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  1. Intamin inverted coaster 178 foot drop into a tunnel 1 loop 1 diving loop 1 inclined loop 2 Zero G role 1 Immelmann loop 2 low speed Heartline rolls onto final brake run. 3,880 Feet long.
  2. Who said it has to be Unique? As long as its new and shiny it will get peoples attention. I would think that it should be considering it is replacing a very high profile ride that was itself very unique even if it was a failure. I dont think it needs to be unique though, I think we need a new coaster with some loops. Kings Island has only added one coaster that has had multiple loops in the last 13 years and that was Firehawk.
  3. Who said it has to be Unique? As long as its new and shiny it will get peoples attention.
  4. Don't forget about Invertigo.
  5. New red paver in Action Zone? They could be wanting to renovate Action Zone instead of re theming it. Might even be why they removed the water tower.
  6. Why not add $50 to the admission and everyone get the Fast Pass?
  7. Maybe they will be closing Action Theater all together and the queue for WindSeeker will start next to Vortex and connect to WindSeeker from behind.
  8. The spot where the train entered the station is blocked by plywood and a fence. Couldn't see the side of the station where the trains left. Thanks. I had a crazy theory that they were hiding a new train for testing in there, but I really doubt it
  9. Was there an opining in the wall for were the train exits the stations like the one were the train enters the station?
  10. I was wondering if anyone has ridden a Huss Topple Tower? They look cool, but I was wondering if there anything special.
  11. I was at the park yesterday and noticed more of these covers to the right of the best queue and one other next to the queue for Backlot Stunt Coaster. I also noticed that they are not sewer vents they are plastic covers covering footers some of the covers are easy to move up a little and others I was able to take off the footers all the way. I also noticed that most of the footers are old but there were a Couple footers that i have never seen before and looked new so Kings Island might be adding new items to some of the queues.
  12. I was at the park yesterday and Diamondbacks line was full.
  13. If Cedar Fair closes California's great America Kings Island should get the flying eagles and put it in Coney Island and their Enterprise for X-Base.
  14. I found this on Google and thought it was interesting http://www.cleveland.com/datacentral/index.ssf/2010/05/theme_park_rankings_kings_isla.html
  15. Oops I thought that was Sundays.
  16. Below are the questions selected for Monday's 5@5 mailbag: Lisa Miller Maynard – We bought the bucket of cotton candy where you can get refilled for $1.99, is it like the cups you can bring on your next visit to the park and get refilled for the refill price? We were there Saturday, and my 3 year twins loved Planet Snoopy! Lisa, your cotton candy bucket is good for refills for just $1.99 all season long. A popcorn bucket is also new this year. Great to hear your twins had a great time in Planet Snoopy. Did they meet Snoopy? ------------------------------ Travis Nuss – Why are you closed for a week or two before Halloween Haunt? The park is closed for a private event the two weekends before Halloween Haunt begins. Private events have been held at the park in September since the park opened in 1972. ------------------------------ Zach Clapper – Will any Bengals players be visiting the park this year? The new draft picks would be cool to meet. Several players will be visiting the park this year, but as of right now not as part of a "Bengals Day" event like we have with the Reds and UC sports programs. When most of the players are in town they're at rookie camp, mini-camp, or the regular training camp in Georgetown, Ky. Last year kicker Shayne Graham and safety Roy Williams were among the players that visited the park. ------------------------------ Ray Osburn – I can think of three past rides that have a small visible piece of them left behind. I look at it as a neat historical aspect of the park. I have seen concrete footings still in tact from The Bat, King Cobra, and the old Sky Ride. So my question is: are there any other past rides/attractions that still have a presence in the park that can be seen with a careful eye? Ray, there are a few more traces of past rides than the ones you have mentioned. I don't want to give it away where they all are but for starters you can find three of them in Coney Mall. Let us know if you found any of them after your next visit. ------------------------------ . Derrike Marksberry – so not really anything to do with Kings Island, but i was wondering if you got to catch snl with betty white hosting, if you did, did you enjoy it? what was your favorite skit? mine was the opening skit. I normally don't watch SNL as it comes on the same time as SportsCenter on ESPN, but I did happen to see the show with Betty White hosting. It's hard to believe she's only 88. She seems older than that. I remember when she was on Match Game and played the role of Sue Ann Nivens on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. I did enjoy the show and also thought the first skit was the best. She'd be fun to ride Diamondback with. http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=155893938367
  17. Fresh pain? Oh, my. Terpy, who keeps thinking of waterparks and wedgies after that particular line... My fault I meant paint
  18. If we are not getting a new ride in 2011 why would they go ahead and add starlight experience. If there was nothing planed for 2011 I would think that they would add starlight experience next year and use it as a new attraction on there ad campaign. So I think we are getting a some new water slides and fresh pain in Boomerang Bay for 2011.
