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  1. Aside from hardest ride to operate, Boo Blasters would be one of the physically harder ones for me. The rotating platform might disorientate me, and walking into a very dark building from a bright and sunny outside (and vica versa) will bother my eyes for a few minutes until they adjust from two extremes.
  2. Yes, CP's indoor houses open 5 p.m. Saturdays and 3 p.m. Sundays. Do lines start to form early on Saturdays for the indoor and outdoor Haunt attractions?
  3. Unfortunately my group and I did not arrive at CP until 7:45. Our friend had to work and hit typical Cleveland traffic on his way over my house. Luckily I was able to take the turnpike to CP to avoid more traffic. First we rode the Dodgem twice. Next we headed to Eerie Estates. Last year we waited close to one hour and had a bad experience. Mainly the screamsters were unprofessional and terrible. After waiting 15 minutes or so, my opinion changed. The screamsters were fantastic; they "lived" the scene and had witty comments. The bedroom scene had a possessed looking girl on the bed screami
  4. I hate when screamsters huddle together to talk to each other because it easily kills the mood. I notice this more during the last half hour/hour when walking through outdoor scare zones.
  5. I didn't know about the bonus ride times until Thursday night when I read the e-mail from CP. While I appreciate their efforts, the memo could have went out sooner.
  6. I agree. CarnEvil fell apart after relocating from its original location, and Fear Faire was ok the first year but is now terrible. I believe the screamsters make or don't make a haunted attraction.
  7. When my friend was younger, she got busted for shoplifting at Six Flags. Turns out a secret shopper was 'shopping' in the gift shops that did not have scare tactics--cameras, mirrors, detectors, etc. The detective revoked her season pass as well as that of her partner in crime (even though she did not steal but was guilty by association). She had to pay for the stolen items in which she could not keep and paid a fine determined by the price range of stolen goods. However, the case remained 'in-park' because the value of the stolen items on her was under $500--or was it $250.
  8. At least we still have this Disaster Transport picture. How many differences can you spot between this picture and the current DT?
  9. I also paid $145 in Oct. 2009 to renew my CP platinum pass at CP. I was excited it was $5 cheaper because I renewed; I was expecting the $150 price tag.
  10. And it's 301 Feet as the others. I would expect CP to be the only one with it (for at least this year) or a bit taller.
  11. I plan on renewing my platinum pass this fall.
  12. I know Hurricane Bay (the wave pool on the ride side) is filled with tons of debris now. As for the other water rides on the ride side, you can see them slowly disappear over the years here. However, Hurricane Mountain on the ride side back in 2003/2004 = current Thunder Falls as of 2005. I also believe WWK needs some serious help because of the limited attractions that have been around for years.
  13. I went back on Tuesday, and there was a security guard making sure guests passed off tubes.
  14. Various people and times in Planet Snoopy: Young girl: I want to ride Reptar next Young boy: There is Avatar; we rode that last time Mom to kids: Here is the Scooby Doo ride
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