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  1. are you going to help with this re-theme, if so can you take pictures during the offseason for us? yes!!! i want to see LOTS of Off Season photos in this area! I really hope thats a possibility
  2. I will miss Nick-U but I will welcome Snoopy
  3. I think they were made in the 90's Edit: Ninja beat me to it
  4. R.L. Stine had written books about The Beast look it up ( not meant to sound pushy )
  5. What do you think of The Beast books by R.L. Stine? The Beast The Beast 2
  6. I am not terpy, buuut i found the answer from KIC timeline 2001: Nickelodeon Central is added as a new theme area, replacing the upper part of Hanna-Barbera Land and the lower part of Rivertown. King’s Mill Log Flume, renovated and renamed as The Wild Thornberry’s,
  7. No you didnt i never thought of all the records, how could i forget?? lol
  8. The crypt is fun but it could use some theming in the room the ride is in,IMO
  9. world's tallest wooden coaster world's first successfully looping wooden coaster world's longest wooden coaster world's first inverted family coaster world's first coaster to have six inversions world's first lim launch coaster world's tallest gyro drop world's best kids area for 9 years running world's first giant top spin world's first giant frisbee you're right they arn't know for many unique things. EDIT: i forgot about Diamondback being the first hyper coaster with a splashdown, there are most likely alot more that i have forgotten, feel free to add. i stand corrected!
  10. Did you know that Firehawk was new for 09 and had a splahdown and was 230 feet tall!
  11. AMEN!!! Maverick is better than both! But anyway millie is taller and faster and well, awesome!
  12. I voted F H. 2nd would be Invertigo i love suspended coasters.
  13. I don't think this would fit Kings Island, Kings Island isnt known for the most unique things. Looks fun though!
  14. Im pretty sure ill look it up Edit:Yea its kings mills log flume
  15. Well yeah, I knew that, didn't that kill a few workers? (off-topic)
  16. I really hope they decorate Planet Snoopy well or else Wild Thornberries will become "Snoopys Water ride Of Nothing!"
  17. yea i have to agree, hearing those blood curdling scream never get old. I sit eating my potatos and saying to my self "wow that girl can SCREAM" only to look up and to find its a GUY. LMAO guilty as charged
  18. I think it would be very interesting to see some new snoopy-cams!
  19. IMO Backwards was very fun and exciting , one thing i am mad Cedar Fair changed
  20. on the 2nd lift/drop i love it when you feel like you are going to hit the tunnel.
  21. Somebody told me that in 2006 Son of Beast's lift hill collapsed completely!
  22. I have been completely fine with the whole Nick-U change. But Im kinda bummed because scooby is leaving. I have grown up with SDHC, and I know Cedar Fair is not good with dark rides. So just in case , bye scooby!
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