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  1. Woke up this morning to rain, and saw it would be ending around 9:00/9:30. PERFECT DAY FOR KI! Place was a ghost town for the first several hours. Anyway... onto The Beast. A couple years ago I swore off ever riding it again. Incredibly rough, and frankly, outside of the first drop/turn and helix near the end, a pretty dull layout. The next year I tried it again, since my youngest two kids were now tall enough. I'll never forget my then 7 year old daughter shouting out mid ride, "WHY. DOES. IT. HURT. SO. BAD?!" Couldn't agree more. Haven't rode it since. After a retrack, I had to give it a try. Wow, what a difference. Silky smooth? I wouldn't go that far but it's the perfect amount of smooth and slight jostle that I love on wooden coasters, if that makes sense. I was no longer bracing myself, and no longer in pain. For once I could just enjoy the ride. We got off, kids giggling with glee, and went right back on again for our second walk on wait. I still don't understand all the hype, I still believe it needs a reprofile, the trims throughout are still disappointing, and it's not even in my top 5 at the park. But, I will say this... it was a fun ride. Saying that is a first for me. Got a third ride in later in the day, so we rode back, middle, and towards the front, and even in a wheel seat. It felt the same regardless. I look forward to the late closings to try this again at night. While I scratch my head at why some hold this ride in such high regard, I will say this: that double helix is so unique. The slight, sideways drop that builds anticipation into that tunnel... makes it look like there's no way the train can make that turn. What a moment.
  2. And that would be fine. But in my experience, that is rarely the case.
  3. If they don't have the equipment to report accurate wait times, then don't bother with it. All that does is leads to guest frustration. Here's what I find so strange though. I've found that when you ask the person at the queue entrance how long the wait is, usually their estimate is reasonably accurate. Am I alone on that? So in my experience the boots on the ground have a good handle on it, they just need access to keep the app updated themselves.
  4. I've never found it to be accurate. I can't tell you how many times it would list a wait time of 90 minutes only to find a 45 minute line, or the other way around.
  5. Sticking with tradition maybe? The wait times feature is absolute trash. I've never experienced it to be remotely accurate. I don't know why they bother with it. Regardless, it wasn't needed today. We arrived at the parking lot at 4:30. Rode Woodstock Express, Mystic Timbers, Racer (twice), bumper cars, Orion (twice, front and back row), Banshee, and Invertigo. Great day to be at the park!
  6. Meanwhile every chiropractor in town is at KI, doing what they can to get the coaster back up and running again.
  7. Park is quite crowded today. Racer wasn't bad with a 20 minute wait due to only the red side running. Blue side was up around 12:15. The wait times in the app are so far off It's ridiculous. Invertigo was posting a 15 minute wait, yet it had a full queue. The Bat posting 10 minutes, but the line was backed up past the concrete tunnel. Banshee at 25 minutes... the queue was completely full and spilling out a little. No idea if that wait time is accurate as I've never seen it that full. On the plus side, bumper cars, scrambler, and Congo Falls were a walk on, and Orion was up and running at 11:05 and we were near the front of long line of people waiting for it to open. My 8-year old daughter finally worked up the courage to hop on and absolutely loved it. Really we just planned on staying for a couple hours and heading home knowing it would get crazy and got 5 rides in, left around 12:45
  8. First time all season we've taken advantage of early entry, and on a Saturday no less. Straight to Orion and of course... won't open until 11:00.
  9. Has anyone here been to HW on a weekend recently? I used to always go on a Saturday and while pretty busy, it isn't nearly as bad as KI on a Saturday. But my last visit was 10 years ago. Generally speaking how is it these days? Manageable crowds or are we talking 90 minute waits for headliners?
  10. Yes. I'm a little surprised they stopped the show completely. I've had shells malfunction and blow in the tube, and we would just skip that damaged rack of tubes and jump forward in the show a bit to keep it going. This one must of been pretty bad, or some extenuating circumstances that forced the lead tech or the AHJ on site to shut it down.
  11. I remember getting in line for food and thinking... hmmmm. We might be better off getting our hand stamped and driving over to Chipotle, Wendy's, etc. Lesson learned. I'll do that next time. Time, cost, food quality... I mean we were close to the gate with the car very close. (face palm)
  12. I used to shoot professional fireworks displays as a side gig (pretty much everyone who does so, does it as a side gig), including the KI displays. I still have connections in the industry. I'm told through a friend of mine that a 6" shell was accidentally loaded upside down. Long story short, that's a catastrophe waiting to happen. Anyway, when it blew the show was stopped immediately. Thankfully no one was hurt.
  13. That explains a lot. It was crazy busy. If you're going to do away with the reservations... Maybe implement that on a day that IS NOT a holiday weekend. How insanely stupid.
  14. I would expect the park to be crowded any day this weekend but chose Soak City today based on their so called "limited capacity" and recent data points of lighter than average crowds at the water park because of it. Unfortunately that didn't pan out.
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