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  1. As much as I feel sorry for the family and the kid, I must say that he is to blame (if it's true that he was in a restricted area that was posted as such). I worked at PKI for a few years - and I have come across many people - from kids to adults - that tried to gain access to ride areas, most often to get something that fell off during the ride. Signs are posted EVERYWHERE on fences and the rules are clearly stated on the maps. If the kid got killed being where he shouldn't have been, then it's his fault. If the family sues the park and wins, it's another dumb lawsuit that is making out coutry look bad. It would be the same type of suit as the idiot lady who sued McD's when she spilled coffee on her self "Well I didn't know it would be hot coffee!". The family will try everything, I'm sure, to blam the park. They should just be told to buzz off. No jury (or judge) in their right mind would ever give the family anything if a kid was in a restricted area when they shouldn't have been.
  2. It can be done, but usually isn't until end of season. I belive the spot under the tracks is used for the water circulation in the ride itself, there's another spot it goes to after it's drained from there.
  3. Line jumping is bad! I always like kicking line jumpers out of line, espcially at Tomb Raider where they can't seem to find the entrance that has a big "ENTER" sign right above it and go under the rails right at the entrance of the cave. Give me a break! Get in line and stay there, if you get out, your out. Don't take your little kids in line with you, use the parent swap. If kids have to go, then make sure they go before you get in line, or, better yet, don't buy a bunch of food and drinks and only have water between lines. Water is free and if you do it between the rides, you can survive better. I usually always complain about line jumpers and will get ticked if the employees don't do their job and kick them out after I complain. Then I complain to GR about it. If people can't follow rules, then don't go...
  4. Well, I'm not an expert in HR or staffing, so I really don't now about the hiring process... but I do know that a second wave is supposed to be happening in June. As of the rest of it... the park never every gaurentees anything will be up and running when you visit the park. Read the back of the pass... all they really have to do is open the front gates. It's all in the fine print. I'm not going to get all ****ed off about a few rides not being opened yet, and others shouldn't be either. I had a great time just riding the rides I did, and that didn't include other things like SOB or F/O. My day isn't ruined because one or two rides are down. If people are going to be that picky about needing all rides up and running at all times, then they should just stop going to any park. It's doable, but not always possible. There will be down times, all year long, beginning, middle and end. Deal with it. The park has usually always opened in April, for as long as I can remember. I also remember the park opening when the wind chills have been below zero with freezing rains, so weather is a factor, but it's probably not the biggest.
  5. The fog wasn't working, so not all the effects were on. The lights were all working, the temple men were pounding their hands, the sounds effects were on. It was a pretty enjoyable ride. We didn't get on it until around 6 or 6:30 in the evening, too. It should just be a simple flip of a switch somewhere to turn those things on, maybe the ride ops just forgot during the daily startups?
  6. I've worked Security the pass 5 years. It's probably the most fun I've had at a job. You get to see the best and worse in people. It's also been a great oppertunity for me to grow as a person and the training and skills I learning working in Security has helped me out in other jobs. The other Security officers are great and I'm going to miss them. It's the best place to work in the park! It was hard to let go, but I've got a full time tech job now and it pays great and the benefits rock. I'm also finishing school, so I really don't have the time. I've worked 7 days a week before in the past and I hated it. I need more time this year for me and my girlfriend and I really want that to happen. So, no PKI this summer.
  7. Wow, people are picky. It's the beginning of the season for crying out loud! It's not like everything can be up and running and open with a snap of a finger. Most of the higher probably isn't even done yet and a lot of kids are still in school. They are going to be doing a "second round" of start ups in June for new employees instead of getting everyone in at the beginning of the season too. That should help keep some costs down b/c they don't have to over staff for training purposes and they can probably count on less employee burnout as well. Give the park a break! It's the beginning of the season, it's not supposed to be perfect right off The Bat. Geezs...
