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  1. - International Street music, but it eventually wore out on me - Jeffrey Siebert - just so much fun to be around - Tram Service, though it was reduced some in the mid-late 90s, and reduced even further in Paramount years. Then eliminated under CBS, never brought back with Cedar Fair.
  2. At least they didn't say "Diamondback at Paramount's Kings Island" There would be a serious paradox... All mail and correspondence has come through the park for years as "Kings Island, Ohio."
  3. Beast, but slightly. The classic is smoother, more consistent. But the Son does it without headrests, and even less lights than the old Beast!
  4. When Sky Ride is operational, it is definitely on my "Must" list. Another worth doing when open is the Space Spiral, there's never a line.
  5. Another interesting thing, while the River Downs grandstand may have a historic look that goes back several decades, the structure that exists was built around 1987, a steel and concrete structure, with escalators connecting the lower and upper decks.
  6. Craziest park acronym ever... PCP! Thank God Cedar Fair didn't keep the Paramount licenses, nor did they rebrand their other parks as Paramount.
  7. There's been periods of time of 4-5 years between coaster additions. KI didn't add any more coasters since opening until 1977 with the Demon. Then the 80s - even though The Bat opened in '81, King Cobra was the first real successful coaster to be added since The Beast. There were also other 4 year breaks: 1987 Vortex - 1991 Adventure Express, 2001 Reptar - 2005 Stunt Coaster. With Diamondback being such a hit, I think it'll easily satisfy the masses for the next few years. I see it 2014 at earliest when there's a noteworthy coaster to be added. Flat rides and water park slides I think will come in the nearer future. Something next year? Dunno...
  8. If I had to pick a 2nd, it'd be Gemini. Magnum has some of the most severe airtime anywhere, Gemini's is more fun.
  9. What if he were to step onto one of the Metro buses?! lol I'm definitely more interested in the ride itself than the sign promoting it.
  10. Vortex at Kings Island was my first looping coaster, 1993. However, my very first inversion experience was with KI's Flight Commander a year before.
  11. New ones by far!!! Even if you could loop with the Premier trains, the Gerstlauers are seriously more comfortable for large riders, and you gotta love not having headrests!
  12. I've always enjoyed doing Son of Beast at night. Not only is the line very minimal near close, but there's like no lighting in the Rose Bowl area... less lighting than The Beast even....
  13. While I'm glad to see Mr. Six back, last year's ads seemed a bit more creative. They just went and replaced the Asian guy with Mr. Six. If I had to find a voice for Mr. Six, and that's something I wouldn't do, it'd be something with a deeper pitch.
  14. And don't forget that many schools have actually released students early due to these very high temperatures. One question coming out of this is, is this a matter of the number of hours rather than just the simple number of days? Could Gov. Strickland better achieve this by extending the days themselves rather than simply adding days? Many employers, and even some school districts have cut their transportation and operational costs by extending hours while cutting the number of days.
  15. I thought that it was spelled "taer," often capitalized and used by certain people, usually applied in the "down" direction, toward an object or structure, ("it",) such as, let's say, a roller coaster - one of unfavorable quality.
  16. That may have to be my new nickname for MF! I really do enjoy it, but if I want stronger forces, I can get them on Gemini, Magnum Ex El Two Hundred, and Maverick.
  17. I've been to the HolidayFest the last two years... the first year was nice, having not done it before, very enjoyable, though I the paddle boats didnt look too enticing and risky. Of course, this thread is focused on one of those risks... Last year, not much different and I didn't stay too long. I might see myself coming back to the event in the near future, but it's not something I'd make a great effort to do. If I were looking for a holiday celebration, I'd opt for downtown Cincinnati, lots of neat things to see, and more interesting.
  18. Cincinnati Mills, originally and for long known as Forest Fair Mall, was built by an Australian developer who wanted to bring in higher-end stores to those living in Cincinnati's northern suburbs. Of course, don't forget that it was sandwiched between two well-established malls, Northgate (1972) to the west on Colerain Rd., and of course, Tri-County (1960) to the east. How are those malls doing? Not too bad, I guess. When this mall was built in the late 80's, it had to have been part of a lot of speculation that went on. And the conversion of the open-air Kenwood Plaza to the enclosed Kenwood Towne Centre of today didn't exactly help. With the premier stores in the Cincinnati area, a new Crate & Barrel, and a Nordstrom coming next year, Kenwood is having a good laugh. Within a year or two, many of the high-end stores left Forest Fair, simply because they were too high-end for people in the era, who were already going to Tri-County or Northgate. Several anchors and shops held on, and the mall tried some new schemes, but overall no one really lasted too long. There was also a big indoor amusement center, Time-Out on the Court, which had a carousel, miniature golf, bumper cars, kiddie rides, and even a ferris wheel. And a trip to Forest Fair was not complete without the sights and sounds of the golfball contraption. Then around 2002-03, the Mills bought it and renovated the mall, renaming it Cincinnati Mills. The mall reopened in 2004 with great fanfare, but it neither would hold too long, with many of the stores bailing out after too long. bigg's closed its 20-year operation there this summer, and Steve & Barry's is going out of business. I say they redevelop most of it and put a mixed-use development in its place.
  19. Wow... are they really doing lousy business during weekdays to have to close the centerpiece, the reason to be, of these resorts? Hopefully they're deeply discounting the rooms on these days.
  20. I like Chuck... and I especially like his teacher... Wah wah wah waaah wah.. wwah wah wah waa waah. Go to the third segment of the episode... http://www.hulu.com/watch/42066/the-simpso...r-19#s-p1-so-i0
  21. Hate to lose all those rides, but hopefully that have a downscaled selection including the Starliner. After all that effort to dismantle it from Miracle Strip, store it, then rebuild at Cypress, now this?
  22. How about Ohio State? Anyone heard of it? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  23. Noticing the back of the games buildings to the left, this coaster has to be Kings Island's own Racer. Either they simply doctored the photo, or got permission from KI/Taft to put the SFGAdv logos on and do a photo shoot.
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