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  1. That is a fantastic question that I don't have an answer to. I was only wondering if they were available or not.
  2. Ahh ok. So they aren't available to purchase until Memorial Day?
  3. While looking through Kings Island's website, I was looking to see what the price of a normal season pass (not gold or platinum) was for my younger sister. I couldn't find that information anywhere on the website, or any place to purchase one of those. Is Kings Island doing away with the traditional season pass and simply going with the gold and platinum options?
  4. Definitely worth trying at least once. I think that it is a lot of fun, and is actually rather underrated. I do recommend that you form your own opinions on rides- it is more fun that way!
  5. I just spent hours reading through that entire thread. Fantastic, informative read for those of us who weren't around when all that went down. It is interesting to consider what may have been...
  6. I want to get to new parks this year. I am done with school this spring, but this is also a very busy summer for me. I would like to get to Kennywood, Waldameer, Indiana Beach, and Kentucky Kingdom, on top of the usual Kings Island and Cedar Point trips. Those parks are all new for me, and are in a reasonable driving distance. I wouldn't mind a weekend in Charlotte either...
  7. For those wondering, the website has been fixed. I am actually very excited about my pass to Kentucky Kingdom. There is an RMC within a reasonable driving distance, and I cannot wait to finally experience one of those beasts.
  8. Via https://www.kentuckykingdom.com/ (the main website homepage) Looks like someone forgot to add a few spaces. Found this while buying my season pass tonight.
  9. Nearly every number dropped from last year. Does that mean attendance was down? Were in-park activities less about riding and more about other activities? More families and less thrill-seekers? Numbers tell interesting stories.
  10. In my opinion as a first-time guest to PCB this summer, there is absolutely a market there for a small park like this... ...but not in the condition that Miracle Strip was in when I visited. Unfortunately, there was a lot of work that needed to be done here, and it was evident during my trip to Miracle Strip that there wasn't enough invested to get a quality park going. The location was fantastic, the scene was fantastic, but the park itself needed some love. The re-construction of the Starliner coaster was being heavily promoted in the area, but there wasn't a hair of construction going on (even though it was supposed to be open in 2015). PCB is a luxury area. When people go, they want to have a fun, upscale experience. Miracle Strip was fun for an enthusiast and first-time visitor, but didn't fit the stereotypical PCB vibe. It needed investment, and there wasn't much there. Hopefully the historic, traditional rides are able to be saved and moved elsewhere. Their one roller coaster, a 1970 Galaxy, was a lot of fun. The area surrounding the park was beautiful and well-kept. The park itself? Not so much. At the height of PCB's vacationer season in late July, and on a Friday night, there were maybe 50 people in the park. Maybe. That says all that needs to be said. If any of you have questions for someone who was able to go to Miracle Strip earlier this season, I will do my best to answer what I can.
  11. Soak City needs work desperately. Hopefully the new addition is a step in that direction.
  12. So for those smarter than I, what does this election mean for Kentucky Kingdom?
  13. When you actually spend time on KIC because it is your link to all things amusement park related. I have noticed that I do spend a significantly more time here in the offseason...
  14. It amazes me how some people, like the quoted, have such a huge discrepancy between the top few rides and then the rest. When I go, I have to diversify what I am doing or I will get bored quickly unless it is a new ride experience.
  15. Diamondback led the way for me yet again this season with 11. New coasters included Rougarou at Cedar Point and RipTide at Miracle Strip Amusement Park in PCB.
  16. I loved it when I went. I got to lead the group I was a part of, so that might have increased the quality of my experience. There was one scare in particular that got me better than any I had in a long while. I loved the concept though. I only wish there could have been even less light, if that is possible.
  17. The Beast. In the cold rain at about midnight earlier in October.
  18. Maybe there will be a storm chaser nearby to help out.
  19. Last weekend there was a young man with one of those glow-stick style necklaces riding in front of me on The Beast... It was constantly flickering and lighting everything up. Not fun!
  20. The only issue with moving a scare zone into Rivertown is that it effectively blocks off a section of the park for people who don't want to participate in the haunts. If you think about it, you will notice that all of the scare zones are on low-traffic pathways that can be easily avoided without hurting the flow of the park. Putting one of these in Rivertown will create a dead end for those who do not want to participate. In order to get to The Beast from the entrance of the park, one would have to go through Coney Mall to avoid any scare zones.
  21. I went through last Friday, and was able to lead the group I was with- about 6 people. I had a blast. I would imagine that it is significantly more fun being in front than in the middle/rear of the group though. There was one particular moment that got me better than any Kings Island haunt experience that I can remember. I walked (literally) right into their trap, and it was fantastic. I won't go into detail so that I don't spoil it for others. There is a lot of potential for this maze, and I am interested to see how it evolves going forward once the logistics of it are worked through.
  22. I sure hope so. It is his story to tell, but I will say that he did not have a very FUN summer.
  23. For me, it is Diamondback. That ride, along with a cousin who was intent on having a riding buddy since a driver's license was now in the picture, was what convinced me to get my first ever pass. Soon after getting a pass, I joined KIC. It has all been downhill from there!
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