  8. Wow, so today was the first day in 5 years that I have come into the park through the front gates... which was very, very strange! It also took me some will power not to tell people what to do (smoking in certain areas, not carring beer, etc.), I was there to enjoy myself and make sure my nephew had a great time too! My nephew is 8, and he wanted to check out the Nick Universe first. He rode on Fairy Odd Parents (Beastie but without the tunnel!), then we went over to Avitar and we rode that. That was a great ride, a lot of fun! We then went to see Sponge Bob, Dora, Wanda, and Jimmy. After that we headed for Reptar, rode in the very back. From there we went to the new Danny Phantom ride. My nephew got a kick out of that because you have to lay down to ride it. I passed on that ride. From there we went to The Beast. This was the first time my nephew has been tall enough to ride it, and he LOVED it! He was amazed at how long it was and how tall. It was really rough, though. I got bumped and jerked around a lot more than I remember it being and it reminded me of SOB instead of The Beast. I hope it gets a little smoother through the season. From The Beast we went to Vortex, also a first for my nephew. He has never riden anything that went upside down. It was also the first time in years that I have riden it. It was a great ride! Love the air time, but I should have paid more attention to where I sat and got the front of a car instead of the back... I need the leg room! From Vortex we went to the FX Theater and watched the HB show. It would have been a lot better in 3D, and the plot was really silly. I still wish that they would bring back Days of Thunder in there. Anyway, my nephew enjoyed it, and that's what counts. From there we went back to The Beast for a second ride, still rough even though I moved us to the middle instead of the back where we rode the first time. He still loved it, and his picture came out better this time b/c he was looking for the camera. From there we went to Adventure Express... and all the effects worked! I love that ride, more so now that all the effects are working. Next stop was SOB, which was closed, so we went to Top Gun. Same old ride, but the scenery changed with all the construction next door. That made it interesting... After that my nephew beat me at Action Blast twice and got a turtle. I stopped at two times b/c I was afraid the biggest turtle was too big and that his mother would fuss at me for letting him bring that home. All in all it was a great time. Most of the rides were walk ons except for the Nick rides, and the staff was really good. Next time I go I'll have to get my pass procesed. I'm sure I'll be there off and on all year.
  9. SOB is a rough ride. I know it, I've riden it. I won't ride it again. There are also numerous warnings about it being rough... the signs and the audio warnings. If people don't listen, it's their fault. Besides, the rides have to be inspected and deemed safe by the state every year. If it fails inspection, it has to pass before it can open. As of safty... Parents need to keep track of their kids better! The park is just a huge baby sitter. Parents leave their childern - 5-12 years old, in the park by themselves all the time. They also trust teenagers to look after their younger siblings while the parents ride rides. No wonder kids get lost! Parents need to do a better job looking after their kids. Now, if they do get lost, there are numerous things that start to happen and the kids are always reunited. If someone wants to talk saftey, then they need to tell the parents to follow the rules - especially in Nick Central. The rides there are dangerous still, but parents insist on going into the ride areas to pick up lost hats or other articles, even after being told not to. What idiots! Taxi Jam was the worst for it... parents seem to be drawn into it. How stupid can they be? Also, they need to quit trying to put their kids in danger by throwing their own fits about their kids being too short to ride rides. They will yell, scream and threaten to try and get their kids on a ride they are too short to ride and just end up with passes taken away and kicked out of the park. Again, what idiots! One has to wonder how their kids will grow up and act...
  10. If all the lights were up all the way it would be really bright in there! The main reason is for the projectors. You can't see them if the lights are on. It also used to have a show in there while people ate, but they haven't had a show in the Festhaus for a long time. That will change with WinterFest though! As of the "back room" guests are not allowed there, so don't even try!
  11. Our group got stuck in the Maze of Madness, and eventually got seperated inside. It was interesting! I wish I would have gone through some more... I didn't really like Fear Street. The train would have been great to ride! Maybe later this month I'll get a chance to go and experience it.
  12. I emailed Tom at Chan. 5 and gave him the link to the thread. His response was this: "Thanks, George. It's TV, what can I say!. TS" Just thought I would add that...
