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  1. CoastersNSich

    Kings Island 2015 Discussion Thread

    As of today, when I rode Red Racer, all of the Monster cars had been removed and placed aside.
  2. CoastersNSich

    Kings Dominion 2014

    You're welcome.
  3. CoastersNSich

    9 Rides You Hated to See Leave Kings Island

    Skylab! It's been so long now, eh?
  4. CoastersNSich

    Starting to Decode 2014

    Now #4!
  5. CoastersNSich

    Announcement: You Are Invited!

    Circuit City would work too. Budweiser will sponsor anything :-) Anywho sounds good gota see if its a day I have my daughter or not Why not go for a local sponsor?! I say we ask Swallen's.
  6. CoastersNSich

    Cedar Point running out of room.

    They manage to put millions of people on a small island on the east coast, which straddles two rivers. Sure, they may not live in spacious single-family homes like most of us on here do, but it works quite well. Not saying Cedar Point needs to take density to a severe extreme, but I'm using such a built environment as an example as to why Cedar Point isn't really running out of room...
  7. I just bought two tickets using a MacBook in Chrome.
  8. CoastersNSich

    Son of Beast roller coaster to be removed

    If it weren't for Delirium and Sling Shot being there, King Cobra gone, and Invertigo (Face/Off) changing color, you could swear this bottom photo was taken in early 1999.
  9. CoastersNSich

    Posters of KIC past

    He moved away... and now he's back. I don't think he goes to KI much anymore now, though. I actually managed to run into him on KI&MVRR (the train) back in May, and it was a great surprise to catch up after a few years.
  10. CoastersNSich

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    If it's called International Street, why not a modern, International Style front gate structure? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_style_(architecture)
  11. CoastersNSich

    It's time for KI to get a new front gate!

    I say give the structure a neo-modern make-over, and renovate the International Restaurant space. The front gate building may look dated but it still has life to it. Replacing it with a traditional-looking front gate like you'd see at other CF parks is overkill, and a waste of opportunity, space, and money.
  12. CoastersNSich

    The Beach Closing after 27 Years

    Surf Cincinnati was located in a suburban area along the northern stretch of I-275, so it wasn't so much a "less desirable" part of town, but however, a bit off the beaten path, as it was at the end of a cul-de-sac in a commercial/industrial district of Forest Park. That, and they hadn't really kept the place in great shape the last several years it was open.
  13. CoastersNSich

    New Wave Pool

    ^ Yes. It will feature music from the early 1980s. [emphasis mine] That, right there, is theme enough. Don't see how they can't put the songs and some decor together.
  14. CoastersNSich

    Price of season pass after Sunday ?

    They will most likely start their "Buy Now, Pay Later" program, where you can place your order for a 2012 pass, and print out a voucher that you can give as a gift. You give the park your credit/debit card number, and they don't charge the account until April, I believe.
  15. CoastersNSich

    Half Pint Brawlers' Taser Match Canceled

    And you're left wondering why the park would even promote an event that plays with tasers... http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/ITeam-Can-Tasers-kill