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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. As much as I feel sorry for the family and the kid, I must say that he is to blame (if it's true that he was in a restricted area that was posted as such). I worked at PKI for a few years - and I have come across many people - from kids to adults - that tried to gain access to ride areas, most often to get something that fell off during the ride. Signs are posted EVERYWHERE on fences and the rules are clearly stated on the maps. If the kid got killed being where he shouldn't have been, then it's his fault. If the family sues the park and wins, it's another dumb lawsuit that is making out co
  2. It can be done, but usually isn't until end of season. I belive the spot under the tracks is used for the water circulation in the ride itself, there's another spot it goes to after it's drained from there.
  3. Line jumping is bad! I always like kicking line jumpers out of line, espcially at Tomb Raider where they can't seem to find the entrance that has a big "ENTER" sign right above it and go under the rails right at the entrance of the cave. Give me a break! Get in line and stay there, if you get out, your out. Don't take your little kids in line with you, use the parent swap. If kids have to go, then make sure they go before you get in line, or, better yet, don't buy a bunch of food and drinks and only have water between lines. Water is free and if you do it between the rides, you can survive
  4. Well, I'm not an expert in HR or staffing, so I really don't now about the hiring process... but I do know that a second wave is supposed to be happening in June. As of the rest of it... the park never every gaurentees anything will be up and running when you visit the park. Read the back of the pass... all they really have to do is open the front gates. It's all in the fine print. I'm not going to get all ****ed off about a few rides not being opened yet, and others shouldn't be either. I had a great time just riding the rides I did, and that didn't include other things like SOB or F/O.
  5. The fog wasn't working, so not all the effects were on. The lights were all working, the temple men were pounding their hands, the sounds effects were on. It was a pretty enjoyable ride. We didn't get on it until around 6 or 6:30 in the evening, too. It should just be a simple flip of a switch somewhere to turn those things on, maybe the ride ops just forgot during the daily startups?
  6. I've worked Security the pass 5 years. It's probably the most fun I've had at a job. You get to see the best and worse in people. It's also been a great oppertunity for me to grow as a person and the training and skills I learning working in Security has helped me out in other jobs. The other Security officers are great and I'm going to miss them. It's the best place to work in the park! It was hard to let go, but I've got a full time tech job now and it pays great and the benefits rock. I'm also finishing school, so I really don't have the time. I've worked 7 days a week before in the past an
  7. Wow, people are picky. It's the beginning of the season for crying out loud! It's not like everything can be up and running and open with a snap of a finger. Most of the higher probably isn't even done yet and a lot of kids are still in school. They are going to be doing a "second round" of start ups in June for new employees instead of getting everyone in at the beginning of the season too. That should help keep some costs down b/c they don't have to over staff for training purposes and they can probably count on less employee burnout as well. Give the park a break! It's the beginning of the
  8. Wow, so today was the first day in 5 years that I have come into the park through the front gates... which was very, very strange! It also took me some will power not to tell people what to do (smoking in certain areas, not carring beer, etc.), I was there to enjoy myself and make sure my nephew had a great time too! My nephew is 8, and he wanted to check out the Nick Universe first. He rode on Fairy Odd Parents (Beastie but without the tunnel!), then we went over to Avitar and we rode that. That was a great ride, a lot of fun! We then went to see Sponge Bob, Dora, Wanda, and Jimmy. After th
  9. SOB is a rough ride. I know it, I've riden it. I won't ride it again. There are also numerous warnings about it being rough... the signs and the audio warnings. If people don't listen, it's their fault. Besides, the rides have to be inspected and deemed safe by the state every year. If it fails inspection, it has to pass before it can open. As of safty... Parents need to keep track of their kids better! The park is just a huge baby sitter. Parents leave their childern - 5-12 years old, in the park by themselves all the time. They also trust teenagers to look after their younger siblings w
  10. If all the lights were up all the way it would be really bright in there! The main reason is for the projectors. You can't see them if the lights are on. It also used to have a show in there while people ate, but they haven't had a show in the Festhaus for a long time. That will change with WinterFest though! As of the "back room" guests are not allowed there, so don't even try!
  11. Our group got stuck in the Maze of Madness, and eventually got seperated inside. It was interesting! I wish I would have gone through some more... I didn't really like Fear Street. The train would have been great to ride! Maybe later this month I'll get a chance to go and experience it.
  12. I emailed Tom at Chan. 5 and gave him the link to the thread. His response was this: "Thanks, George. It's TV, what can I say!. TS" Just thought I would add that...
  13. I loved riding the train b/c of the cowboys and indians! They were all live actors, it was great! There were a couple of animatronics too, but it really made the train ride something great! I don't remember the train stopping though...
  14. You know, I have to wonder something: The park has been closed since Labor Day. It's been private parties with all the big companies coming in since... so is this guy one of the guests that came in with a company? Or did it really take this long for him to get the tickets from the park? He might have come on a day that was sold out, and the public couldn't come in and got even more ****ed? Who knows... this isn't something to whine to the news about though. What a wussy! Chalk it up to a simple mistake and leave it alone.
  15. http://www.channelcincinnati.com/sussirepo...966/detail.html There is the link for the report.
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