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  1. Q: KYLE JOYCE - Has the park ever thought about calling in a Paranormal Investigating team to find out if the park is truly haunted, like many people believe it is?

    A: Paranormal Investigating teams have been out to the park. These groups have at times been excited by what they've picked up with their gagets and such, but they've not been able to produce any real, concrete evidence the park is truly haunted.


    Q: BOBBY CRAWFORD - Is there any possibility that the Crypt may receive some new effects and possibly a reintroduction of the water effects in the future?

    A: We appreciate all the questions, comments and suggestions about the Crypt this week. What we've heard this week from our FB fans will be shared and discussed with others at the park.


    Q: BRETT FEHR - What needs to happen to prepare the park for the opening day each year?

    A: The day the season ends preparations for the next season begins. The cars for each of the roller coaster trains and rides like the Scrambler, Dodgem, etc. are completely dismantled and rebuilt over the winter. Track work on all the coasters takes place. In March the park begins testing the rides. There's also work that gets done to several of the buildings, whether that's painting, intalling new countertops, or total reconstruction.


    Q: JAMES TUCKER - What are the chances of seeing the return of the Antique Cars (or something similiar) in the coming years? Any chance at all?

    A: There's always a chance, but it wouldn't be something you'd likely see in the foreseeable future. If a ride like the Antique Cars were to be brought back, where do you suggest putting it?


    Q: LARKEN PARR - Do you know when they are going to announce the names of the Planet Snoopy rides?

    A: Larken, the names of all the rides and attractions in Planet Snoopy will be announced soon. Very soon! As a fan of Kings Island on Facebook, you'll be one of the first to know.


  2. All the coaster trains are removed from the tracks at the end of the season. They are not, as rotag1299 noticed on the Blue Racer, just stored in the storage areas either. The reason that the trains are taken off in the winter is because the park completely tears the trains down to their chassis and inspects every single part of the train, and replaces any parts that are worn or need replacing. Once the trains have gone through there rehab (or while they are waiting to go through their rehab), most of them are stored under the picnic shelters in the picnic grove to provide some shelter from the elements. And its not just the roller coasters that see this detailed attention in the off season. Flat rides are also deconstructed and inspected. You would not recognize the Zephyr if you saw it right now, as it is almost completely taken apart and does not in any way resemble the ride during the summer months.

    I have seen Zephyr without the swings on it on the photo gallery, and you're right it does look strange. Thanks for your help!

  3. Diamondback- 10/10

    Adventure Express-7/10

    The Beast-9/10(day) 10/10(night)

    Son of Beast-4/10



    Flight of Fear-8/10(too short)


    Flight Deck-8/10


    Backlot Stunt Coaster-5/10

    Fairly Odd Coaster-5/10

    Runaway Reptar-5/10

    Little Bills Giggle Coaster-3/10

  4. Those pics do not do justice to how nice it looks.

    You are right, you have to be there to get the true experience. It brings you into a whole nother world at Cedar Point. Kind of a peaceful break from all of the record breaking scream machines, even if you are just passing through.

    I agree completely

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