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  1. As of today, when I rode Red Racer, all of the Monster cars had been removed and placed aside.
  2. Circuit City would work too. Budweiser will sponsor anything :-) Anywho sounds good gota see if its a day I have my daughter or not Why not go for a local sponsor?! I say we ask Swallen's.
  3. They manage to put millions of people on a small island on the east coast, which straddles two rivers. Sure, they may not live in spacious single-family homes like most of us on here do, but it works quite well. Not saying Cedar Point needs to take density to a severe extreme, but I'm using such a built environment as an example as to why Cedar Point isn't really running out of room...
  4. If it weren't for Delirium and Sling Shot being there, King Cobra gone, and Invertigo (Face/Off) changing color, you could swear this bottom photo was taken in early 1999.
  5. He moved away... and now he's back. I don't think he goes to KI much anymore now, though. I actually managed to run into him on KI&MVRR (the train) back in May, and it was a great surprise to catch up after a few years.
  6. If it's called International Street, why not a modern, International Style front gate structure? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_style_(architecture)
  7. I say give the structure a neo-modern make-over, and renovate the International Restaurant space. The front gate building may look dated but it still has life to it. Replacing it with a traditional-looking front gate like you'd see at other CF parks is overkill, and a waste of opportunity, space, and money.
  8. Surf Cincinnati was located in a suburban area along the northern stretch of I-275, so it wasn't so much a "less desirable" part of town, but however, a bit off the beaten path, as it was at the end of a cul-de-sac in a commercial/industrial district of Forest Park. That, and they hadn't really kept the place in great shape the last several years it was open.
  9. ^ Yes. It will feature music from the early 1980s. [emphasis mine] That, right there, is theme enough. Don't see how they can't put the songs and some decor together.
  10. They will most likely start their "Buy Now, Pay Later" program, where you can place your order for a 2012 pass, and print out a voucher that you can give as a gift. You give the park your credit/debit card number, and they don't charge the account until April, I believe.
  11. And you're left wondering why the park would even promote an event that plays with tasers... http://www.wcpo.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/ITeam-Can-Tasers-kill
  12. To be fair, Kings Island's Facebook page is for people to leave general comments, suggestions, even those general compliments and complaints. But if you have a specific, personal safety issue, you're MUCH better off calling or emailing the park. I could agree that blocking you off the page was wrong, but I'm not surprised by that action, as some issues should be kept private, off a public Facebook wall.
  13. It will have been about 8 years since there really any noteworthy improvements to the water park. It's about time. I'd like to see more slides in the near future, I don't doubt that would happen.
  14. The ideal solution, if you can: let it pass. Don't get into an argument and let this lead to a fight. Parks will NOT tolerate fighting, and they will kick you out, take your season pass away (if you have one,) and ban you from the park for a period of time. This makes you NO better than the line jumpers.
  15. KI has assigned seats at The Beast in years past on a regular basis. The fact they're doing so again is a good thing in my opinion, as it helps better manage the station.
  16. If I were you, I'd take the advice of the armed police officer that set you aside, and just walk next time. NOBODY is MAKING you run!
  17. MagnumFan, Usually, I don't run through the park for the sake of being first on a ride that's been there for almost three seasons. Yeah, I'd say it's you. If I were the officer, I would have said, "Hand me over the pass. Don't come back for about a year. Do some thinking. You'll thank me later."
  18. I like the new look. As a font/graphic design geek, I like how stuff appears in Helvetica (since that font is in my system BTW),
  19. It should be noted that Holiday World's investment for the 2012 season will be $9 million. There could be a small steel coaster in the plans (Just my guess, I have NO insider info or hints.)
  20. Wait... the profile pic is supposed to be OF me, not BY me?

  21. I think the parking lot trams were last used in either 2004 or 05, some of the cars were repainted with a blue with yellow stars and a retro font saying "Paramount's Kings Island" on it in those last years.
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