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  1. I heard it from Jeff's brother yesterday, at first we thought he was kidding. I'm just glad it's still up and running! I love that ride!
  2. (If this topic has already been discussed elsewhere, please let me know - I searched and couldn't find anything about this - just want to be sure!) Apparently Cedar Point's WaveSwinger is being taken down. According to Screamscape, http://www.screamsca...cedar_point.htm: "(5/21/12) Over the past several days, several readers have sent in pictures showing off the Wave Swinger at Cedar Point being taken apart piece by piece over the past week, with the first photo taken on May 15th and the last on May 18th. The ride is still listed on the park’s website, but it seems odd to take it apart at th
  3. I would miss DT Cedar Point is definitely due for a new coaster though! Maybe Cedar Point will build the land up into Lake Erie and expand the penninsula? hehe, just kidding!
  4. I don't really know anything about the Fast Lane at TTD because we didn't ride it on opening day - the regular line looked like it would have taken hours. The longest Fast Lane line that I saw was Millennium. (which we didn't ride because whenever it wasn't broken down, the regular line was insane). I saw the Fast Lane line from the train - it wraps around to the front of the station, near where the ride operator is - I just saw it for a quick second while passing it.
  5. Tip, next time get on 71 south for about 2 minutes (to the Mason Montgomery exit) and go to the Taco Bell on Fields Ertel next to McDonalds. You'll be back before you get through half of that line after park close. Thanks for the tip! We will certainly keep that in mind for next time!
  6. WindSeeker was open all day at Cedar Point on opening day, seemed to be working fine. I wonder why KI's has been down all season, since they are the same ride.
  7. My mom, fiancé Jeff (count_of_tuscany), and I went to Cedar Point's opening day on Saturday, May 12 and had a super great time! All in all, they made some great improvements to the park! Here is a bit about our day, as well as the changes we saw to the park: As soon as we got there, we saw there was a giant dino between the parking lot and the season pass center area - made me so excited for Dinosaurs Alive! (I love dinos!) We got there around 8:30am and the line was already pretty long to get in near the main entrance gates. When we got in at 9, we headed straight to Millennium. On our way t
  8. My first trip to Kings Island, in 2008, I rode it right away! My favorite part about it was(is) the little drop right out of the station, how it started(starts) right up, and the first time I rode it, I was not expecting that! Every coaster I'd been on before that slowly approached a lift hill or launched. Also, I loved(love) looking over at it from just about anywhere in the park and seeing trains on the ride, they just looked(look) so tiny compared to that massive structure! (my present-tense parentheses means that I hope it comes back!)
  9. We usually always go to Taco Bell after the park closes and bring it back to our hotel - the drive-thru line is always completely packed but it's so worth it! (We even go after the Haunt at 1am - still just as crowded in the line!)
  10. I went to one of the stores in the front of the park (when you look at the parking lot from inside the park, it's on the right side near the gates-not sure of the name) and I asked if we got a Platinum Pass discount (I always ask, because you never know!) They said they had some sort of a rewards program, but didn't have any details. They scanned my pass but no extra receipt printed out. It's cool that they are doing a rewards program! I wonder if CP will do that as well?
  11. I got the pink one! And I'm wearing it right now!
  12. Love that idea! One of my favorite songs of all time It'd be awesome to have zombie theming all throughout the ride - I bet it'd be a hit especially during Halloween Haunt!
  13. I love how smooth The Beast is, and the new food choices are amazing! Fruit? Yes please! My favorite
  14. I completely agree! It was the smoothest I have ever felt it, absolutely no jerkiness. It seemed faster to me than usual, but probably because it was my first amusement park trip of the season and everything always seems more intense the first trip!
  15. I heard that insanely loud crack of thunder in the Festhaus, and everyone jumped and screamed a bit. It was probably the loudest thunder I ever heard!
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