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  1. Intamin inverted coaster 178 foot drop into a tunnel 1 loop 1 diving loop 1 inclined loop 2 Zero G role 1 Immelmann loop 2 low speed Heartline rolls onto final brake run. 3,880 Feet long.
  2. Who said it has to be Unique? As long as its new and shiny it will get peoples attention. I would think that it should be considering it is replacing a very high profile ride that was itself very unique even if it was a failure. I dont think it needs to be unique though, I think we need a new coaster with some loops. Kings Island has only added one coaster that has had multiple loops in the last 13 years and that was Firehawk.
  3. Who said it has to be Unique? As long as its new and shiny it will get peoples attention.
  4. Don't forget about Invertigo.
  5. New red paver in Action Zone? They could be wanting to renovate Action Zone instead of re theming it. Might even be why they removed the water tower.
  6. Why not add $50 to the admission and everyone get the Fast Pass?
  7. Maybe they will be closing Action Theater all together and the queue for WindSeeker will start next to Vortex and connect to WindSeeker from behind.
  8. The spot where the train entered the station is blocked by plywood and a fence. Couldn't see the side of the station where the trains left. Thanks. I had a crazy theory that they were hiding a new train for testing in there, but I really doubt it
  9. Was there an opining in the wall for were the train exits the stations like the one were the train enters the station?
  10. I was wondering if anyone has ridden a Huss Topple Tower? They look cool, but I was wondering if there anything special.
  11. I was at the park yesterday and noticed more of these covers to the right of the best queue and one other next to the queue for Backlot Stunt Coaster. I also noticed that they are not sewer vents they are plastic covers covering footers some of the covers are easy to move up a little and others I was able to take off the footers all the way. I also noticed that most of the footers are old but there were a Couple footers that i have never seen before and looked new so Kings Island might be adding new items to some of the queues.
  12. I was at the park yesterday and Diamondbacks line was full.
  13. If Cedar Fair closes California's great America Kings Island should get the flying eagles and put it in Coney Island and their Enterprise for X-Base.
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