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  1. I hope Haunt never comes to Sundays at KI. Fall Sundays (including a great time today!) are some of my favorite times to visit the park.
  2. Yeah this seems like a really really odd follow up to Pantheon.
  3. There isn't one because they've never said that. They are offering refunds for trips booked through June 30th though.
  4. It's hard, depending on crowds, to not have to bite the bullet and wait for either Ricochet or Nighthawk just due to where they are in proximity to each other. If getting all the credits is important, I would hit Ricochet first and then head over to Cobras and then loop around from there, ending up back by Fury and Hurler. If credits aren't a factor. Ride Fury 10 times and then check out whatever else floats your boat. As expected, the B&Ms are all people eaters. I haven't ridden Copperhead yet so I can't comment there. I hope you have a great experience!
  5. There have only been 3 conversions. You are right that there is a reason they were converted. Powers that be deemed them to have more 'hype' than the stand ups they replaced. Anything is marketable if you have the right people handling it.
  6. There is lots of speculation that this is the actual coaster that was on display at IAAPA this year. It's reasonable to assume that RMC may have given them a good deal on what was essentially a 'display model', for lack of a better term.
  7. http://in-white-assessor.governmax.com/propertymax/rover30.asp?sid=3F Just search "Indiana Beach". It appears that the land was sold a while ago though and Apex had been leasing it. While this does certainly make it more complex to work out a sale, it isn't impossible.
  8. This would certainly be an interesting development. I would love to know what Fun Spot's long term vision for the park would be. The area is not exactly Orlando or Atlanta in terms of market but I would love to see them give IB a new lease on life.
  9. Definitely sad news. Cornball Express was worth the trip alone. Hopefully someone steps up to give it another go.
  10. The words 'hyper' and 'giga' mean absolutely nothing to 99.99999% of the people that visit KI. We have to remember that an incredibly small portion of the park going (or potential park going) population looks at these things the way a lot of us do. Enthusiasts will choose to visit (or not) based on the finished product, not the words used to describe it. A 300 foot drop is plenty to market this ride around.
  11. Never trust the opinion of anyone who enjoys Invertigo.
  12. Exactly. I think the community tends to forget what an extremely small percentage of guests think about these things like we do. Roughly 99.9999% could care less how it compares to Fury. Heck, most probably don't even know Fury exists at all. I also think that (and I fully admit that I have never seen data on this particular topic) some of you are vastly overestimating the number of guests that regularly visit both CP and KI. The idea that, in 2019, the stats of any CF addition are being dictated by what has or is going to occur at another park in the chain is laughable. The stats of a ride in Charlotte or Toronto are not dictating the stats of this ride.
  13. I fully expect this to be where our RMC goes in a few years.
  14. See the previous pages. All 4 CF gigas would (roughly) fit in the cleared area.
  15. I still think of King Cobra when I think about going to KI. I never rode it but I will always remember seeing it and being sure all those people were about to die. It had a very intimidating presence.
  16. It would seem unlikely, based on how the ride plazas for recent CF installations have looked. But I suppose you never know!
  17. This thread is going to be a Vekoma Madhouse.
  18. I feel pretty comfortable saying that last part is the key. As for an element I'd like to see, how about a double down?
  19. @Creed Bratton I'd be willing to bet that if TTD was built today (in the US) it would have the Maverick/I305 vests.
  20. My first memories of The Beast were when my parents would leave my brothers and I with my aunt while they followed the pawprints. I was certain every year that I would never see them again as they left. Sadly, as many do, our traditional annual extended family trips to KI died out in the early 2000s before I had conquered my fear of coasters. (Up to this point I had only ridden the then Beastie and FoF when my cousin lied to me and told me FoF wasn't a coaster until we were sitting in the train...it would take 11 years after that before I got on a coaster again). The ride held an almost mythical place in my mind all those years. What exactly was back in those woods anyway? My first ride wasn't until 2009. I had conquered my fear of coasters but this was my first time back at KI since. It was near the back of the train and it was incredible. The sensation of speed, the spectacular setting, that helix. It was an experience I won't forget. Any chance we see a return of the pawprints this year?
  21. This. (Semi-unpopular opinion alert) For example, the best coaster at CP is 325 feet shorter than the tallest. Because people.
  22. In the nicest way possible (truly), the cost for this ride will be WAY more than $100,000. Once construction, landscaping, materials, and equipment are factored in, you are looking at easily over a million. While reusing part of the dino path is certainly a possibility, they aren't going to just plop down a rail in the middle of it and call it a day. It will all be repaved. Yes, this definitely a 'small' addition in terms of cost but not $100,000 small.
  23. This seems like it would be a good addition at MiA, Dorney, maybe even VF. It looks like a fun ride but capacity is going to be a big issue.
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