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  1. It is a safety hazard to the guest and actors.
  2. exscream team

    By 2035 Kings Island Will Have What?

    Restrooms in X Base
  3. exscream team

    Haunt Expectations

    Its not an issue paying staff its an issue getting people who want to work.
  4. exscream team

    Kings Mills Antique Autos Path Discussion

    I hate looking at the Kill Mart building as much as I hate looking at Jukebox Diner in my opinion both of those buildings must go
  5. Time for metal detectors in line
  6. exscream team

    What are Kings Islands Plans after Mystic Timbers?

    To make a profit
  7. At another park because I don't want one at Kings Island
  8. exscream team

    Most Underrated Amusement Park

    Strickers Grove
  9. That wouldn't be me would it
  10. exscream team

    Does Anybody Remember The Old Nickelodeon Store On International Street?

    Ya I do I remember trick or treating in there one year. I believe the NICK store was in the former Thrillseekers location.
  11. exscream team

    Which coaster do you want to come next.

    Compact wooden twister by GCI
  12. exscream team

    Ghosts at Great Wolf Lodge?

    Well that's because my snoring scared them off
  13. exscream team

    King Cobras trains arrive at Kings Dominion

    I'd prefer Skyrider