE - Has the park ever thought about calling in a Paranormal Investigating team to find out if the park is truly haunted, like many people believe it is? A: Paranormal Investigating teams have been out to the park. These groups have at times been excited by what they've picked up with their gagets and such, but they've not been able to produce any real, concrete evidence the park is truly haunted. --------------------------- Q: BOBBY CRAWFORD - Is there any possibility that the Crypt may receive some new effects and possibly a reintroduction of the water effects in the future? A: We appreciate all the questions, comments and suggestions about the Crypt this week. What we've heard this week from our FB fans will be shared and discussed with others at the park. --------------------------- Q: BRETT FEHR - What needs to happen to prepare the park for the opening day each year? A: The day the season ends preparations for the next season begins. The cars for each of the roller coaster trains and rides like the Scrambler, Dodgem, etc. are completely dismantled and rebuilt over the winter. Track work on all the coasters takes place. In March the park begins testing the rides. There's also work that gets done to several of the buildings, whether that's painting, intalling new countertops, or total reconstruction. --------------------------- Q: JAMES TUCKER - What are the chances of seeing the return of the Antique Cars (or something similiar) in the coming years? Any chance at all? A: There's always a chance, but it wouldn't be something you'd likely see in the foreseeable future. If a ride like the Antique Cars were to be brought back, where do you suggest putting it? --------------------------- Q: LARKEN PARR - Do you know when they are going to announce the names of the Planet Snoopy rides? A: Larken, the names of all the rides and attractions in Planet Snoopy will be announced soon. Very soon! As a fan of Kings Island on Facebook, you'll be one of the first to know. ---------------------------
  9. I just noticed that it's under a 'Rides that are no longer with us" section 100th Post
  10. Did anyone else notice when you try to click the store it's denied.
  11. Has anyone seen this picture, I do believe this is part of the WTRA, tell me if I'm wrong http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4996173&id=155893938367#!/photo.php?pid=4996173&id=155893938367&fbid=371371743367
  12. This makes me wonder how many different possible themes SDATHC could have! ANTICIPATION!!
  13. I have seen Zephyr without the swings on it on the photo gallery, and you're right it does look strange. Thanks for your help!
  14. I have a question, where does KI keep the trains of the rides during the offseason? I thought they kept them in the Picnic Grove, but I'm not sure.
  15. I like the part where he is in front of the Maverick sign and he is singing really high, it made me laugh!
  16. Actually, in this video, you can see that it once looked very nice... This is also a good video to see the past
  17. This video is footage of PKI in 1998 It has wonderful footage of deceased rides It shows TOPGUN with a red paintjob
  18. For Christmas, Im asking my parents-Santa-for a charlie brown shirt(Cedar Point website) a Diamondback train figurine, and a Diamondback jigsaw puzzle. http://www.cfmarketplaces.com/stores/store...rap-P602C3.aspx http://www.kimarketplace.com/Diamondback-M...-Train-P44.aspx http://www.kimarketplace.com/Diamondback-J...Puzzle-P62.aspx
  19. I was looking at the Diamondback animations and wondered if they had a whole animated park and if there was any way to see it?
  20. Yea, I forgot about the news channel and thought you would just know it was ABC Family.
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