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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Please help... I have a 2011 Kings Island Platinum Pass (renewed online from 2010). My wife and son just got their Cedar Point platinum passes processed yesterday (long painful story why we use different parks). So I have the three Platinum Passes, two CP and one KI. I called Kings Island today to try to do the right thing and verify that all three passes would work this Saturday and make sure that they will all work. The lady who helped me was able to verify that my pass is set (the KI one), but that the Cedar Point ones won't come up, "probably just because they are from a different par
  2. Looking forward to some footers! Footers in December? Start seeing some vertical action in January and February? Testing in March?! Oh no! I really didn't want to start getting excited yet! There is still way too long of an off season to go...
  3. It was probably part of the deal with Mondial to get the name out. And Kings Island isn't my home park... Cedar Point is, but you guys at KI should be pretty excited, you got DB in '09, you're adding a sweet 300' flat in '11, and will probably be brought up a lot more at the round table discussions for possible coaster additions in '12. It's not like you're being left out.
  4. I do, Knotts and Canada's Wonderland are both 301 ft., more than likely CP is going in at 301 or higher. That would make 3 of 3 over 300 ft.
  5. Wind Seeker fits all the way around. Same day at CW and CPs announcements. CW has already said it's a Wind Seeker, and 301 ft. That would fit right in with the hints dropped about KIs attraction. I just want to know when (what time) it's being announced, and Knott's for that matter.
  6. Did KI say when they are announcing their new Wind Seeker?
  7. Here a wind seeker, there a wind seeker, everywhere a wind seeker. I agree with CoastersRZ about the overlapping markets, but you have got to keep in mind these things are cheap, much more so than a coaster. Look at Delirium and MaXair too. I think CF may be viewing the Star Flyer as something that every park should have... not something you drive 8 hours for.
  8. The image is of the concept art as it is panning over to the new attraction, just before it is in the picture... IMO
  9. 100% agree Cormaster. Dick has stated TTD was a mistake (I think he actually said Disaster was the biggest). For them to throw up another one would seem a little odd. I would have to wonder about who produced the fake document though. They would have to know, especially while typing the legal spiel at the top, that they could be in some trouble for producing such false documents.
  10. Not to get off subject, but we were discussing all of the left over money... then I saw this at another site. Now it doesn't seem legit... and length is spelled wrong, but still, we can dream, can't we? Skycore
  11. The article talks about Cedar Point. Again, yes it is possible that they made a mistake and meant the whole company and therefore another park, not likely, but possible. They go on to say a 400 ft Star Flyer was planned. It would be a world record. IMO, it is not too much of a stretch for that last shadow of a doubt (them meaning Cedar Fair) to be cancelled out by the world record statement. Yes, there may be two, but certainly at least one (the record) was/is headed to Cedar Point. They are around 7 hours apart. It's not like we are talking about an attraction that people will drive
  12. I think that is the epitome of altering facts to fit individual desires. You're going to lose all respect for Cedar Fair if they do what, find a cheap (<$5 million) way to put up a 400 ft, world record breaking, flat? If you ask me, in these troubled times, it seems like a pretty smart route to take. They have to be fiscally responsible at some point. Of course, if by lose respect you mean be really upset they didn't build what you wanted.
  13. You have read the article, right? Not only do they say Cedar Point, they talk about how Cedar Point wanted it to be 400 ft. So even if, by the slimmest of chances, they meant to put Cedar Fair, do you really think Canada's Wonderland was debating putting up a 400 ft. star flyer (and taking the world record)?
  14. I don't think it is "the swing", I think it is "the swings". It is sounding more and more like Cedar Fair worked out a deal for two Wind Seekers.
  15. I'm really disappointed in Funtime. There was no reason to do an interview with the SR about this. Of course the paper is going to run the story, and more power to them for breaking the news, but isn't it a little taboo for Funtime to disclose the plans of parks if you are a manufacturer? Even if there are grounds for a lawsuit, why let the cat out of the bag for everyone to see before the announcement?
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