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  1. OK...there were times when the elevator would stop just as it started it's transit. This usually meant that guests would have to unload by stepping up or down to either the platform or mother earth respectively. The Tower was frequently broke down during those years... One bad scenario I remember was what we called a "vator to vator transfer". The problem was that one elevator's doors would absolutely not open to let folks out. To do this involved putting the els into manual operation and lining them up vertically. Then opening the small glass door that is opposite the exit doors on both elevators you would place a board (and some little metal telescoping rails) between the elevators to create a bridge from one to the other...luckily the space between the elevators amounts to about 1 foot and we had to do this basically at ground level. We also had some fun when we were able to access areas at the top such as the crows nest, cat walks and the engine room. There are some great stories to tell. At one point the controls were changed inside the els and many of these occurences started to tail off. Maybe Johnny had to learn the ropes.
  2. Here's a few: Normally several of the players who attend the Western-Southern Championships at The Tennis Center pop over for a visit (I run security for them). Andre Agassi (Tennis) Patrick Rafter (Tennis) Pete Sampras (Tennis) Andy Roddick (Tennis) Mandy Moore (Actress) Bridgette Wilson (Actress-Billy Madison) Don Johnson (Actor) Melanie Griffith (Actress) Calbert Cheney (NBA) There are more...
  3. WOW, this thread really went the way I thought it would! <sarcasm> I guess I am partly to blame for my somewhat cheeky response to SOB Tom. sob_rider, Ryan ...seems like we are eye to eye on this...It's alarmism! But a good legal discussion is what makes being American fun! Typically the legal route is not cost effective enough for an organization to chase around individuals (read: teens/20 somethings with shallow pockets) for damages. However, if the Cincinnati Enquirer, for example, started publishing trade secrets and PKI took issue, they may consider a call to their legal team. The feds can get involved too if a crime is commited. But this is all useless banter because 1. ofcourse nobody would divulge anything they know to be a secret and 2. any secrets you know are probably things you figured out on your own (i.e. rendering it legally no longer a trade secret) 3. only the inner sanctum knows the really juicy stuff! (e.g. Coca-Cola keeps their recipe under lock and key only to be opened by board members) On another note, I coudn't resist this... <<<The webmaster is obligated to turn over any information about a user that devulges information that should not be released.>> Obligated to whom...and by what authority. Lawsuits would fly - hopefully before and definitely - after mods gave up the goods. Then it is just like the RIAA vs. Filesharing apps. The only people who win is the lawyers. PKI hasn't lost $50B over secrets traded on this forum so they are at least better of than RIAA.Part of the joy of forums is the level of anonymity that comes with...hence their popularity. So with all that said, don't let anyone know what type of fertilizer they used on the floral clock! But definitely enjoy each other's stroies about "that crazy employee party that Richie Cunningham drank too much and puked in your mom's Riviera!" The owners of this forum have worked hard and "hey man, they don't want any trouble..." Sheesh!
  4. I guess I should clarify: I meant this would be a good place to share "your story" such as... **Hi I am John Doe. I loved working at Festhaus in 1990! Anyone else work there around this time? Remember those goofy uniforms we had to wear? Ha Ha! IM me if you did!** SOB_TOM...what kind of trouble...legal??? <snicker> Confidentiality contracts? Doesn't apply here...probably weren't invented yet. Assuming there was anything about sharing my personal stories while I was employed there, my employment agreement was etched in stone tablets many a moon ago. It is probably sand at the bottom of the ocean. No worries... For the rest of you, be careful not to divulge any trade secrets like "PKI uses white confectioner's sugar to top their funnel cakes" (GASP!) Instead stick to something harmless.
  5. This thread could be a good place to meet up and share stories or catch up with old friends...
  6. Any out there? This thread could be a place to share some stories or possibly get back in touch with old friends...
  7. The Flight Commander ride earned quite a myriad of "goof" names after that incident.
  8. Apologies ahead of time, my first post will be a lengthy one... Interesting subject here. As someone who worked on the Eiffel Tower ride for several years during college, I can vouch that Shaggy's version of Tower Johnny (not sure where Tommy came from) is the most accurate. The only difference I have heard from that version is that Johnny did not fall but was attempting to "surf" on top the elevator as it came up. Upon jumping on the top of it from the 50' level, part of his body was hanging over the side (upper part/torso??). The elevator rides about 4-6" from the steel cross-members lining the shaft...with the elevator travelling at 6 mph and the cross-members placed every~10 feet, this gave him no time to crawl completely on the top before being dismembered. Other than this variation, Shaggy's version is completely accurate according to what I heard over those years. Tower Johnny was a frequent and openly discussed/joked about subject amongst the crew. It was rumored at that time that he haunted the area around the second lift of The Beast. However, our crew was witness to several unexplained "maintenance" issues during my time there (elevators stopping for no reason, doors opening, etc.). We would sshut down and the blue shirts would come out and put oil on something and say "it's fixed now"...nobody knew what the h*ll was going on with these occurences. Suspending my disbelief in ghosts, I do think that Johnny is a kindred spirit and does not mean harm. Short of that, I think it was all just fun and games to make 12 hour-sweet-hangover-misery-filled days go by faster.
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