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  1. After reading for the last week, I have come to the conclusion that we are too caught-up in the numbers. Height, potential speed, drop, length, etc... Guys, it is Kings Island. Cedar Fair. B&M. And a massive land clearing. This will be a phenomenal ride. Mystic Timber's numbers are not good at all. The layout looked boring. We all had reservations. And now it is the best ride in the park. Chill out on the details (that haven't even been confirmed by the park). KI/CF/B&M know what they are doing.
  2. I was able to visit for the first time this weekend. I believe that it is an upgrade, but it is different. I love the new colors on the buildings and the new pavers. I like the potential for some really cool things to happen with the fountain. I will wait to see what happens with the fountains, but for now it feels kind of meh. They feel underwhelming right now. And I am consistently pro-tree in amusement parks, so I will miss the fully mature trees that we had. Especially during Winterfest. On an excitement scale of 1-10, I currently give the upgrades a 6. It looks good, and we will see what happens once everything is up to speed.
  3. This is exactly what was going on. It makes essentially it unbearable to use unless you leave your phone on all day (which is not realistic). Hopefully the park is aware of how inconvenient this is for guests and is looking into it.
  4. PoGo was tough at the park yesterday! I ended up just switching to data so I could participate.
  5. I would accept that explanation but there weren’t many people there yesterday, and it has supported much larger crowds without fail in the past. I was having issues finding the network all over the outskirts of the park... near The Beast, Vortex/WindSeeker, obviously by The Bat. Anywhere near the outskirts.
  6. I was able to visit for the first time this year and was very impressed with the level of detail across the minor park updates. I did have a very poor experience with the in-park wifi. My phone would not stay connected, so I had to keep re-connecting every time I wanted to use wifi. I was also not able to pick up the network in areas throughout the park that never gave me issues in the past. Has anybody else run into problems with the wifi?
  7. My wife and I tried the Brewhouse tonight. She had the chicken tenders and I had the Texas Bahn Mi. The tenders were fine. The Texas Bahn Mi was fine. But just fine (and probably overpriced). We will have to try some other menu items on our next trip. For now, it seems like a nice addition that will provide value for the park. We don't view it as a must-have after our first visit - maybe that will change.
  8. I believe I said this during Banshee's construction, but I hope the park avoids white in the color scheme. I would be concerned with pollen/dust/dirt making the white look dirty, especially if we are back in the woods. I also will never own a white car for this exact reason. I think it looks great on GateKeeper, but they don't have trees/dirt like we potentially could.
  9. ^^ Thank you, Malem. Those prices actually aren't hateful if the quality is as high as it looks.
  10. Is anybody able to share a Brewhouse menu with prices?
  11. It's good to be back to decoding. I missed the MT decoding thread as it was a busy time of my life, but I intend to follow this one. This looks like it is going to be massive. The land cleared (so far) opens up enormous possibilities. I don't see how this is anything other than a giga. Also, please save as many trees as possible!
  12. We are planning to be at Cedar Point this weekend and it will be our first trip since this policy was implemented. Can anybody speak to how this works and give some first-hand info on the process?
  13. I had the worst experience that I can ever recall on The Beast on Sunday afternoon. I sat in 1-3, so it’s my fault for being on a wheel seat. But the jackhammering and general roughness was nearly unbearable. I couldn’t wait for the ride to end. I haven’t felt that way since GASM at SFoG last summer. I woke up with a nasty bruise on my elbow this morning and I can tell you exactly when it happened. And after as many laps as I have on that ride, being unfamiliar with the layout wasn’t the issue. I can generally ride comfortably because of how familiar I am with the ride. It was more than I could handle this Sunda. Has anybody else felt this recently? It pains me to say this because of my love for the ride, but that was as disappointing a ride I have ever had on The Beast.
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