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  1. coasterfanatic2012

    Six Flags New England

    Any recommendations for what attractions to go to first, where to eat, etc...?
  2. I will be at SFNE for one day only this Sunday for my first time. I am hoping that KIC will have some advice for me on how to best visit this park. My gameplan was to get all of the credits and then ride Superman/Wicked Cyclone as much as possible. We aren’t paying up for the Flash Pass because admission is already absurdly expensive. Much appreciated in advance!
  3. coasterfanatic2012

    HoliWood Nights 2018: Coastershack

    Amazing event. My wife and I were blown away by the quality of the experiences, food, and rides! The staff was so fun and kind working with us, and the fact that they extended ERT on Saturday because of the delay impressed us. I couldn't see a Cedar Fair or Six Flags park doing that. This was our first visit since 2014, so Thunderbird was a new coaster for us. We were both very impressed and put it in our top 10 overall! Overall, Holiday World impressed (as they always do) and likely gained a pair of loyal Holiwood Nights attendees.
  4. coasterfanatic2012

    HoliWood Nights 2018: Coastershack

    What is the policy in Splashin Safari regarding flip flops and water shoes on rides? We are trying to avoid being barefoot while walking through the water park if possible. We would prefer to wear flops because we don’t have any water shoes, but if we need to get some we can. It has been a few years, but I feel like I remember being able to wear flip flops and stash them in the station for mammoth/wildebeest.
  5. Not a good look for RMC’s grand debut with Cedar Fair. I’m wondering if/how this will impact RMC’s reputation in the industry. This is obviously not their first time with issues at opening. I’m also curious to see if/how this impacts the public perception of Steel Vengeance - especially if more issues follow.
  6. coasterfanatic2012

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I’m not sure I would want white supports. I view it similarly to a white car - it’ll get pretty dirty and not hard to keep looking “new.” Obviously there will be examples out there that could be used to prove me otherwise, but I would guess that is why we don’t see pure white often. I would think that with all of the woods, trees, dirt, etc... at Kings Island, it might look rough quickly. GateKeeper probably holds the white look better because it isn’t surrounded by trees, pollen, dirt, and the like.
  7. coasterfanatic2012

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I was curious about the cemetery and what KI can/can’t do near that area. Is it off limits I assume? I also am not sure of where exactly the property line with GWL falls.
  8. coasterfanatic2012

    The RMC Thunderdome™: Categorizing Topper Track coasters

    I’m curious to your thoughts on The Voyage at Holiday World. By this logic, wouldn’t you consider that a hybrid as well?
  9. coasterfanatic2012

    How many amusement parks (and theme parks) have you visited?

    I have a few that I don’t see mentioned yet, so here are the 11 parks that I have have been to. Kings Island Cedar Point Carowinds Six Flags over Georgia Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World Stricker’s Grove Jungle Jack’s Landing Miracle Strip at Pier Park Funtown Splashtown USA Sesame Place (as a very young child)
  10. coasterfanatic2012

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    As part of my catch-up-with-KIC-after-2-years-of-being-inactive endeavor, I subjected myself to reading through this entire thread. This may have been the most difficult thread to read of the bunch. You all need to chill. I am of the opinion that KIC does not need a Giga and that the investment it would require could be better used elsewhere. I don’t feel a hole in our coaster lineup that a Giga would fill. I would love to have one, but I honestly don’t know if it would fit at KI at this time. However, if we were to have a Giga on the way, I would love to see something similar to the VERY ROUGH markup below. I have no idea if this is even possible, but I think it would be so cool to have a turnaround interact with the newish entryway to the parking lot. What a great way to start the day. Move or remove Congo Falls to make room for an entry plaza. Thoughts?
  11. coasterfanatic2012

    Best B&M collection?

    Of parks I have been to, I voted other for Carowinds. Fury is incredible and they have a few strong compliments as well.
  12. coasterfanatic2012

    HoliWood Nights 2018: Coastershack

    This will be my first Holiwood Nights as well. I haven’t been back to Holiday World since Thunderbird was announced, so that’ll be a new experience for me. I can’t wait!
  13. coasterfanatic2012

    Person Dies at Schlitterbahn Kansas City

    Wow... it might be best just to shut the park down at this point. So sad.
  14. coasterfanatic2012

    Kentucky Kingdom

    I finally made it to Kentucky Kingdom this weekend, and it was about what I expected. Thunder Run was solid. Lightning Run was surprisingly thrilling compared to what it looks like. T3 was not fun. And Storm Chaser blew my mind. They were only running single trains in Storm Chaser, and Thunder Run (obviously) were running one train, and operations were slow. It was full (Saturday of a holiday weekend), and staffing seemed limited. It was very much as described. That being said, there are fantastic pieces here. The waterpark looked really nice, although we didn't experience it because of crowds. And Storm Chaser... Wow! That ride is better than anything Kings Island has. My first RMC experience was everything I hoped it would be. I want one of those in Mason asap.
  15. coasterfanatic2012

    Frozen Ever After Opens at Epcot

    I know that I'm late to this party, but this ride looks phenomenal! I just saw the POV, and as a fan of Frozen, this looks like a must-experience! Wow! Well done.