  19. Our answers to your questions for Friday's 5@5 Mailbag: Stan Byme - Not counting the arcade games, which Coney Mall game seems to be the most popular? I like these kinds of questions. I don’t know the answers so I have to dig a bit…your answer is: 3pt Challenge. Followed by Bank-a-Ball. ------------------------------ Nick Honea - Why are the coasters listed under Thrill Rides (Family Rides for AE and BLSC; Planet Snoopy for Woodstock Express, FAAC, Great Pumpkin Coaster, and Surf Dog) and not a page called "Roller Coasters" like Cedar Point and Carowinds? It’s a park-to-park thing. We felt it was better to categorize by Thrill Rides or Family Rides. Ride On. Or Fun & Only. We gave Planet Snoopy its own tab because it’s the new thing. Personal preference. Doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong. ------------------------------ David McPeak - What is the biggest challenge for running an amusement park? Our first priority is safety. Everything else is secondary. A lot of people come through our gates each year and keeping them safe is job one. Then we need to make sure they are happy, treated right, and enjoy a clean and memorable day. It takes a tremendous amount of work from a lot of people behind the scenes to make it all happen. It really is like running a major city. Oh yeah…and rain. ------------------------------ Brian Krosnick - A video for verification... Around 1:10. It's only a half-splashdown, but its still great! And our "aqueduct" is always filled with rain water anyways... Why not re-add the splash apparatus as they did?! I'd give you a great big hug! There are a lot of great things in this video. I might argue that the “splashdown” is not one of them. Guess you’d disagree. Next time you ride, look just to the right and you’ll see a big splashdown. Kidding aside, I will see if there are any plans to adjust this year. ------------------------------ Austin Benton - What do you love most about your job and Kings Island? Everyone has their own thing. For me it’s the fact that we can create things and see them working. We’re big enough to have great resources but small enough that each person on the team can contribute in a big way. It’s fun to come up with an idea and see it in action later. There really is a small list of people that have had the chance to do what we do at Kings Island. Sometimes forget we’re lucky to have such a cool gig. http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=155893938367
  20. Here are some answers for Friday's 5@5 mailbag: Bruce E Knolle Jr - You said before that we would be able to post our own pictures of rides and things to the new KI website and you guys might use them if you liked them. I love taking pictures of the rides at KI, when and where can I submit all my pictures? We would absolutely welcome your photos. I’d be happy to check them out and if they work for the site I’ll see that they are used. Feel free to send them to matt.shafer@visitkingsisland.com ------------------------------ Sarah Grimes - What ride do you think is the greatest draw for people to come to the park? Big, tall, fast, steel coasters work. But in my opinion, so does noise. I’m a firm believer in the theory that the more people hear “Kings Island” the better we will do. I’ve sat in lots of focus group sessions (on the other side of the mirror eating M&Ms actually). I’ve watched the moderator ask “how many people here plan on going to Kings Island?” Usually 8 or 9 hands out of 10 go up. When asked “how many people here went to KI last year?” usually half the number of hands go up. Most people intend to visit but one thing leads to another and next thing you know the season is over. Our job is to keep KI top of mind. ------------------------------ Gold / Platinum Passes Lots of good Season Pass questions so I’ll try to cover at once. If you bought a Gold Pass it comes with Free season-long parking regardless of when you bought it. You can upgrade to Gold or buy one if you still need to until May 31. After that Gold is gone for the year. At any time you can upgrade your Gold to a Platinum so you can visit and park free at any of the other Cedar Fair parks. Gold and Platinum Passholders enjoy a long list of VIP perks at KI. One of them is Early Rides every day on Diamondback & Beast. One hour early on Saturdays. 30 min early all other days. Think I got them all. ------------------------------ Nick Mahoney - Does Boo blasters on boo hill record high scores for the ride? If so what is the highest score recorded? To the best of my knowledge the ride does not record scores. I have ridden three times this year with scores ranging from 800-1200. Results not typical. I’m a professional. ------------------------------ Stan Byme - Last year I bought my toddler nephew a toy from your gift shop. A little later we were standing on the ramp watching the boats at Congo Falls...and before we could stop him he threw it into the water! (He got less than an hours use out of it.) The next visit we noticed it was gone...so my question is, how often is the water cleaned out...and how do you do it? Stuff in the water is picked out as part of our normal and ongoing cleaning process. Cleaning out the water itself is a good question and one I’m curious to find out about. You ask questions regularly (which we appreciate) so I’ll make sure to get to you when I track someone down who is smarter than me. http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=155893938367
  21. Does the Backlot Stunt Coaster look like kings dominions
