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  1. Do you happen to go to either Cincinnati Christian or CHCA? I believe both of those schools are doing BATB that weekend and I'm seeing both
  2. So are the applications that have already been submitted before the whole Apollo thing still good??
  3. oh yeah? which one? do you remember where she was?
  4. My favorite memory from Haunt was working at Urgent Scare this year. The people I met were fantastic and the maze was so cool. I was really glad to be a part of it. We got the midget 4 times! woot woot
  5. Does anybody know when the 2010 online application will be available?
  6. I think I will like the Snoopy theme better, however, I wish it were Camp Snoopy instead of Planet Snoopy. I hope Planet Snoopy isn't too futuristic. I think a campground themed area would be a lot cooler.
  7. I say they should bring back Phantom Theatre
  8. When I was really little I was terrified of Phantom Theatre...yea I wouldn't even go on Pixie and Dixie's Swingset because it was ride next to it. And I would have nightmares with the Phantom
  9. Assuming there will be a new maze, what do you think a cool theme would be? I've heard a dollhouse and a toy factory. I think both are very neat ideas.
  10. I worked for Haunt this year for the first time and I want to have a summer job at KI. I have never worked there in the summer. Anyone have any tips to get hired?
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