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  1. Kentucky Kingdom

    I finally made it to Kentucky Kingdom this weekend, and it was about what I expected. Thunder Run was solid. Lightning Run was surprisingly thrilling compared to what it looks like. T3 was not fun. And Storm Chaser blew my mind. They were only running single trains in Storm Chaser, and Thunder Run (obviously) were running one train, and operations were slow. It was full (Saturday of a holiday weekend), and staffing seemed limited. It was very much as described. That being said, there are fantastic pieces here. The waterpark looked really nice, although we didn't experience it because of crowds. And Storm Chaser... Wow! That ride is better than anything Kings Island has. My first RMC experience was everything I hoped it would be. I want one of those in Mason asap.
  2. Frozen Ever After Opens at Epcot

    I know that I'm late to this party, but this ride looks phenomenal! I just saw the POV, and as a fan of Frozen, this looks like a must-experience! Wow! Well done.
  3. 2016 ERT has gotta make some changes

    Regarding ERT, I have visited the park once this year and have used the ERT benefit while doing so. I had an excellent experience. Diamondback's line was moving quickly, so much so that our group was able to ride three times and not need to go back to it later in the day. We also rode the gliders, which is nice to ride before the line is long due to its poor capacity. The lines moved well, and there were no issues that I could find. I also LOVE that the park now plays the national anthem prior to ERT at 9:30. I don't know how recent this is, but two years ago I was very disappointed that the national anthem was played at 10:00, when many people are running around with rides running (and while I was on Drop Tower). On 5/7 of this year, the gates did not open until after the anthem was sung, and I appreciated that very much.
  4. Decoding Episode II: Rivertown 2017 and the Falling Trees

    After 60+ pages and 5ish hours of reading over the span of about 4 days, I am finally caught up. I visited the park yesterday and here are some of my thoughts: I HATE the deforestation. I would prefer that new attractions go in an area where it is not necessary, but I understand that it isn't always possible. I hope that Kings Island is able to maintain as much natural foliage as physically possible. There is enough room for anything that they want into this area of Rivertown, so ruling something out due to size is foolish at this point. The KI&MV RR tour on Sunday morning of Coasterstock should be interesting. I don't think that has been mentioned in this thread yet, but it could have some interesting info and photo ops. I believe that the fenced-off construction area in front of the train will not be the location of a new attraction. That flat area will be the plaza entry point (similar to what Banshee and Gatekeeper have) with a bridge over the train tracks to an attraction on the other side. I would be pleasantly surprised with a Giga there, but it just feels unlikely to me at this point. If this is a coaster, right now I am thinking that it will be something similar to Verbolten. That doesn't mean that it will be done by the same manufacturer or will be the same quality as Verbolten, but a terrain-ish coaster with a few launches and several interaction points intrigues me. Perhaps B&M has this up their sleeve? That being said, I am still on #TeamGCI, and have been ever since the last decoding debacle. My thoughts on 2017 are still very subject to change, and will develop as this continues to unfold. Hopefully I will be more active with this discussion going forward. Happy decoding, everyone!
  5. Accident on Alton Towers Smiler

    Does Alton Towers release ridership numbers? That would be an interesting stat to look at.
  6. You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When the smell of rain on a blacktop parking lot reminds of walking through Frontiertown at Cedar Point.
  7. Project 2017?

    Out of curiosity, does anybody have a photo of The Legend that they would be willing to share that would make a good before-and-after comparison to the one above?
  8. VR coming to 9 Six Flags Coasters

    Ride Op: "You must wear a VR headset on this ride." Guest: "The sign says it contains flashing imagery, and that can trigger an epileptic reaction due to my personal health history." Can the guest not ride at all then? Exception to the rule?
  9. The coaster in question: A 42 ft drop, slow pace. It looks like this is designed for children. It takes a special kind of person to complain about this.
  10. Passholder night ERT: Fri, May 13

    While going through the calendar and marking these dates, I noticed that all but the first one are on a Thursday night. It seems strange that Kings Island wouldn't host these on Fridays or Saturdays, when a majority of people don't have to get up for work the next morning. Because of these dates, I unfortunately am not sure if I will be able to make it to any of these this year.
  11. That is what I get for asking before I finished the article...
  12. The retail space is an very interesting/exciting concept. Is a setup like that currently being done anywhere else?
  13. Kentucky Kingdom

    That test run looks beautiful. I can't wait! https://www.instagram.com/p/BDbWd8IulAH/ (link)
  14. I find it interesting that Cedar Fair is choosing to use animals of any kind in their shows. Especially with what is happening elsewhere in the industry...