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  1. My first thought: "I would like to buy a vowel please." I am excited to have the Blue Streak area opened up more. Not having a dead end there, as well as investing in the area, will make it much more enjoyable than ever before in my lifetime. The crowds will flow much more smoothly. I'm interested to ride Valravn. I have never been on a dive coaster before, so chalk it up as a new experience for me. It doesn't look like it will blow me out of the water, but just thinking about hanging there waiting to drop on a ride nearly as tall as Diamondback is enough to get me on it, and we'll see what happens from there! Solid addition for Cedar Point. The public will enjoy it, and the park will enjoy a stable, consistent ride. I'm not sure what this says about me at this point, but I enjoyed playing with the Panoramic POV almost as much as the announcement itself.
  2. The more reviews I read, the more I think I need RMC in my life. Thanks for sharing!
  3. That is one of the few things I miss about living in the Northeast (Maine)- the beautiful scenery. I'm glad you were able to appreciate that while on your trip.
  4. Also, to everybody who thought it would be fun to stoke the fire about The Racer being removed, you guys suck.
  5. So now I need to use the new toll booths I guess! Hopefully the automated passholder line is efficient and doesn't take forever to get through. If there are only like 2 or 3 passholder lanes, I can see that backing up quickly. I'm also glad to see Soak City get some love. I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago how miserable it was over there, so hopefully this addition really helps. It needed the work!
  6. That stage looks very tropical... whatever that may mean.
  7. So is anybody streaming this event or no?
  8. I'm thinking through what has been around since '72 and is in the area (Coney Mall) that seems to have been focused on throughout today's media. The Dodgems are right there as well as what everyone has been discussing throughout the evening. I don't see a reason to remove the Dodgems, but if they do that would be a little saddening as well. I have ridden that ride more than any in the park, except for Diamondback, and it would be sad to see it removed. Unless it is replaced by new Dodgems. Which would be fantastic.
  9. As of Friday there were some "bodies" out on stretchers in front of the doors, visible from The Racer.
  10. I really don't want to see anything happen with The Racer. It is still running fantastically...
  11. via @KingsIslandPR on Twitter https://twitter.com/KingsIslandPR/status/633720491895877632 EDIT: Geez, 3 of us posted this at the same time!
  12. Earlier this week, while in line for Woodstock Gliders, I overheard a conversation between a young man and his daughter (4-5 years old). He turned to her and said, "This used to be my favorite ride as a kid! I am so glad they put a new one in!" She then proceeded to drag him back through the line at least 3 more times- with a huge smile on both of their faces every time. It may have been my favorite moment at Kings Island this summer.... "Memories That Last a Lifetime"
  13. Very cool to read- especially the marketing stuff. As a soon-to-be marketing grad, this is a lot of fun to look at.
  14. The only way this could have been better is if it were on Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.
  15. I completely agree with this. The last few times I have been down to Kings Island, I have noticed so many things that seem like an easy fix. Dinosaurs Alive!, food service, cleanliness, Boo Blasters, etc... It feels that the park has almost stopped caring and is just coasting until the end of daily operation, even though I know it isn't true. It feels like there is just a general lack of intention about things. Being at Cedar Point earlier this week only made it stand out to me how many little things at Kings Island could be changed for the better. Put smoking sections away from the rest of the park. Touch up paint and lights. Put love and intention and pride into the park. I do hope that all of these things aren't the case. Like Terp said, familiarity breeds contempt. But I am familiar with a couple of parks, and something about my "home park" seems off to me this season.
  16. I rode Rougarou for the first time on Tuesday, and waited about 20 minutes. It was much better than Mantis, but there was some head-banging involved on the ride that detracted from the overall experience. I would say that it was a wise decision to make the conversion.
  17. Holy wow this ride looks insane. I love that RMC is creeping its way closer and closer to Ohio.
  18. I made my first (and last) visit to Soak City for this season this afternoon. My experience was not positive at all. It started with horrendously dirty bathrooms, and continued with overcrowded pools. The wave pools were a miserable experience- is there any way they can cap the number of people in a pool at a time? It was impossible to move without bumping into somebody. I am not a fan of public pools to begin with, but having that many people really turned me off. As did the Band-Aid that floated by my foot. No thank you. And like I say every year, please make the Splash River back into a LAZY river. There is nothing better than floating around in the sun, but getting blasted with water the whole time makes it a lot less desirable. I didn't even try the slides. Lines all the way down the stairs stopped that idea immediately. I know that I went in with a bad attitude about Soak City because I haven't had a good time there in a few years now, but there was nothing there that changed my perception while there. Three hours was enough to send me off to Raising Canes and then on my way back home. I don't have a problem with water parks in general, but Soak City at Kings Island needs work. Badly.
  19. I didn't see anything about the new Starliner. No signs, no advertisements, nothing. I am thinking it unfortunately might never come to be. The ride was supposed to be ready for this season (2015), and I saw no signs of construction anywhere. This is the most recent quote from their Facebook page, from February:
  20. While on vacation in Panama City Beach, Florida, I made it a point to stop by the new Miracle Strip amusement park. It isn't quite like the old one, but they refurbished some of the old rides from the original Miracle Strip. I was only there for about 2 hours, but there might have been 300 people there tops, so it was a lot of fun. Their single coaster is a 1970 SDC Galaxi Coaster (RipTide), and it was a fun little ride. I believe it is actually a clone of the old Bavarian Beetle from Kings Island, but I might be wrong. It was a nice little moment of nostalgia, since my home park in Maine when I was a child had one of these as well. I also rode their 1975 Big Eli Ferris Wheel, 1980 Sea Dragon, 1964 Allen Herschell Carousel, and 1966 Floyd & Baxter Bumper Cars. Although I wasn't at the park very long (10:00-12:00 PM had discounted tickets), I had a blast. I would go back if I can ever make it down to PCB again. Front Entry Classic signage in front of rides Rides! This is an old car from the original Starliner coaster at the old Miracle Strip Park. Overall, it was a great trip. Prior to going down there, I had never been south of Tennessee, so it was a nice new experience for me. I loved being on the gulf, and hope to be back someday.
  21. For what it is worth, I did see a Kentucky Kingdom billboard in Nashville today. There was a Holiday World billboard, featuring Thunderbird, just down the road.
  22. I have a fairly simple definition of a dark ride. If it is mostly indoors, and it is dark in there, it is a dark ride.
  23. I would get so good at that game from playing far more often than anybody should. Kewpee is perfection.
  24. I am beyond excited that there is going to be an RMC within driving distance. I cannot wait!
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