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  1. With summer beginning to wind down, that meant opportunities to visit my home park, I decided to make my way there on Monday, being Reds day. I was hoping to make the Gold Pass ERT, but was a bit sluggish getting up, and didn’t make it into the park until 9:55. Because I hadn’t ridden Firehawk at all this year, I decided I’d head there first, but wanted to get a jump start on the general public… the area in front of the Gold Pass checkpoint was clogged with peeps… why can’t they clear a path?! I decided to wait around the Eiffel Tower until the playing of the national anthem, where access to the whole park was finally granted. I make my way to X-Base at Fort Kinzel, but Firehawk isn’t quite ready, so I decide to hit Flight of Fear first. One train wait, but if you have any loose articles: you must either take them with you, or give them to a non-rider, or put them in a locker – the operators no longer will put your stuff in the bins for you. After my ride on FOF, I decide to wait for Firehawk to open, and within minutes and some testing, it does, and I’m the first person to enter the queue, despite the greeters discouraging people from waiting out front. I get on the yellow train, front row, and just after the train is placed in the lay-down position – it won’t dispatch, so I wait for a bit to get released from the train, still in the station – and I try to wait for the breakdown to get resolved. But after a little while, I give up and decide to head to Action Zone, in pursuit of my first ’09 ride on Invertigo, but the line seems a bit lengthy, so I pass, and do Congo Falls (first ’09) instead… nice way to cool of quickly. Then, it’s a 2-cycle wait for Drop Tower, and 2-3 cycle wait for Delirium (first time this year also). Then it’s off to Adventure Express, a walk-on in 3-2, and a couple walk-on rides on Red and Blue Racer. I head back to Firehawk to get my bag out of the locker, and notice that it has a 90 minute wait. No, thanks – I need to head to International Showplace to see the focus of the day – the Cincinnati Reds Q&A at 1 PM. After a lttle wait, the Reds Rally Pack takes the stage getting the audience pumped up, tossing shirts their way. Then the Reds PA announcer Joe Zerhusen takes the stage and introduces the 4 participants – Nick Masset, Chris Dickerson, Paul Janish, and Jay Bruce. Bruce, albeit out for the season and in a cast, was the fan favorite. The premise of the session was for kids to line up and ask the players questions, such as their favorites – food, music, player growing up, ballpark, opponent, team growing up, KI ride, etc. A fun time to be had for a full hour, and got to run into KIC’s very own Dane Thomas. I hadn’t been on Diamondback yet today, and midday I expected the line to be fairly short – no more than 20 minutes, but for my first ride I decide upon the single rider line, which wasn’t too bad. I am placed around row 10, but just before boarding, I notice some of the players being escorted through the back – including Jay Bruce and Paul Janish, who ride in the front seat. After their ride, I waited a bit, where the players go down the exit ramp, and Dickerson, gives me a quick hand slap on the way out. My next ride, I decide to get into the regular queue, and request the last row, which was granted – exceptional! My third and final ride of the day was through SRL, row 6 and this put me at 70 rides on DB so far. The 3:00 Q&A session is soon getting started, so I head there. The players this time are Carlos Fisher, Adam Rosales, Lance Nix, and the star, Brandon Phillips. A very entertaining session, just like the first one, especially with some of the answers from Phillips – but unlike the first one, I decided to leave this one early, because of possible rain headed our way – as well as my serious hunger. I headed out of the park for a bite to eat from the “golden arches.” I made my way back to the park, but to be specific, Boomerang Bay, and park at the passholder lot/entrance. I noticed some of the attractions had shut down briefly because of possible storms, but by the time I got changed and situated, stuff reopened – though not everything was open. Some of the slides, either in part, or whole, were closed for the day. Not too much to write about, but I am happy about the music selection to be heard at Boomerang Bay and the park in general – gone is the short loop of Australian/water park music, replaced with a much larger selection of classic rock and pop hits. After about 90 minutes in Boomerang Bay, I decided to call it a day – a wacky but good one.
  2. That's the reason why I started this thread, and with all of the other stuff on sale, who knows? Next year we could see Charlie Brown's Enchanted Voyage. I surely could go for scenes where I get to hear the teacher speak. WAH-WAH-WA-WAH-WAH-WA-WAH!!
  3. Some more I either heard today or recently: Bruce Hornsby - "Every Little Kiss," "The Way It Is," "Mandolin Rain" John Mellencamp - "Jack and Diane" Kansas - "Carry On Wayward Son" Styx - "Too Much Time on my Hands" Jimi Hendrix - "Manic Depression" The Moody Blues - "It's Up To You" Eagles - "Peaceful Easy Feeling" (unsure of the exact song) Dire Straits - "Sultans of Swing" Chicago - one of their 80s pop sounding tracks
  4. a. Kentucky Kingdom is one of the most profitable parks in the Six Flags chain. b. It also says that is what happens when you lease part of the land your park is on from the Commonwealth of Kentucky on the express condition that you open your park as part of the midway (part...many of the rides are brought in by a concessionaire for the State Fair, which is going on now). Kentucky Kingdom has no choice BUT to be a part of the fair...and I am sure they are happy to do so. I think I remember that one year in the mid-90s, Kentucky Kingdom operated as usual (POP only) during the State Fair, and did miserably.
  5. Yes, it was nice to hear a somewhat known (but great) song by Yes while waiting for a water slide - rather than the same old stock soundtrack you expect to hear at almost every water park.
  6. At the KI&MV RR, how do they put one of the trains away? Well, after it unloads passengers in the Losantiville (Rivertown) Station, the train heads to the shed BACKWARDS! I should post a video of this.
