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  1. In researching a trip to Disney World Resorts, one of the biggest complaints I'm reading is the crowds, especially at MK. (There's complaints about overflowing garbage cans, but that goes hand in hand with crowds.) Maybe DIS is finding a way to siphon people to the other parks to alleviate that problem. People are not enjoying themselves at the park, and that means they will be less likely to return, and worse, tell five people that it's not worth it to go. I, myself, went to MK in '76 in July. It was not crowded, not like the photos I'm seeing online. It was very easy for me to not be aware of the time and still see a grand parade, and had enough space around me to let even smaller kids in front of me. Already they stopped the Socal Annual Pass to thin the amount of people pouring through the gates. My choice of parks will focus on Pixar, and the Guardians, not in that order. None of them are in MK. Many of the attractions that man I married and I want to experience are outside the MK, so that's two people they fished out of the masses. All my life, I've been taught to 'take what you've got and do something with it." Seems like Disney's doing the same thing. They've got to deal with bigger and bigger crowds every year, and they have some rides that aren't making capacity. What else are they gonna do? They just can't build anywhere they want with that conservation of land gig that Disney put in.
  2. I found this interesting: It's a Luna model, obviously not the exact same model as the one that malfunctioned. I immediately noticed that there were more supports between the carriages, but I've never seen one set up before. I've never gone on a carnival ride. I guess because I always had an amusement park nearby.
  3. Congratulations! (My husband and I got engaged at the park, on "Days of Thunder"- it was the only ride where I felt I wouldn't lose the ring.)
  4. KatieF, it could be nerve-wracking because it's Gross! and 10-12 years old is way too old to be doing that.
  5. Thanks, all. (I saw they had both a Halloween and a Day of the Dead celebration- I would like that, but thought it would be crowded.) it is good idea to see other parks, but Universal would have to Top Secret, as I have a Harry Potter niece, and simply can't afford a stowaway on this trip. with the meal plan, honestly, I think those are for big eaters, thanks for the suggestion.
  6. I did the same. I'm so small, I had to buy the kid glasses, but I'm hep in the park because all the future hepcats wear the same kind as me.
  7. The thing that's bothering me about Amtrak is the route would have to be multi-city. It might be worth going by train if I can reason out a schedule without long stays in different cities. Thanks all for the ideas. I'm glad I've got some time to work this out. Paradise Pier Resort seems reasonable, but by the time I get there, it might be Avengers Tower. Another favor to ask, What part of the year is a good time to go?
  8. Mind Reader! I was just looking that up. 35 hour drive, about the same as taking Amtrak. And seeing Las Vegas on my own dime might be cool. I was actually wondering about a rental car all that way... I've got two years, but to look at everything, especially the idiosyncrasies of DisneyLand, is going to take some research.
  9. You viewpoint plays into it big time. i'm a rider. I went to DisneyWorld when I was young, (my dad did the electrical switch box for Tom Sawyar Island), and went to the park alone for a week- I had a grand time, but back then, people kept giving me ride tickets. the biggest overall memory was how nice all the cast members were. I'll check into on site resorts to see if they have a two person closet. I'm thinking onsite so it doesn't muss the account. It's better to be a gracious guest, which is why I want to be penny-pinchy. Plus, I don't want something too fancy, I would feel out of place. I can forego all that character business- I think it would be awkward for two adult hillbillies to be eating lunch while a princess, not eating lunch, sashays over for a chat. my big problem with CA is plane travel; I know plane travel is safe, I just don't want TSA to steal all of my stuff. They even stole my mother's moisturizer last time she flew. That's the only ride I don't want to do.
  10. I need help with Disney whatever! World, Land it doesn't matter. after searching and finding this post I don't feel so bad- I'm focusing on after I get caught up with contracted work, so it'll be two years i've been looking at videos on YouTube, reading blogs, etc.,- planning this is going to be more work than a job! i've been offered the trip, but I don't want to be That Guy that eats shrimp at parties and only offers tuna fish at his soirée, I want to be in my own realistic budget. Besides, I want to buy things like a Tivan Cosmo, and I'll need to save for things like that. it looks as if there's more to do at 'Land, but the accommodations seem less expensive at 'World. I.e., I really like the idea of the Animators Resort, but it seems they don't have that in CA. helphelphelphelphelp....
