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  1. They dont like us talking about this topic. They have deleted topics on smoking before.
  2. Below you'll find the questions selected for Saturday's 5@5. Christine Salleng Ummkhaleel – Which ride has given the most rides to visitors in park history? Christine, The Racer has given the most rides in park history with 93,708,749, followed by the Kings Island & Miami Valley Railroad at 46,035,096 and Beast at 44,035,096. Ben Kendrick – How crazy of a day is it on Opening Day? Is it a really busy day? Ben, historically Opening Day has been a great day to visit the park. Last year, for example, everyone wanted to ride Diamondback on Opening Day (and for good reason), but the wait for most of the other rides in the park for most of the day was around 10 minutes. By mid day, the line for Diamondback was less than an hour. Weekends in April and May are great times to go if you’re looking to rack up a lot of rides. Ryan Suhr – Snoopy has come out of hiding several times in the weeks leading up to Opening Day for things such as the Reds’ opening day and appearances at such places as Children’s Hospital. Is this something that is being done to promote Planet Snoopy or should we expect to see everyone’s favorite beagle around the city in the future? Ryan, you can expect to see Snoopy out in the community on a daily basis throughout the year, including visits at schools, libraries ad bookstores through our Read & Ride with Snoopy program. Brad Purdue – What ride created the most increase in park attendance its opening year? Brad, The Beast was the ride that had the greatest impact over the years for the park. There had never been anything like it. It made Kings Island a destination place in the amusement and theme park industry. Mike Dahlmer – Hey Don – since you were at Carowinds for their opening weekend and got to ride their Intimidator, we need a verdict. Which is better in your opinion, Diamondback or Intimidator? Mike, I’ve been asked this question a lot. Their similarities are different. Both are fantastic rides! Intimidator is closer to Nitro than Diamondback. There are elements of each ride that I like over the other. I really liked the angle of the second drop and the turnaround on Intimidator. I like the airtime on Diamondback, the second drop and the splashdown effect. Overall: Advantage Diamondback! http://www.facebook.com/notes.php?id=155893938367
  3. You do realize that they will delete this forum.
  4. pat


    I only get to go to Kings Island once or twice a year and I was wondering which row on Diamondback will give me the most intense ride?
  5. I was riding Flight Deck with my friend and going down the first hill I heard my friend make a strange noise and then spit something out after we got to brake run he told me that he took a cicada to the mouth.
  6. Below are the questions selected for Friday's 5@5 mailbag: Q: Austin Benton - Will there still be character breakfast this year? and any hints as to when we get to enjoy the amazing new website? A: Yes, there will be a character breakfast this year with the PEANUTS Gang in the International Restaurant located at the front gate. It's a great way for families to start their day at the park. As for the website, it's going to take some time to build it. --------------------------- Q: Kyle Erbskorn - Is there any truth to the rumor about The Vortex sinking? A: Next question. --------------------------- Q: David McPeak - Who makes the decision on what type of attractions or live shows Kings Island gets? Is it Cedar Fair or is it a team at Kings Island? A: It's a combination of both Cedar Fair and the management team at the park. Most of our live shows the past two years have been written in house, including three of the shows you'll see this season: Down Home Country, Way Too Much TV and Don't Stop the Music. --------------------------- Q: Aaron Richmann - Question 1: In Planet Snoopy, how longs does it usually take to transform a ride from one theme to another? Question 2: How do you choose a theme for new rides in the park? A: Good questions, Aaron. In Planet Snoopy, it's going to be about a six month project to give the area a fresh new look with a timeless classic. This includes having the new ride signs made and the painting of the rides, ride stations and buildings. It takes several weeks to paint some of the rides such as Woodstock Express. Others may only take 2-3 days to paint. As for choosing a theme for new rides in the park, a lot of it has to do with what kind of ride it is and where in the park it might be located. ---------------------------- Q: Rain Blanken - Any tips on how to get kids excited about the new Planet Snoopy area? My kids and I are looking forward to it, but it is unrealistic to assume that all kids will be delighted with the switch. Kids these days aren't as familiar with Snoopy as they are Sponge Bob. Parents may be well advised to help get the kids excited about the new area to avoid any disappointment when the kids arrive and see that the Nick Universe has been replaced. Besides watching the PEANUTS specials, what are some ways you can suggest to get the kids excited for Snoopy? A: You know, Rain, it's interesting. You hear some people claim that kids today don't know who Snoopy is but then when you take him out for an appearance, not only do kids know who Snoopy is, they also know who his friends are (Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Woodstock). Many of the kids Snoopy meets also seem to be aware and excited about the all-new Planet Snoopy kids' area at the park. Sure, there may be some kids that don't know who Snoopy is but most of them do based on what we've seen the past couple weeks when Snoopy has been out in the community. As for tips on how to get kids excited about Planet Snoopy, a ride on Woodstock Express, Flying Ace Aerial Chase, the Great Pumpkin Coaster, Surf Dog, Linus' Beatle Bugs, Sally's Sea Plane, Linus' Launcher, Charlie Brown's Wind-Up, PEANUTS 500, Snoopy vs. Red Baron, PEANUTS Off-Road Rally, Joe Cool's Dodgem School, Woodstock's Whirlybirds, Snoopy's Junction and Race for Your Life Charlie Brown should do the trick.
  7. pat

    GCI... KI?

    Personally I think it is too early to say where it is going to go but I hope it is KI
  8. I’m starting to doubt that this ride is supposed to be for Kings Island.
  9. I would have to agree with coaster junky the BBW site looks closer than anything that I can find but the Son of Beast can not be ruled out until there is better evidence
  10. Son of Beast is definitely not flat What I’m talking about is in the animation it looks like its at the end of a valley but the Son of Beast is in the middle of a valley. but looking at the animation and Google earth I think that if this is at Kings Island it is on the other side of flight deck station but I’m not positive that the valley is big enough to fit the coaster
  11. I’m probably wrong but the terrain looks more like the terrain under flight deck
  12. Someone posted the names for Planet Snoopy at Kings Island on Wikipedia
  13. Yes I do know that Cedar Fair is in debt but I was jus talking about what I wood like to see sorry if it came out as that’s what is going to happen
  14. I heard something about a starlight experience in the garden area next to the carousel or one in the garden at the front of the park which is kind of cool.
  15. Lets Talk about what ride or rides that Kings Island should get for the 2011 season.
  16. pat

    Backwards Racer

    Sadly I have never rode The Racer backwards But I have heard that it was very fun and I wish they would change it back.
  17. Ok here’s what I say because kings dominion just got a intamin ag there are probity more to come. So I say that the park will buy a inverted Impulse coaster like Wicked Twister at Cedar Point for $9 million it will be the expansion on to X Base that so many people want. And for 2012 another intamin ag one like Fahrenheit at Hersheypark. It will probity cost 12-14 million depending on how big it would be. To me that would be the way to go.
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