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  1. She's ridden SoB, The Beast, Vortex, Drop Zone......... Put it this way......I have ridden all of those and I think The Racer is extremely rough anymore.
  2. Okay, my 8 year old rode The Racer backward the other day and came off crying. She is not afraid of anything, so fear had nothing to do with it. She got totally bonked around and hurt herself. My family use to love riding The Racer.......but that ride is way too rough anymore. Is Kings Island considering doing any modifications to the ride to make it smoother? Let me know. Thanks.
  3. I have to admit that my kids, ages 7 and 9 still love to drive the Antique Cars and it's kind of a family tradition to ride them when we go. But I noticed last year that the other side was not being used. I have often thought it would be a good site for a new ride. And actually, why not relocate the Antique Cars somewhere else? They'd still draw a crowd.....they always have. That's a huge plot of land there behind the Eiffel Tower that could be developed along with the pond and tied into Rivertown with a connection to the Coney Mall. For all we know, PKI is way ahead of all of us.
  4. Dude, What did we do the rest of the time? WE WAITED IN LINE. DUH. Another stupid thing that happened was Kahn's selling hot dogs for $1. Pretty good deal including chips for $1. Of course, 24 oz Cokes were $3. I went to their stand at 11:45 and they said they weren't opening 'til Noon. Go figure. I eat lunch at 11:00 everyday. Nearly every fast food restaurant opens for lunch at 11:00. Who's great idea was it to start selling hot dogs at Noon???? Stupid. Then when I came back, the line was a mile long. Then the hot dogs were like a 1/2" in diameter as opposed to the normal sized ones. It was so obvious they were selling a smaller version hot dog to save money......hilarious. My other question is......was Paul Hogan of Crocodile Dundee fame there? Dude, the place was packed. I waited in line for that raft ride for like 45 minutes. Same goes for the other rides. Coolangotta Racer had a huge line, too. By 4:00 in the afternoon, the place was very crowded. Chill.
  5. Okay, just got back. Went on Gold Pass day and got there at 10:45 am. The place was already filling up, which surprised me.....I thought we were early. We couldn't get a seat at Jackaroo Landing or whatever it's called.....the new place with the big kettle on top that dumps water........so we went to the Koala blah, blah, blah....can't remember that name either. It's the old kiddie land for kids in the 4 to 10 age group.......we easily found a waterside seat there. My youngest, age 7, and I went to the Tasmanian blah, blah, blah......otherwise known as the Funnel Ride, to me. We waited in line for 20 minutes, which isn't that bad, but still not great...........got on our raft with 2 other people and headed down the tunnel/tube and then down the slide into the funnel, went back and forth and to the bottom. I had high anticipation for that ride and to be honest, it let me down. The ride might possibly be all of 30 seconds, if that. My 7 year old has ridden SoB, The Beast, and everything she's allowed to ride (she just passed 48"). She ain't afraid of nothing, but is usually thrilled by these kind of things. She thought it was alright. My final opinion is that it looks better than it actually is. I'm not saying it wasn't fun..........but I'd only ride it again if the line was short........not worth a 20 minute wait for a 15 second ride.......sorry. I thought the atmosphere was great..........I like the decor.........it seemed more sprawling, even though they really didn't add much more.....but the Funnel Ride makes it seem bigger. We played in the Wave pool the most.........did they make it bigger? Because I'm not sure. We did have a waiter come around and ask if we wanted to order something so he could bring it to our seat, which was kinda nice......although we didn't order anything. And basically, if you turn left after entering, the left side of the Waterpark is all the same, just new names. I still like the big raft ride at the end of the Waterpark on the left side.......it is the best, IMO. Also, did the yellow innertubes......they're always fun. I can't do the blue slides because I have metal on my suit.......got nailed on that one last year after waiting 20 minutes and getting to the top they told me I couldn't go down because I had a little metal ring on my suit......that stunk. The best thing about the day was the sun. Awesome weather for mid-May. I'm burned to a crisp. We did head over to the Amusement Park but it was oversaturated with people.......it was unreal. We waited in line an exact hour for Whitewater Canyon, which was a blast, and then headed back to Boomerang Bay for one last hour in the Wave Pool. Someone tell me if they enlarged it.......it seems like it. I have no complaints........just slightly disappointed in the funnel ride. I'm sure when the line dwindles, it will be more fun......just not worth the 20 minute wait.
  6. The big announcement is that in the same vein as Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion, Paramount will be making a movie version of The Beast! I can't wait!
  7. I heard they're removing Congo Falls after this season. I also heard they might be moving it to Rivertown. I also heard a new hypercoaster called "When Monkeys Fly out my butt" will be put it during this upcoming season while the park is open....and they'll use real visitors as test dumbies.
  8. Yeah, fire the whole design/theming staff, who needs them? They don't know what the people want and they're totally out of touch with PKI's park! (sarcasm) I say, let the people in charge keep doing what they do best. I think the park is much better since Paramount bought it.
  9. I sat in the second set of seats near the front. I really felt that the looser restraint bar allowed my body to move more so that I didn't absorb as much of the jolting from the ride. It was really fun and I like it now. I agree about adding tunnels to it. That would be cool....especially on the first set of helixes. I was riding Adventure Express and had a neat thought about having them enclose part of it and make it very dark........almost a FoF effect......although the young'uns might get scared....hehehe. I almost puked after riding The Vortex. I had a big plate of eggs/cheese for breakfast about 10:30 and then we left for PKI and rode it as soon as we got there................UGH! Totally sick at my stomach with egg taste in my throat. I felt my throat go dry and thought that was it and that I was gonna puke any minute.....but somehow I overcame it and recovered to ride more coasters.....lol.
  10. In the past my experience on SoB was rough. But today, I managed to keep the restraint bar loose and allow my legs to actually move and I had a totally enjoyable ride! I have ripped on SoB in the past so I just wanted to come clean when the experience was a good one.
  11. It has not been discussed to death, but in regards to Fearfest, I have heard it talked about on this board that the Scrambler would not be operational so they could set up queue lines in it's place.
  12. I'm in construction, and Modern Day Concrete is the preferred concrete work contractor at PKI and they told me the other day that they had not yet been contacted. I thought that was interesting.
  13. I was riding The Beast and a human sized snake was sitting 2 seats behind me and he was wearing a bowtie and then............... Seriously, I never dream about PKI.
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