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  1. You are correct in who I am. No there is nothing wrong with being hungry. I loved the year I was the overlord. For me that was a lot easier then being confined in a room. Being able to change locations, change up approaches. For me it was easier and I do really miss doing it. However May see me out a bit more this weekend. I'm not saying anything.... I'm just sayin.
  2. I am one of the scare actors from Slaughter House. Honestly I appreciate this post. If all post are about how great we do we can never get better. I would like to hear some ideas on how you feel we can improve what we do. I know I try my best to give every group that I see an experience that I hope they will remember. As far as the makeup goes, Slaughter House is the blood and gore maze. It will not be everyone's cup of tea and I understand that. How would you suggest a change, keeping in mind that it is the blood and gore maze of the park? I will not lie, this is not my best year personally. Now after reading this I will make an effort to make a better experience for the guest. I truly believe that if the guest is not enjoying what we do, we are not doing it right. Without guest we have no one to scare.
  3. The guy from Slaughter House thanks you for the kind words.
  4. I really can not believe that actually caught on!!!!! I heard a few people say it in the park the last day too. I still remember the first group that did it and how much the rest of the house just LOVED it sooooooooo much LOL
  5. I absolutely agree with you. When I had my skeleton key, I kept talking about that one room. The main scare actor does an awesome job at his role Thank you very much. It is a lot of fun to do and I am glad you enjoyed your experience.
  6. Excellent tips shark6495. Just curious is the honey thing real or is it more just in my head? It seems to help me. Also I read that hot tea with honey and lemon helps but I read somewhere else the citrus can do more damage, which is true?
  7. The Undertaker is very good at what he does, and at least he's miked. This year, Sam has been wearing out my voice more than ever every weekend since he's doing more talking now that he's out in the open as soon as people enter the room. Sam did a fair share of talking in his spots in the old house, but this is going back to the level of talking as when I transformed into The Bouncer in Club Blood on Fridays & Saturdays in 2008. Sundays & Mondays my voice is really rough, Tuesdays are a little better and by Wednesday it's almost back to full strength. Then it's time to do it all over again. But I wouldn't have it any other way. A couple of the other Slaughter House scaractors and I were discussing this on Saturday. We each have told ourselves at the beginning of each night that we were going to take it easy in order to save our voices... but then once we start we instinctively ignore that thought in order to go all out. It was nice to know I wasn't the only one doing this. It's just more fun to not hold back! Oh I remember that conversation. Yes if you are not going balls to the wall you are not doing it right. I have not talked this much in a few years. This weekend was the first one that I did not really strain my voice to much. I have noticed it is the long breaks, having to go in and out of character that gets me the worst. A couple tricks I have been using this year: I bring a gallon water jug and a couple water bottles. You want them about room temp. Cold water can shock the vocal cords and strain them more. I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a thing of honey. I take a shot every couple hours. Seems to help a lot better then cough drops. That is just a couple things I do. Would love to hear what others do because as mentioned earlier, going easy on your voice truly is not an option when you love what you do.
  8. WOW thank you very much. This type of thing really mean a lot to us folks that do it.
  9. It used to be in the room just before the car
  10. I actually work in one of the room. I will not tell which one. I just wanted to make sure we were making the experiance worth the money. I know I try my hardest.
  11. BoddaH1994 - Without ruining it, would you consider the Skeleton Key a good value?
  12. No Sam The Butcher was not out front of Slaughter. I happen to know the tall long haired freak and he has to much respect for his buddy Sam to ever try to take that name. I did here that guy has a big mouth and loves to hear himself talk.
  13. i love being a Haunt actor. Most the people that come take a scare and move on. Then you get the ones that think they know all about what you do and think they have to critic everything you do. You also have the people that threaten to hit. Most of the time if the actor walks up to these folks they will just run away or fall to the floor. I have more problems with the kids that dont really know better because there parent are telling them to do stupid stuff.
  14. I have been a haunt actor for a few years now. While I was in a house I never really had to many issues with violence. Yes I was hit several time. I was head butted on multiple occasions. This year I am somewhere out in the park. I will not tell you where. It surprises me how disrespectful people can be. This year I have been grabbed, groped, poked, hit, and kicked. I have a few bruises to show for it. Then you see the stupid kids go back to there parents that are laughing right along with them. I love being a haunt actor. 99.5% of the people are great and take scares in stride. However that last .5% ruin everyone's night. I have seen many of my friend already this year walk away from the game because it got to be to much. I don't have to many problems defending myself, but it seems that the minor females have it really bad. To me that is really sad.
  15. Note that on Friday all the outdoor attractions were shut down around 9PM. If this was the day that Wolf Like Me went, this may explain why they did not see any actors in some of the scare zones.
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