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  1. There's two sides to this coin. Local guests, or guests on a limited budget: It's bad. Lines for the general public are much slower. Out of town guests: It's good. If I'm visiting a park that I may never get to visit again, I'm buying the Fast Lane. Especially if the park is going to be crowded. I didn't come all that way to miss out on some rides because I ran out of time. Ideally I believe it hinders the overall guest experience, but I see where they can have their place. I'd say keep them, but limit them much more than they are.
  2. I like relentless, out of control rides so for that reason I voted Mystic Timbers. I still recall when the ride first opened, "finally. KI has a brag worthy wooden coaster". And I don't know if they did track work, heavy maintenance on the trains, or the weather presented the perfect elements for the ride or what... but for those of you that were not able to visit this weekend, you're in for a treat. I got two rides; one around 5:00 and another at 10:00. That thing was absolutely hauling through the course. The airtime was on point! I enjoyed reading the interesting comments about Diamon
  3. I think it was a combination of factors that lead to the craziness yesterday. Understaffed in some locations, first day on the job for many, and the weather forecast for Sunday looked pitiful so anyone that wanted to go this weekend, showed up on Saturday. If the forecast for each day was similar, it would have spread out the crowds a bit more.
  4. I can assure you the people trapped in his Vortex (no pun intended) wished he would just stop talking all together.
  5. Was this at night? Guy with glasses in a Toledo jacket? That was hilarious to watch. The look on the mom's face was priceless, as the family stayed huddled together and tried to keep their distance. Even my 11 year old son was cracking up at the scene. Those poor folks were stuck in that moment nonstop for 45 minutes. "So... so... Intimidator 305, or, I-305 as WE like to call it..." What a line!
  6. Got to the park around 4:15. Rode MT, Diamondback, Bumper Cars, stood in line for 20 minutes for ice cream, then went to Racer, Adventure Express, then back over to Rivertown for night rides on Diamondback and MT. So yeah, the places was very crowded for food lines being ridiculous late into the evening. But if you were flexible with what you wanted to ride there was plenty of fun to be had. The kids were bummed we had to skip FoF because of the line but all in all we had a good time.
  7. Update: MT 90 minute posted wait. Actual wait: 35 minutes. And the ride is HAULING. Fastest ride I've ever had on it.
  8. Just got here. This place is PACKED. The food lines are insane. Just jumped in line for MT. Posted 90 min wait. We'll see.
  9. Yikes. I'm at my son's baseball game so we won't be rolling in until around 4:00. Hopefully people will get discouraged by the lines and clear out by evening. Hey, one can dream right? Other than Orion how are the lines elsewhere?
  10. I was there yesterday afternoon. There was a lot more people than the passholder previews. Yes, I realize it's a Sunday and expected more people, but we didn't arrive until 5:00 figuring many people would be on their way out. We were wrong. Now, the uptick in crowds, that part I can handle. What I can't handle is the general douchebaggery of the general public. The social distancing markers in the lines were largely ignored, people dropping their facemasks down, etc. It was a major difference. In line for Diamondback, this was rampant, with 3 security officers standing around doing nothing
  11. I'm about as critical of mask usage social distancing as they come. We spent a full day on Fri July 3rd and half day in the afternoon/evening on July 10th. I was pleasantly surprised by mask adherence and social distancing. I had a much better experience than some of the posters above, not sure why? On both of my visits I only had to let someone know they were too close two or three times combined. Even then, it wasn't like they were right up on me. Here are my gripes: Queue switchbacks were in use on 7/3. Yes, markers are spaced 12 feet apart and staggered. But it s
  12. I never thought nofnit that way. Close early and the electric bill drops significantly. In a time when you're looking to cut costs in any way possible that's a smart move.
  13. So did Texas. And now they're an absolute mess. Indiana will be there soon enough. Anyway, stopped by the park today with the family for a few hours this evening. It was glorious. Entered the parking lot around 3:30. Rode Invertigo, Banshee, Adventure Express, Dodgems (2x), Monster, Scrambler, Orion, Flight of Fear, Stunt Coaster, River Rapids, bought some tokens for the kids to soak other riders, and Mystic Timbers. Longest wait was Mystic Timbers at 20 minutes. Side note, had a very bizarre mask incident. We're sitting in the front row of Banshee, literally just sat in my seat
  14. I'm just the opposite. The Racer is bumpy but I can tolerate it. My last few trips on The Beast? Wasn't even 25% of the way through and I wanted it to be over. Three words: Are. Emm. See.
  15. I've ridden many rows of The Beast over the years, and they're all varying degrees of awful. Most recently in Row 3. I've been on an SLC, it's nowhere near as bad as that giant turd in Mason. Even if it was smooth, 80% of the layout is a snoozefest. I was thrilled the first time I rode Mystic Timbers. Finally, a woodie in Ohio that's brag worthy.
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