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  1. Or something with capacity at least... In my opinion, KI's lineup would be increased with a inverting coaster like Raptor at CP. Those are always fun, and there is nothing like it at KI.
  2. It has been pretty crowded all summer. It is VERY difficult to find a slow day in August at the Point. I wish you luck, but I would mentally prepare to wait quite a bit.
  3. I honestly don't see much going to KI this off-season. Other than some maintanance and maybe a flat or something like that..
  4. Interesting... are you the guy on PB that did the Maverick one? or is that someone else...?
  5. But now we look forward to Haunt and all of it's glory!
  6. Solid video. But I feel like the proper song for this ride is Throttleneck by Brad Paisley. I actually have the song on my ipod as Throttleneck (Unofficial Maverick Theme Song).
  7. That is my only downside to playing HS football. No Friday night Hunt trips...
  8. No, you aren't the only sad one... and as a CP fan, I pray every night that DA doesn't go to Sandusky. I feel like that would be a waste of the small amount of room they have left up there. And also, this link cites fan pages and speculatory sites. None of his citations have any credibility, especially Screamscape...
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