  22. Another late night as we prepare for Opening Day tomorrow. Below are the questions selected for Friday's 5@5 mailbag: Zach Clapper - When do fireworks start? Do they start in the summer or opening night? We are going next Saturday and my friends have never seen the cool fireworks. Zach, fireworks are scheduled to take place every night the park closes at 10pm through Labor Day. They’ve been a tradition at closing since the Coney Island days. Where in the park do you like to watch the fireworks? ------------------------------ Nicholas Himes – Will KI ever get a sit-down restaurant? That is one thing KI really needs. Nicholas, a sit-down restaurant is something our guests have been asking for in recent years. As you said, it’s the one thing we need. It’s probably not as much a question of if we’ll ever get one, but rather when. ------------------------------ Chris Regan – Why is the policie on Diamondback different than the other coaster when it comes to kids waiting of a parent riding the ride? On others like The Beast, Vortex and son on there is a spot for the kids or they can wait on the other side of the exit. Chris, a lot of the new rides being built today do not have the kiddie corals in the station like you see in The Beast station and on some of the older coasters in the park. In fact, an increasing number of parks no longer allow guests that are not tall enough to ride to enter the line. In order to allow a child to stay in the station and wait for their parents, there has to be a secured area for them. ------------------------------ Derek Branock – Will a performer of Kings Island’s Entertainment Department be singing the National Anthem right before 10 AM like they did almost every day last season? I thought this was one great thing the park did and I looked forward to it every morning and we would love for it to continue this season! Derek, you will again see the live shows performers signing the National Anthem before the park opens. There will also be times we’ll have a special guest perform the anthem as we did on several occasions last year. We look forward to it every morning, too. ------------------------------ Mike Dahlmer – The Way Too Much TV show seems like a neat idea. Is that a new show or has it been at other parks in the chain? Way Too Much TV is a new show. It was written, directed and produced in-house. I’ve had a chance to see the show and it’s a wonderful trip down memory lane. The show engages you. It’s a lot of fun. http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=155893938367
  23. Another late night. Things should settle back to normal once we get open. And if you want to keep this going we would be happy to do it. Below are the questions selected for Thursday's 5@5 mailbag: Daniel Bruington - Will the brakes during the middle of Flight of Fear be on as hard this season as they were the last few? (It really does dampen the ride experience...) I don’t have a definite answer to that one. The brakes were on hard last year and probably will continue to be. This is to reduce wear and tear on the train. Adjustments have been made but it will most likely still be a brake. ------------------------------ Nicholas Himes - At some parks whenever you buy merchandise they will hold it for you at the main gate til you leave. Has KI ever though about doing something like this? That way people wouldn't have to hull around their purchases all day I know I have personally done this for guests when they’ve asked. Now that I think about it, I’m not sure if it was allowed or not! Seems like the right thing to do and certainly falls within our mission of guest service. I will forward this to our merchandise and guest services departments in the morning. ------------------------------ Lillian Schwartz - You had mentioned on another 5@5 that you will try to get gold pass holders in for early ride time by 9AM on Saturday. Have you ever considered letting your gold pass holders back to the Diamondback 15 minutes earlier before the early ride time starts. Just curious due to the fact that it can take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes for some park guests... See more Thanks for asking again. Hard to pick just 5 each day. Cutting out the Gator fans is an easy way for me to get the numbers down! Just kidding. There are very few days where this would be an issue. I fully expected that we would have to make adjustments like this last season with the great demand for Diamondback but we didn’t. Early rides ran very smoothly last year and it will again. Also, a lot of times we cut the morning inspections pretty close to the early ride time. There is a lot of work to get the park and rides ready each morning and the earlier we/I make the opening, the harder the job for our ops friends. ------------------------------ Vince Scott - If you could be a ride op at any ride in the park for a day, which ride would you choose? I was excited to run a ride the first time I was asked. I remember as a kid how cool I thought the guys were that hopped on the side of the Antique Cars. So that’s what I wanted to do. When they told me that same crew got to run the Bumper Cars I was IN. Ouch. I didn’t think about the fact that you had to run to each car to hop them and the bumper cars destroyed my new white shoes! Next I tried Vortex and Racer. That was 6 or 7 years ago and my back still hurts. I really appreciate the work our ride ops put in. Their jobs are fun but aren’t easy. Maybe next time I’ll go with something in Planet Snoopy! ------------------------------ Christine Salleng UmmKhaleel - Hello Again! I have a souvenir cup from last season. I was wondering if I bring this cup to the park on Saturday will I be able to get the refill discount on drinks or will it not be valid since its from last season? Its the medium souvenir cup that says fear the four and has The Beast, Vortex, Firehawk, and Son of Beast on the cup. Thanks for the help! I appreciate it! Christine, I don’t think we refill previous years cups but I know we will have that cup again this season so how would we know? I just texted our F&B director to get you a straight answer since you’ve asked a couple of times and are coming on Saturday. I will post his answer below for you. I saw the new Snoopy cup and hear they are changing the Diamondback cup design a bit so you may want to pick up a new one anyway. I’m sure he’d appreciate me plugging the new ones! See you Saturday!
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