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  1. I'm confused. I didn't know CP had good live entertainment to begin with. Perhaps you could enlighten me.
  2. First off, there is no way Cedar Fair themed Firefall! It looks too good! As much as I'd love to see The Crypt go back to it's glory days, it sadly will never happen. In an economy where the park and company have to be very careful with how they spend money, I don't think sprucing up The Crypt sounds like a responsible use of the company's limited funds. It makes more sense for them to put money towards a new ride or experience, not something that people unfortunately think is a lame ride with no real thrills or fun. Even if they removed the floor, or added water jets, or whatever, that ride is done. D-o-n-e, done. I think the park will do whatever it takes to maintain the ride, to add it to their list of rides. But no more. And think about it, for the price of a new top spin, we could just use that money for a ride like Voyage! Which I believe costs less than 10 million usd. In my opinion, and I know I'm crazy for saying this, Voyage is a little better than the Crypt.
  3. I would have to say, I love the water feature underneath The Demon. The streams that run underneath it, to me at least, add a lot to the area. It is simple landscaping/theming like that that make a park truly unique. Cedar Fair could learn a thing or two.
  4. Well thats a relief, I can finally get a job at Kings Island now. One of the Ride department's many requirements for the position is smoking large amounts of weed and unfortunately I don't smoke. I'm glad that times are a changing. I guess thats what you get though when you have a person who knows nothing about the industry but still makes wild accusations about it, sounds like another author I've heard of float around on this site. Maybe it's a trend.
  5. The only thing I care about happening is this, removal of the terrible music playing on the train. I really enjoy riding the train, it is peaceful and relaxing....until they start blaring Cotton Eye Joe. If they are going to play music, fine, just tone it down and make it relaxing and better suited to a nice peaceful train ride.
  6. At least Paramount tried to make things interesting. Yes, they had trouble with upkeep, but they tried. It made coming to the park more of an experience, not a generic run of the mill amusement park, which seems to be the Cedar Fair trend. No one can tell me that walking in through the front gates, onto International Street, and hearing the Star Trek theme song, or Indiana Jones in the background, set you up for an amazing day at Kings Island. Its the small touches like that that Cedar Fair either doesn't understand, or doesn't care to try to understand, they just slap some rides in here and there and everything is honky dory.
  7. Muppet


    Sounding the horn every cycle would get old pretty fast. Could you imagine Diamondback's horn sounding every time a train crested the lift?
  8. Completely agree with that. Kings Island will never be the same without them. But at least we got Backlot Stunt Coaster and the 3-Point shootout right?
  9. It's not easy being green...

  10. welcome & enjoy your stay. ;)

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    I've been to GA before. It really isn't a bad park. It was clean and the lines were fairly short. It was the first year for Kingda Ka so everyone was waiting for that line which freed up the rest of the rides. It was pretty humorous though, every time KK broke down, they would sound this loud siren before the ride started(like a lot of rides before moving trains after a downtime) and it was really loud. As soon as it sounded, people would start rushing to Kingda Ka because they knew it was about to start operating again. To answer the original question, you've got to think, if it was a serious problem, do you think they would consider opening the ride before they inspect the ride for any major problems? Very doubtful. Therefore, the ride is safe as soon as it opens back up.
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