  7. I thought that as the season has progressed, we've gotten to hear what songs are heard on the PA system throughout Kings Island in 2009. One thing we've noticed is that the same music plays EVERYWHERE, even in Boomerang Bay. I thought I'd get a list started, including some favorites: Styx - The Best of Times Robbie Dupree - Steal Away Billy Joel - My Life Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Elton John - Funeral For a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding Elton John & Kiki Dee - Don't Go Breakin' My Heart Boston - More Than A Feeling Yes - Rhythm of Love Fleetwood Mac - You Make Loving Fun Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies What are other songs you recognize, and or like, you've heard while in the park this season?
  8. It is I who made that comment. Some of you may remember the shirts that were for sale.
  9. Sorry to double post -- For those of you who were wondering: yes, the "I am going on hiatus" thread was removed. One less bit of stupidity that the rest of you need to deal with. What was up with that thread in the first place? If you're going to go on hiatus, either simply stop posting, or if you have to say so, make a reply somewhere!
  10. Having seen photos of RED track sitting in the parking lot next to Thunder Road, I find it hard to believe that the ride would be called "White Lightning."
  11. If I can afford it, I would love to go! I have a friend or two who are planning to go, and might try to get on in a group so tix are only $36! Besides the special live entertainment, there are supposedly no lines to be found in the park. I worked Pride Night '98 and found the guests to simply be very friendly, and with there being not many people there, an even better chance to relate with guests.
  12. I just watched the POV too and it does kick Flight decks butt but I love how Flight deck comes off the chain lift the view of Great wolf Lodge is great and I like how high you are up and nothing under you except the floor of the train. Not only is Big Bad Wolf a better ride, it, and the park feel like they're in "another world." Whereas Flight Deck, you get a look at a chain waterpark hotel, movie theater, high school, and fast food signs. Just sayin'.
  13. Ah, I believe it was 1991, age 10. My first foray into the BIG PEOPLE'S coasters. Yesh, I had been on The Racer and the new Adventure Exrpess, but those were seen as "family rides." The long line and the hype from the park guide "Biggest and Baddest." The Beast was, and I think still is, one of the most unusual and intense layouts for a coaster.
  14. Legend has it that (Sears) Tower architect Bruce Graham of SOM got the bundled tube idea by putting nine cigarettes together. I also heard that the lower-height tubes could also be extended in height should Sears need it. Of course, Sears bailed for the suburbs after 15 years. I liked "The Real Sears Tower" pic. Not only older, but Sears actually still has a presence there. There's also another "Sears Tower" in the city where Sears was once headquartered. Most of it was a warehouse-type building that has since been demolished, but the tower section remains. Oh, and I can't recommend Billy Goat Tavern enough. Make sure to visit the original, which is located on the lower street level near Tribune Tower off Michigan Ave. DON'T order a Pepsi here!
  15. The -G's on Diamoundback is what makes me a frequent rider.
  16. My suggestion for a new soundtrack Awesome, eh? No?
  17. ^ Ah, a good find! (I added some more tips to my first post above) priceline's "they pick your hotel" may also be one of the restrictions, but odds are, you'll get someplace great for half-price or even less that the regular rate.
  18. I would give priceline's "Name Your Own Price" bidding a try. There are lots of 2.5 - 3 star hotels in the northeast Cincinnati area, like in the Blue Ash, Sharonville, Mason area, with a short drive to Kings Island (about 15 mins, maybe less). I've seen successful bids as low as $40/night. Check out this before bidding - http://biddingfortravel.yuku.com/forums/72...Cincinnati.html Use this link to do your bid: http://www.amazing-bargains.com/j/priceline-45.html?afsrc=1 Zones to check: Kings Island Area Cincinnati Northeast - Blue Ash Cincinnati North - Sharonville One catch to doing this is that you can't cancel/change a successful bid, and room preferences may not be guaranteed. But getting a nice place for the price of a cheap place is a plus - sometimes even close to where you want to be!
  19. Kings Island: VIP Tour Yes, this does include admission to the park.
  20. Nice how you got the Marriott RiverCenter for $60 through Priceline. I've used the 'Name Your Own Price' several times in the past, and gotten NICE places for the fraction of the published rates. Many of the hotels I've gotten through Priceline were in walking distance to area attractions and to transit stations - especially in DC and Chicago. Some of my friends thought I was crazy. An awesome place to start is with biddingfortravel.com, to get tips on how to bid, and see what successful bids there were, and what hotels they got. I think my best find using Priceline was the Omni Shoreham Hotel in the Woodley Park neighborhood of Washington DC, 2 years ago. $65/night for this historic 4-star hotel, within a block from the Metro escalators, in a great area with local and chain restaurants.
  21. I might be getting my Masters education from Ohio State, but you gotta realize Michigan alums are everywhere... One guest might brush it off, while another might raise hell at Guest Relations. Even if it's the fall, and the 'big game' isn't far away, you gotta resist the urge. It goes against the professionalism people expect out of Kings Island and Cedar Fair.
  22. You rode Skull Mountain? You suck! (not really - it was closed the two times I got to visit). Seriously, nice TR, and I recommend visiting SFA if in the area. Even if you're doing more of a DC trip than a coaster trip, SFA is worth a visit - you can even get there using Metro rail and bus!
  23. Wow... my first year having a season pass, and first time riding King Cobra. The place surely had a different feel then than it does now, but then again, it was my first year really going multiple times.
  24. Of course, go! Exceptional wooden coasters. great water park... having the world's tallest water ride isn't a bad plug either. One thing I've always believed about the soft drinks there is that, yes, you pay the price in your admission, it's all about perceived value. And what a value it is, that you don't need to wait in any lines for a drink. If you need just ice water, no hassle there, either! I've had a few less than pleasant experiences asking for water from stands at a park (but most of the time the workers were friendly).
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