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  1. Yeah that does make sense Jasper! I was just tossing out an idea there. I'm really stumped though as to what flat ride would tuck in there nicely, there is a reasonable amount of space to utilize right? Trying to think what other water ride would be nice to have
  2. There are some really great ideas here maybe we need to mention this discussion in a 5@5?? I was thinking about a reverse launch tower, one that starts underground and add some sort of wild theming like your launching out of a volcano or crater.
  3. So what do think? Let's throw an idea or two in the official KI suggestion box...err or is there one?
  4. Well I think we need to look at what ride would exactly fit into the theme of things since it rests in the Action Zone area. So something that wouldn't clash with neighboring rides, something thats attracts attention. I thought about Gravitrons, Round-Ups, Himalaya or Beryn Kerve, and I liked the FlySwatter idea mentioned earlier too. I found this neat ride called the Vomitron I think it's at a park in Australia somewhere: Now that's an action ride but the janitors might hate
  5. I was just thinking why not kick it old school and bring back the Kurve and ironicly enough I stumbled upon this link: http://www.flatrides...ayernkurve.html
  6. I'm all ears, what flat ride would you like to see or think that would fit in nicely there?
  7. I'm just outside Chicago, and I would drive to Maine if KI was located there I love it so much
  8. I would like to know everyone's honest thought's about Thunder Alley, share your POV's over why it's still an attraction, what makes it a good attraction, and why it should remain in the lineup. As for me I alittle boggled as to why it's still alive and kickin' I'll be honest everytime I have been at the park that attraction has hardly if any people queuing or riding. I'm curious as to how much profit Thunder Alley rakes in, it must do ok I guess It's not that I have an issue with the ride but I'm just curious.
  9. Pitch Black for the spaghetti bowl area with various strobes and laser FX with fog.
  10. Here's one I found I've never heard of the place before though: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=ko-aQcTkM_g
  11. Imagine the Drop Zone a stand up ride!!! That would be so freaking cool, everyone standing up and leaning forward just a bit. I've seen a ride like that somewhere before but not on the scale our Drop is.
  12. I'm sprinting to the Diamondback since I haven't rode it yet.
  13. Thank you CET for those videos! They brought back so many great memories for me and my family
  14. I found this cool little video of TRTR by The Travel Channel featured on Youtube I got a kick out of Jeff Sieberts analogy of the ride
  15. I've been to 3 Six Flag Parks, and I gotta say I wasn't impressed what so ever! We visited St.Louis last year and was very let down, we went twice once in the summer and then durring Halloween. Attendance both times was poor, and the park was very untidy. We thought we was in a ghetto LOL I mean sure Mr.Freeze is good and all but it still didn't do justice, so we won't visit any other Six Flags again.
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