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  1. Some food here tends to taste a bit different.
  2. For me, more often than not, if it's a B&M I have to sit in the front seat. Nearly every B&M I've been on has been better in the front than the back.
  3. People also said that there would come a time when Big Dipper would no longer be a ride at Geauga Lake. I have a feeling that it will be the same scenario for The Beast and Kings Island.
  4. I have a feeling that when Son of Beast DOES begin de-construction, the public will know about it. I also have a feeling that the public will be told about a brand new attraction in the exact same breath. Do I mean another large wooden coaster? No. Do I mean another thrill ride? Not necessarily. "We will begin dismantling SOB in the 20-- offesason, but we have a new attraction for the 20-- season!"
  5. The tugging has NOT been there from the very beginning. It seems to come and go on Delerium, never noticed it on MaXair. Last year when the ride was broken down for a good 3 weeks, the tug was gone after it was re-opened. Assuming the tug is related to why the ride has so much downtime, it makes you wonder why they don't just replace the often defective part during the offseason so the ride doesn't have to sit there closed for a good chunk of the summer.
  6. No snow days means schools get out much earlier than usual. That being said, Monday is a Monday, Tuesday is a Tuesday, and vacation time for families hasn't hit yet. Stay as long as you like, you'll get a lot done.
  7. It's a good ride, but not something I think is worth keeping around. It's in an ugly tan building, and that area has soooo much potential. A wooden coaster along the beach would be awesome, as a tribute to the old Cedar Point Cyclone which was located pretty close to that area. I'd love to see that section of the park turn into an "extreme" Boardwalk section of the park. You have it almost there already - chair swings, ferris wheel, spinny flat ride, tower, and a launched coaster. Only these are some of the best of their kinds. I'd like a GCI coaster where the tan building sits. One thing I'll say about Cedar Fair is that they don't just sit attractions at random. When they put up a big, new attraction they re-innovate the entire area around it. I hope the Wicked Twister midway gets the same type of re-innovation that Rivertown got when they built Diamondback. That being said, the Million Dollar midway (old Wildcat area) WILL get some major work done to it. This has already been stated. The WIcked Twister Midway is all speculation as is.
  8. Tackle Kings Island on Monday and Holiday World on Sunday. Holiday World is the smaller park, so crowds don't matter as much. At Holiday World, Splashin' Safari is usually packed from lunchtime to the end of the day. The dry side is crowded for a couple hours after opening and a couple hours well into the afternoon (as the evening guests arrive). My advice would be to get the wet side of the park taken care of early, but it could be pretty inconvenient to walk around smelling like chlorine all day. One day is plenty of time to do everything at Holiday World, and I recommend trying EVERYTHING. Liberty Launch is awesome, and the traditional flat rides have a really nice touch to them (the Chairswings in the Halloween section are fun!). Plymouth Rock Cafe gets a lot of recommendations, but I've never ate there. Kringles Cafe sells pizza which is usually pretty tasty. The coasters run better later in the day, and shouldn't be missed at night. The Raven in the back seat at night should NOT be missed. Catch this before you leave.
  9. I may have to make a trip up there this year. Skipped out last year, but this year sounds like a definite visit. Not sure how I feel about Dinosaurs Alive becoming an institution in multiple parks, but it's something that attracts families so I guess it's a good thing. Good to see infrastructure improving, and I can't wait to see what they decide to do with that Midway where Wildcat used to be. Fast Lane was something that was needed at the park too. Good to see Millennium getting a paint job too.
  10. To me it's kinda odd that Invertago is open early instead of The Beast. The Beast is right there in the area anyway, so I don't see why they would open a ride clear across the park. That being said, I'll miss morning marathons on The Beast where me and my dad were the only ones on the entire train, but rides later in the day are better after the track has warmed up and more people are on the trains. I'll make more trips in the evenings to get those nice night rides this year.
  11. Everything is an improvement. The smoothness of The Beast and the new food options are the biggest for me. I'll be riding The Beast even more and I'll be eating in the park once in a while.
  12. 2003-2004 was my first ride. I don't remember a whole lot. I rode The Racer for the first time the year before so I decided to try The Beast the year after (I wasn't ready for The Vortex yet). I remember the first hill, and the final helix. I remember plummeting into the tunnel after the second lift then getting thrown to the side which for me is still the best moment on any coaster.
  13. 2013 - Begin the destruction of Son of Beast, remove the Crypt, Add bathrooms to X-Base, Touch up Action Zone (Remove water tower, fix blacktop, add some landscaping and new signs to make the area look fresh) 2014 - Complete removal of Son of Beast/the re-vamping of Action Zone. Add a modern flat ride in Action Zone. Paint The Racer. 2015 - Add a family friendly attraction to Rivertown in place of the Crypt. Old-style themed ride. 2016 - Modern roller coaster in Son of Beast's place. Whatever trend the coaster world seems to be following at the time. 2017 - Add a modern flat ride plus a restaurant to X-base/expand in that general direction 2018 - General park improvements/painting whatever needs painted 2019 - Add something of interest to Oktoberfest/Oktoberfest revival/re-theme 2020 - Remove Vortex assuming it has reached its lifespan. 2021 - Replace Vortex with a modern B&M coaster with inversions.
  14. I say we bring back the King Cobra track with the trains and use Son of Beast's station and supports as part of the construction. Then we move the building from the Crypt over and use that as the main entrance. We can do it guys! (I hope it doesn't sink after all the work we put into it.)
  15. Heck, I thought the Voyage was running pretty rough in 2006. If it's running better than it was new then I'll have to get down to Santa Clause and give it a try! I imagine I'll take a couple trips around on the Raven while at it.
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