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  1. That's rediculous...but I'm sure they will sell a ton of them.
  2. I feel pretty comfortable saying that last part is the key. As for an element I'd like to see, how about a double down?
  3. @Creed Bratton I'd be willing to bet that if TTD was built today (in the US) it would have the Maverick/I305 vests.
  4. My first memories of The Beast were when my parents would leave my brothers and I with my aunt while they followed the pawprints. I was certain every year that I would never see them again as they left. Sadly, as many do, our traditional annual extended family trips to KI died out in the early 2000s before I had conquered my fear of coasters. (Up to this point I had only ridden the then Beastie and FoF when my cousin lied to me and told me FoF wasn't a coaster until we were sitting in the train...it would take 11 years after that before I got on a coaster again). The ride held an almost mythical place in my mind all those years. What exactly was back in those woods anyway? My first ride wasn't until 2009. I had conquered my fear of coasters but this was my first time back at KI since. It was near the back of the train and it was incredible. The sensation of speed, the spectacular setting, that helix. It was an experience I won't forget. Any chance we see a return of the pawprints this year?
  5. This. (Semi-unpopular opinion alert) For example, the best coaster at CP is 325 feet shorter than the tallest. Because people.
  6. In the nicest way possible (truly), the cost for this ride will be WAY more than $100,000. Once construction, landscaping, materials, and equipment are factored in, you are looking at easily over a million. While reusing part of the dino path is certainly a possibility, they aren't going to just plop down a rail in the middle of it and call it a day. It will all be repaved. Yes, this definitely a 'small' addition in terms of cost but not $100,000 small.
  7. This seems like it would be a good addition at MiA, Dorney, maybe even VF. It looks like a fun ride but capacity is going to be a big issue.
  8. Steel Vengeance next to Maverick seems unfair to every other park. This looks like a fantastic addition.
  9. I had a great couple of days at CP last Wednesday and Thursday (5/31 and 6/1). It was our first trip anywhere with our 6 month old son and he had a blast. He took his first ever rides on the carousel and train, and was really fascinated by the sights and sounds. RMC Streak looks amazing so far and the park in general seem to be in great shape. Valravn was down Wednesday afternoon and didn't start testing Thursday until we were driving by it on the way out but we still had a great time regardless. Here are just a few photos from our trip!
  10. So after spending a few days roaming through Rivertown during Coasterstock it hit how Mystic Timbers makes Diamondback look like it fits into the park much better. Particularly after you pass the RHOFG and head back towards the train station. The lift/first drop of MT just seem to compliment DB very well.
  11. The wife and I will be there! We are doing the 3:00 Beast tour.
  12. Friday just hasn't been the day to visit so far this year.
  13. We had just sat down on Dback when the outage occurred. The crew, with one exception, did an amazing job of communicating with guests and letting us know what was going on. When we were evacuated they were calm and helpful/responsive to those asking questions. I'm not one to gripe about employees very often. I totally get that most are teens working their first or second jobs. However, after the power outage one crew member working Diamondback immediately began asking, in what I can only describe as a panicked tone, "Where's the brown train?!" repeatedly. You could tell that it was affecting those on the train and those waiting in line. We overhead two separate groups talking about it while we waited for MT later that night. That just can't happen in front of guests. Kudos to everyone else on that crew who truly did a great job.
  14. The wife and I got our first rides in last night. Rode in row 11 for our first lap. I was incredibly impressed with how well the ride fits into that area of the park. It looks like it has been there forever. Kudos to KI/GCI/everyone else involved for the effort that was put into the design, placement, and construction of the ride. As for the ride itself, I loved the pacing, setting, lateral forces, and ample floater air. Night rides on this thing are going to rival Beast. The did feel short to me but I guess that is what you sacrifice to achieve the pacing that this ride has. I was also expecting a little more pull down the first drop in the back. The actual first drop was a bit of a letdown but the rest of the ride was great. All in all a great addition to Kings Island that fits the park and it's current lineup beautifully.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but I do not believe any of those were purchased directly from HUSS though. While it may signal their willingness to work more closely with them, it also may be that they took a good look at what models were most reliable before their European shopping spree.
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