  11. I was going to ask my friend Stephen Worth of Animation Resources, until I saw the post with the "Kings Island" across the top of it. He works with Kricfalusi, if anyone knew about a stash of Ren and Stimpy towels, it would be him. (My mother threw away my Ren and Stimpy stuffed dolls- worth a lot, today.)
  12. As Thrill Biscuit will probably attest, new animation software is being made available more and more, and there's artists allover the country now. (There was a recent interview on a ghost story podcast about a guy that sits at home in Wisconson who makes FX explosions for film on his laptop as a job.) I'm hoping KI will take advantage of the availability of art to update.
  13. Story? I just equated the whole deal with hill hopping in Southwest Ohio and going on one of those storied roads like Weir Road or Hill Street. Yes, there is a Hill Street. I saw this Huge! white owl in the middle of the road one night in 1982 when I was hill hopping with my cousin.
  14. I haven't seen it yet, but I was expecting projections, being that the theme would be changing per ride, as with the music. It would be nice to have the silhouette animated projections like on Disney rides, but that's not going to happen at a small park.
  15. That's sad to hear, but I was expecting it. The article was more about PETA and their spokesman than the whale itself.
  16. I would've liked to have gone, but pretty much accepted the idea that it's probably not going happen. I've been working so much lately, I haven't even been able to think about theme parks, much less read about them. I don't mind Seaworld doing whatever anymore, as long as they keep the rehab part, and sea creatures are all over the world, even Dubai. I'd like to think if an orca needed saved, Seaworld would be able to help without a diesel boatload of loudmouths showing up protesting to let the whale die.
  17. This what bothers me most- animals in the area. I hope the rain quells the fires.
  18. Thank you. When I was young, my father went through strikes, and of course, it was odd hours. My mother would run him a dinner, and we'd all want to go see him, but weren't allowed. It was more violent then, I never understood some of the rules of strikes. It's good to have someone who can clear things up. Edit: I'm glad it's resolved. I recall a strike that lasted about 8 weeks. We were all ready to crash the supermarket first paycheck.
  19. That was a good article, shark, I never thought of the CBS payout before. Obviously, I'm not an accountant for a living. I looked at the "Ellen's Energy Adventure" ride referenced in the article, and I'm hoping it's not someone's favorite, because I found it a snoozefest. By the time that ride gets refitted, they'll have Cosmo giving the lecture.
  20. Saturday change outs are pretty cool, except for parents with their kids rushing towards the gate. The fog starts up, and the monsters start shambling out. To be at the gate when the Wall of Monsters arrives is cool- I took a lot of pictures of them before they departed to their work stations.
  21. I'll have to test that sometime- I once sat through a movie with a kidney stone, but they were comp tickets to the ultimate of EZ boys seats, and I didn't wanna miss the film.
  22. Ethancoater, The same reason behind the FDA switching from testing on monkeys and pound animals to breaking the hearts of pet owners around the globe when the 'tried and tested' medical trials fail and the owner is left with nothing but a discarded leash- PETA.
  23. Rail rider and Gabe, You are absolutely right, and I did see the documentary. I'm absolutely lucky to be learning, of all things, the vanishing art of 2d animation from a Disney artist. When I saw the documentary, I was surprised to see so many philosophies that seeped through to my learning. To see the same note on a desk in the documentary as I have on my desk brought home how fortunate I was. "Don't flatten. Draw graceful curves". The "Paperman" software will again change the way we see animation. I just think the Disney corporation is such a monolith today, that he couldn't have possibly seen the great advances that came with computer age. No matter how advanced one's forethought is, it would very difficult to imagine the worlds that Disney parks now embrace. I don't know if he could have ever envisioned the huge universe we saw in "The Incredibles" no matter how futurist his sight.
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