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  1. I heard it all the way through the park at close. Is it not everywhere? And is it generic music everywhere? I didn't get to spend too much time outside of Rivertown
  2. Anyone else notice that the park was playing generic artists doing countryish twang version of popular hits from the past instead of whatever they have played the last few years? I noticed it immediately on my opening night visit. I heard "journey" and "toto" a few times and while I like the songs I don't like the covers or their twist on it....
  3. The ride went down about 7oclock. Trains were stopped, got people on the train through about 15 mins later. It's testing with no people ATM.
  4. Anyone heard anything about the anticipated opening of lightning Rod? Their website has been the general down for commissioning page for a while. Was thinking of heading down to the park Monday...
  5. Where is the map? i feel like its either not there or i must be crazy but i cant find a park map with the new haunts online on their site anywhere.... it would be nice to know where the new haunts lines start. it says the area but each area is massive...
  6. when i went on sunday, the trains were no longer parked on the lift hill, mcbr and halfway in the station. they were in the maintenance shed and in the station and final brake run. looks like they are ready to work on it...
  7. $50 is madness! and the fact that there is no option for just picking the rides you want to save money is also rediculous. that being said, i will NEVER pay extra just so i dont have to wait in line. Even if it was reasonably priced, which btw this is definately not. oh andKings Island did used to have gold pass lanes on most long wait attractions and that was FREE. they even had double ride tuesdays as well! /oh how things have changed....
  8. when i was there yesterday, they had gotten a model plane and some missiles and were painting them as que theming. it was in the last turn around area thats off limits right before you go up that last set of stairs... i also noticed the flight deck, pretty cool!
  9. so the best option is to blame it on the weather for two months?
  10. i wonder why they wont just announce the day its going to open now? i mean they havent had any official updates anywhere in weeks... its june 20th and its honestly more than rediculous that we have heard nothing. as much as WindSeeker looks awesome and whatnot how will that matter if the general public is just ****ed that they cant ride it. they havent handled this situation well at all...
  11. they said the weather had something to do with it, but if that were the only reason, why wouldnt they have been working on it alst weekend or have had it opened last weekend?
  12. yeah. i dont know why i didnt mention it before, but apparently they hadnt ran all season from all the people i could talk to about it. They said something about the water quality. When i saw them power it on, the water was a nasty algae green color. Theyve had plenty of time to prepare the rides for opening... i think they just didnt want to pay the workers to staff them before peak season. not acceptable.
  13. I arrived at The beach waterpark at 930am hoping to catch a few good rides before the park got busy and waited till ten. When the park opened, i was more than dissappointed. I knew that last year they had up the sign and it looked liked they were renovating Snake River Rapids into a new attraction. I checked online before hand, but couldnt find anything about it on their website. Nothing about contruction or an opening date listed on the main pages or in the ride area. I arrive, head straight for that section if only to ride aztec adventure and hidden rapids. The area was closed. Not just the new rides, the whole area. You couldnt even get to where the walkway that takes you towads the cliff was. There was a sign saying that the new rides open on june 5th or 6th, i cant remember. After that dissappointment, i went to ride the only waterslides that are open. The typhoon twist first, then the bonzai, then the cliff. The whole area that has the yellow slide and the bodyslide, the zipline, and the pool with the marshes was all closed. Because of all of this, i went to guest services and complained. After all, it was memorial day weekend on saturday, the least i can expect is that they tried to have as much open as they possibly could have. I told them what was open (or rather, not open...) and they told me that while they knew that whole back area was not open AND that it did not plan to open that day... I told her that that was unacceptable becuase i was on their website and there was no mention of a WHOLE area closed. She sympathized with me but said she could do nothing. I then was ready to leave, but i was with my little sister who wasnt quite ready. The area with the yellow slide and the pools opened up, and we stayed there for a while. . I went and talked to a supervisor, and while she wouldnt do anything about our tickets (i wouldnt have made the trip if i knew all the tube slides and the water coaster would be closed all day...) she did end up giving us coupons for a free meal for both of us. She also said that while their plan wasnt to open the rides up that day, they should have them up by 215. Sure enough, the gate opened and the rides were turned on, but they werent open. Just a clock that said 215 they will. 215 came and went, with no sign the rides are opening. Finally, a person came along and said something about them not running them yet this year and that the water quality had to be tested or something and that it was unlikely for it to open that day. He was right, when we left around 4, they had updated the clock to say 6pm (closing time)... This was a very irritating trip which most likely will deter me from future trips. The part that bugged me the most was that there was NO warning that anything would be closed on their website. If i were to have known ahead of time, i wouldnt have gone or at least would have expected it. I was told they wouldnt refund my tickets because they have it on the little ticket booth area AT THE PARK ENTRANCE. How am I supposed to know that? They should have had that area ready by now, and if they couldnt, it should have been listed somewhere BEFORE you enter the park and pay for parking.... /Probably my last visit, unless i win tickets on the radio or something...
  14. maybe this is all just a big tease for the return of the flying eagles? i mean animal theme, nostalgia?
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