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  1. Kings Island all day is great!

  2. If you have a passport come to this park! By the way, you DO NOT need to ride Sky Rider. Who even invented stand ups anyway? I hate them with a passion, but I of course have to ride them for coaster count. Behemoth was a nice B&M Hyper, but I liked Diamond Back better. It is of the better B&M Hypers around, but not my favorite. Surprisingly, it is much better to sit in the front than in the back. I almost always like the back on roller coasters such as that, but it was a nice change. I love all the flat ride at this park. I wish Kings Island had more than they did. I also got to go on Wind Seeker there. I GOT TO RIDE IT BEFORE JUST ABOUT ANYONE ELSE! Ha well Anyway Wind Seeker may create some nerves at first because you don't know what to expect, but after that, it really isn't much more thrilling than Zephyr. It just is kinda tall personally I have been on many other more thrilling flat rides and I have no idea who would be scared it really isn't much worse than Eiffel Tower. I think basically after your first time it will be like whatever . So, mostly the only roller coaster I really cared for was Behemoth. If you happen to wondering around in Canada take a trip to the park!
  3. Waldameer was a nice little park. In general, I had a fun time there. If anyone who has never been goes be SURE to ride Ravine Flyer 2. It made it into my top ten! A component I really liked about this park is it had some really nice flats as well as coasters. I'm sure it wouldn't be a good park to spend all day at, but it is nice to stop by there for a couple hours!
  4. So we are in Atlanta and going to Six Flags Over Georgia and then we're driving up to Carowinds!

  5. So I meant to do this about 2 months ago but I forgot so I'm doing it now and I have to say that Mantis is the worst coaster ever built! My opinion I know some may like it but, I do not like it at all! Just saying and I apologize to all Mantis lovers out there but I think they need to tear it down and put a new coaster there more worthy of Cedar Point! Please write your opinion!
  6. Going to Dolly Wood this weekend so excited!

  7. I didnt really like roar it was a bit to rough
  8. Ya but I can still brag about SFAmerica, SFGAmerica, Michigan's Adventure, and Lego Land lolz
  9. I visited SFAmerica today. I and my dad wanted to ride some coasters before we got back home. First Joker's Jinx, which was nearly identical to Flight of Fear. The only difference was it was outside and there was NO MIDDCOURSE BRAKE!!!! Man, Batwing was exactly like Firehawk and the funny thing was i was wearing first rider Firehawk shirt. Mind Eraser felt so much like Mind Eraser at Geauga Lake or is it Thunder Hawk in Michigan's Adventure? Also, in my opinion, Superman: Ride of Steel's awesomeness is over rated. The only part i really liked about that ride was the bunny hills at the end but, there was also a trim and the end brakes were right after the bunny hills so it hurt a bit. Over all my favorite coaster there is Wild One. I still can't belive that good of a wooden coaster could have been design from just using a pencil and paper in 1917! Now that is absolutly amazing! The park it self I wouldn't want to come back over and over again but, it was a good little park
  10. Kevin, yes i agree with you that diamond back is much better than nitro and Cedar Fair's atmosphere i like better
  11. Hersey was pretty good, but the coasters at Sfg adv. were sooo much better :P sfa tomorrow :)

  12. Today My dad and I went to SFGA and it was AWESOME!! The only thing is that I never like Six Flags Parks. The only thing I really like ever is the coasters. Great American Scream Machine was closed and so was Superman Ultimate Flight were closed . The coaster I was most impressed with at that park was El Toro. That is now no doubt my favorite coaster with awesome air time and NO TRIMS!!!!... We ended up riding three times because the line wasn't very long. Today it reached the highest temp. recorded so because of this the park wasn't to busy which was awesome! Personally I think that steel coaster are better, but today I was proven wrong.
  13. Yesterday I had an amazing time at hershey. My dad and I went on every coaster that I hadn't been (except roller soaker) plus storm runner. They were all ok , but my favorite coaster there was storm runner. It was kinda weird though because last time I went to hershey i HATED it , but now it seems pretty good.
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