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  1. Looks like this is an attempt to get back in the good graces of Cedar Fair from nearly all parties. The Images Gallery on Interlaced Productions' website exclusively features photos from the old Iron Dragon midway show at Cedar Point.
  2. I don't know about supports, but I know that some rails on Vortex have been replaced. Magnum too, I think. If roller coaster are designed like bridges, the number of loading cycles to which the structure is subjected will be taken into consideration. It is possible to design a structure in such a way that, theoretically, it can be subjected to an infinite number of cycles without fatigue becoming a problem. But, as others have said, there's really no incentive for parks to pay for a ride that will literally last a lifetime. Vortex will be replaced at some point, but not because of poor design. Either the ride will come to the end of its design life, or its marketable life. In the end, it comes down to money, and the point at which it no longer makes sense for the park to maintain the ride.
  3. I think this reveals a number of holes in Kings Island's operations, and poor public relations. If there was no policy change and the child was previously allowed to ride, the park needs to do a much better job training its employees, especially ride operators. The park is incredibly lucky there wasn't a serious accident during the boy's previous trips to the park. With unclear and legalistic ride admission policies, it's up to the park to ensure that its employees can implement all safety requirements. Based on this case, it doesn't appear this was adequately done in the past. Regarding public relations, I'll give Kings Island the benefit of the doubt and assume the mother misunderstood when the park allegedly accused her of using a forgery. But this? This response, if quoted correctly, is completely unacceptable in my opinion. I generally dislike the corporate-speak we normally see in statements regarding accidents (where nothing is really said, and the public is left to their own devices to come up with an interpretation of events) but to accuse a customer of lying, especially one who probably has the benefit of public opinion, is a major misstep. While this incident should not have happened in the first place, I'm sorry Kings Island has to deal with the Legal Director of Disability Rights Ohio. Here's hoping her initial statements were just a knee-jerk reaction, and she'll do some research on ride safety before making any more misguided comments.
  4. I don't think it's fair to compare Intamin and Arrow Dynamics. Arrow failed because, for whatever reason, they did not respond quickly enough to the market's demand for more innovative and comfortable rides (I would imagine being the industry leader for some time had something to do with this). As far as I know, though, their rides are generally reliable and safe. Intamin, which is arguably the most innovative coaster design firm today, produces unreliable and comparatively unsafe rides. They are two very different firms that failed (are failing?) for very different reasons.
  5. So has the black and white "The Bat" image on the KIC homepage been discussed?
  6. SPOILER The Professional Engineer's stamp shown in the video is legitimate. A search for Daniel Peak results in an active license.
  7. "Concrete" is most definitely not "concrete." It is a highly variable artificial stone that can be designed in any number of ways to accommodate different environments and loads.
  8. Thanks for those great photos, and a great report! Tokyo Disney Resort really is fantastic. I had the opportunity to work for one of the engineering and constructions firms that helped design and build Tokyo Disney Sea. I can't remember exactly, but I was told the guard rails alone through Mysterious Island cost around $300 a foot. Also, the massive animatronics in Mediterranean Harbor that are the stars of the nightly show at Disney Sea are so complex they were designed by a department that normally focuses on nuclear power plants. Enjoy your time in Tokyo! It's an awesome city in an amazing country!
  9. Has anyone had a chance to try out the new Splash River? Based on the photos, it doesn't look like they really did much as far as improvements.
  10. Has anyone else had problems with the KIC front page? Whether I'm on PC or Mac, using various browsers, there is "code" above each news topic, and above the list of latest forum posts. Just wanted to point that out.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one that feels this way. Cedar Point's version, while not truly spectacular, is much better than that at Kings Island. With the trees and secluded nature of Frontier Trail, it adds a nice ambiance to the area. Cardboard cutouts and burnt out LEDs on a poorly vegetated path, however, just don't cut it. It was nice its first year, especially with the Tower's lighting package, but with no upgrades (or even maintenance, apparently) KI's Starlight is a waste of energy. , on the other hand, is awesome.
  12. The conditions of the figures aside, what other effects went missing through the years? I can remember the effects lost on Flight of Fear, Tomb Raider, and Italian Job, but while I did ride PT its opening season, I was only five at the time. Thanks!
  13. Since the entire ride experience (not just the Tomb Raider aspect, but the sequence, effects, and general theme as well) is patented, it doesn't surprise me that Cedar Fair removed the vast majority of themeing from the ride.
  14. Enthusiasts are dissappointed and teenagers couldn't be angrier (based on the park's Facebook page). Looks like Kings Island is still headed in the right direction!
  15. After watching that video, I wouldn't be surprised if additional modifications were made to WindSeeker to reduce the movement of the arms. At the very minimum, I hope they would reduce the wind speed at which the ride can operate. Those seats appeared to get awfully close to one another, which I imagine could result in injuries.
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