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  1. I figured that was the case, but you have to imagine how it just seemed to blend in with everything else that wasn't working. Surprisingly, I made a joke that the only thing working consistently were the cash registers but the workers in the Toy Barn said half of their inventory wasn't in the system and thus wouldn't work!
  2. I echo Leah's comments. The only places where I noticed no improvements were the bathrooms. The hand dryer on the right in the bathroom near Scrambler hasn't worked since last year and they still have the terribly inefficient hand dryers in the bathroom before the entrance to the park. I think my favorite of the opening day non-working items was the go karts. We were on our way up the lift hill of the Magnum and Leah noticed that both karts that were on the track were completely stopped with people in them. One of the was crashed into the barrier wall. Perhaps it is standard practice to stop all riders if one of them stops but either way it was so appropriate and we were laughing hysterically!
  3. My favorite is Skyline Chili! I am looking so forward to coming down next weekend just to get that! Even though I can buy it canned in the grocery store it just tastes best at KI!
  4. Hey everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted but I'm very glad to be back! This is unrelated to the posted topic, but I think an ambulance would be in order for this little tale... So Leah (the Countess) and I were at the park today (and will be there the next two days too!) and we were on The Beast in the early evening. There was a punky kid near the front of the train who decided to stand up and "slap" the top of the entrance to the tunnel on the helix. I cringed when I saw what he was trying to do. It was clearly intentional, as he literally stood up in his seat. He missed the first one, but not the second one and the ride slapped him back, hard. I swear his whole hand bent backwards. He was acting like a tough guy when he got off but I know he was screaming inside. Did anyone else see this? I do wonder why people do stupid things like this, like on Magnum people try to reach over to hit the supports by the last two tunnels. It is all physics... you put your hand in the way of a stationary object as you travel fast and you will get hurt.
  5. I'm wondering if the bull horns are on the cart so they can impale you when you get the bottom?!
  6. I just checked Google maps and, yep, it's there! In all seriousness, though, I definitely think KI is already "on the map." Heck, it keeps us coming at least twice a year, and if it weren't so darned far away (we're near the Detroit area), we would go more often. We go to Cedar Point more often just because it's a heckuva lot closer to us.
  7. That episode brought a smile to my face! I had never heard of the park, but the pickers returning after selling the posters was a really nice gesture!
  8. You really need to put an About Me section in here one of these days! :P

  9. I was very glad to hear this news! Although I hope the accompanying rumor is false. That rumor being that they are removing Chaos and moving the 3-point shot game that was near Demon Drop to the site of Chaos. Anyway, regarding Ocean Motion - my favorite viking ship ride is at Michigans Adventure - the Sea Dragon. During the ride, they lower the tires after it has reached its peak height and the ship is allowed to swing freely for several (back-forth) cycles. It's the coolest feeling! On the last day of Cedar Point this year, we noticed that they did the same thing for Ocean Motion, only for one half-cycle. Is this feature commonly found in viking ship rides? From my recollection, I don't think neither Viking Fury nor the Rage at Canada's Wonderland did this.
  10. Although I do not have enough knowledge of KI to partake in said exercise, I would like to applaud you, Erosarrow05, for starting this topic and for your stance on Wikipedia! I find it to be very useful as well. For many topics, going to the references cited at the bottom help to validate the information on the site. I look forward to reading this thread!
  11. Loved the display! I was on the left side of the car, so didn't see the actual "surprise" - only its effect. Leah (countess_of_tuscany) said it was really cool looking!
  12. Although we only did two haunts last night, I must say that the sprinklers in the Trail of Terror was very inappropriate,considering the low temperatures. We actually had to go into the family dryer afterwards to try to dry off. Other than that, it was great! The only other haunt that we did was Urgent Scare. The photo line at the end was kind of lame - at the time we went in there was no wait to get into the haunt, but there was a wait to leave! We'll be back today, so perhaps we will see some of you (at least in passing, since we are relatively new here)!
  13. That's it!!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait until tonight so I just went to Amazon and listened to clips (can't get to YouTube at work). Thank you so much!
  14. This summer was not as coaster-filled as previous summers. We are redoing my house, we joined a new organization that had its obligations, and I had to work a lot of extra hours this summer. However, for the few trips to the amusement parks it was very enjoyable! I would say that my favorite trip of the summer was a day and a half stay at Michigans Adventure. There was something magical about the trip itself (isn't life about the journey, not the destination?!). Going to KI for my birthday in late April, when our home park of CP wasn't open, was great (and we will probably be able to do it again next year!) My favorite time of the year is Fall and my favorite holiday is Halloween, so I'm looking very forward to Haunt and Halloweekends!
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will check them out as soon as I get home from work tonight! I've seen all except "Suspiria" but cannot remember the music from them.
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