  13. I loved riding the train b/c of the cowboys and indians! They were all live actors, it was great! There were a couple of animatronics too, but it really made the train ride something great! I don't remember the train stopping though...
  14. You know, I have to wonder something: The park has been closed since Labor Day. It's been private parties with all the big companies coming in since... so is this guy one of the guests that came in with a company? Or did it really take this long for him to get the tickets from the park? He might have come on a day that was sold out, and the public couldn't come in and got even more ****ed? Who knows... this isn't something to whine to the news about though. What a wussy! Chalk it up to a simple mistake and leave it alone.
  15. http://www.channelcincinnati.com/sussirepo...966/detail.html There is the link for the report.
  16. I don't think It's Fried sells the cookies. There used to be a Sweet Treats where Subway was at that might have. I haven't seen the cookies since they removed the French Bakery.
  17. It's not worth it to try to get into the park in September unless you are with the companies that bought it out. It's a sellout and it's posted everywhere that it's closed to the public, so there really is no excuse to showing up. Even the marquee out side says "Park Closed Today, Private Event". Did you happen to see the sky diver on 9-11? It was pretty cool. The park played Lee Greenwood and the guy jumped out of the plan with a big red smoke trail following him and he unravlled the flag and landed behind the Tower. It was really neat to see.
  18. Drink lots of water! Glasses of ice and ice water are free at the food stands if you ask for it. It's just a small Coke cup, but still! You should also eat at least something, like a bag of chips, while you are in the heat. Not eating and drinking will cause you to go down in no time with this heat. Don't forget to relax in the stores or find a ride that is air conditioned (like TR and FoF), or sit inside Festhaus. Cool down often! You can eat and drink in the ride lines too, just throw it away when you get to the station.
  19. I let Di write out the TR, so there really isn't anything to add. I did have a blast and the rides were really cool. We didn't get any flats in, although Chaos looked like fun. We also never found a ride with "Witch" in it... I kepted seeing the name, but never found the ride. Oh well. It would be great to go up again and maybe stay a couple days instead of just one. There name tags are pretty cool. They are color coded like ours, but they have much more detail, like where their hometowns are, or where they go to college. It also has the number of seasons they have worked in the park, which Di and I thought was a great idea that PKI needs to pick up on. The name tags have just a first name on them for regular employees, managers and I think sups, get their full names printed on them. Full timers get their full names and a different color and people that have been there for 25 years or more get a cool looking gold name tag. I also love the Peanuts gang, so Camp Snoopy was awsome! I wish I could have gotten my picture taken with the entire Peanuts gang. Maybe next time...
  20. You can only win large prizes too from what I understand... and it's supposed to be the largest of that kind of game in the world
  21. Every season the games department has a guy vs. girl event. It's a two day thing where the guys work one day and the girls work the next and they see who can bring in more money. The girls won for something like 6 years in a row untill last year when the guys finally won. I'm not sure who won this time around...
  22. The tickets should go away this weekend when the ride opens officially. Part of the tickets was that they wanted to get as many people on it without having the long lines that a new ride usually gets. Hopefully the plan worked and the people that have ridden it a million times already (including some employees...) will give it up for the ones that haven't had a chance to ride it yet. From what I have seen, the ride line goes pretty quick, and I hope it stays that way.
  23. Maybe they just need to hire a couple more people to babysit the exit of the ride (before they leave the arcade) to take them away... although the shock idea is pretty cool too! Maybe we could use that for the que line railing too?
  24. Great Wolf Lodge was announced last year. It will not be managed by PKI, and it will probably have nothing to do with Paramount themeing. It's also supposed to be an expensive place to stay, not for an ordinary guest or family. It's aimed toward big meetings, conferences, and business people with families who have to come into this area. At least that is what I understood of it from last years information. Things can change...
  25. I forgot the DJ's name, but they were announcing it on Q102. I get to work all night! Hopefully it will be a nice quiet one, so everyone behave!
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