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  1. I'm thinking about getting there around 9 am... I dont mind waiting for a free t-shirt...
  2. I'm sure its here and I just couldn't find it in any of my searches. But what are the Plans for Opening day. I was at Opening day for Diamondback. I was one of the first 20 or so cars in the parking lot. We were waiting right off of Kings Island Drive for the gate to be open. But that was a Saturday Early in the morning... With the Park opening at 12:00 on a Friday. I was wondering if anyone would share some incite into their plans. Honestly I'd get to the park at 9:00 am if I though it would get me in line quickly Ill take the whole day off if I must.
  3. I have friend of mine is going through a divorce and has the passes for her 3 girls... She let there "Father" take them to Kings Island this weekend but he conveniently "forgot" to give the passes back... so my question is.. Is there a way without buying 2 passes to have 2 passes for 1 kid? so he could keep one and She could keep one? Thanks in advance! ChazyG
  4. yeah called park and that's what they told me...
  5. Yeah i was on the contact us page I just wanted a number to call so i could complete the process.
  6. My Son is currently 2 years old. He turns 3 on jun 4th... I was just getting ready to buy passes when i noticed that he should still get in "Free" until 3. a co-worker said that if he is 2 at the time you buy passes he should get in free for the year? I know the general answer to this sort of question is "call the park" but i have been unable to locate a phone number. if someone knows the answer or has a phone number I would appreciate it! thanks
  7. I'm going to look at doing it but I'm going to have to wait until after opening day to do it... I need to make sure I can ride on The Racer... I don't usually have a problem on it but i may have put on a little more winter weight than usual this year... once i know i can ride ill be in!
  8. Depending on what ride. I may be in on this one as well! I know its most likely The Racer but if its db I am so in...
  9. We always have people with us who don't ride so I have never tried to get in line with them... But they do have lockers right there so I imagine you would need to...
  10. I re-filled my diamond back cup at Cedar Point and Kings Dominion with out even being questioned about it... while the girl at Cedar Point was filling it she asked where Kings Island was... but had no hesitation on filling it up...
  11. If they were to put in another wave pool id like to see one like typhoon lagoon! I loved body surfing in that thing!
  12. Found this in my youtube.com suggestions thought i would share! Looks like fun!!!
  13. http://news.yahoo.com/gay-couple-asked-reverse-shirt-dollywood-200120079.html
  14. ^^ yeah i had a print on my screen yesterday because of that thing! lol glad im not the only one!
  15. Yeah been there till close many a nights!
  16. So how is KI looking today (july 3rd) thinking about heading up...
  17. http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/local_news/kings-island-among-top-searched-4th-of-july-destinations
  18. Yeah I'm with you... As we were walking up to ride i overheard a conversation with two girls one asking what wind seeker was? I mean you are here for ERT and you don't know what your riding? I know you have heard of Google?
  19. My wife has the same problem shes not big in the belly more the backside since she had our child she has been unable to ride Diamondback as well
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