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Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. My point that I was making was all about the app. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/online-fun/free-mobile-app I didn't know there was one, but now that I do, I noticed not one single person has ever reviewed it. So don't you all think that perhaps someone should get on camera and walk around the park filming themselves using it and make a video review of the app, to tell... 1. if it is possible to search food locations by all food items available in the park? 2. if it is possible to see allergy and dietary information with all foods listed? 3. if food locations show wait times?
  2. And water fountains have been increased in recent years, many with a touchless water bottle refill to encourage you to bring an empty bottle to fill. You have clearly identified that it has been 3 years since you have been at the park. Your data point of reference is no longer valid and comments are not helpful to this topic. I think you are simply trolling at this point... Are you saying that my concern and interest is not valid, just because I have not recently been to the park in a few years? I should remind you, that this thread is to add our suggestions on how KI food
  3. No. Not in Ohio. Terp, who is not engaged in the private practice of law in Ohio, Maryland, the District of Columbia or any United State. There is no legal advice intended for a particular client herein. Consult a competent attorney in the relevant jurisdiction if you have, or think you may have, a legal problem. Water law is a specialty of practice, yet different than here. This is a disclaimer. Back in the early 90's and all the way back to the 70's, Kings Island used to have water fountains everywhere, especially all the way up and down Coney Mall, in the center where the benches a
  4. Actually, that law only applies to hiring employees and sexual solicitation. I had actually attempted to sue many work places over the sexist stereotype discrimination that they enforce on their employees, and after talking with lawyers and other professionals offered by the government, they told me that all workplaces are allowed to be sexist with sexual stereotypes and to sexual discriminate with their employees all they want. Kings Island even has a picture in their employee handbook, showing a male and a female, and pretty much says, this is what a male looks like, and this is what a f
  5. Oh........... I just thought Cedar Fair was the best owners for the park, as they did so much to restore the park, and they have done so much. Perhaps this isn't a park issue at all. It could be the economy, as we are tail spinning into the worst recession ever. Has anyone looked at guest attendance records for the last few years, to see if they see any patterns?
  6. Well, when you got a whole pizza before, you always got it in a pizza box, but now it is only if you are taking it out of the park. So it is still much better than before. Before, every trash can would be stuffed with several pizza boxes, and then no one had anywhere to put trash.
  7. Wow, I just didn't think that much would have changed in such a short amount of time.
  8. It seems to be in certain locations, but not all locations yet. http://www.todaysdietitian.com/newarchives/090114p18.shtml Since it is just the right thing to do, appeals to the general public, shows the public that they would actually care about their customers/guests, and would be preventing deaths, then I don't see why any place would resist or try to fight it. So there should be laws in every city, and if a business does not comply, they should be humiliated on the news and get a good lecture about how to properly run a business. You know, I forgot something though. Kings Island i
  9. This also. When I walk into a fast-food joint and don't know what I want, I won't step up to the register until I have determined my entire order. If there are other people behind me when it becomes my turn, I will wave the next party in front of me repeatedly until I'm ready to order, otherwise, I'll inform the cashier that I'm not ready and will need a few minutes, so that they can go do other things (assist with drive-through, etc.) while I think. And if there's a new promotional item on the menu that I might be interested in but I'm not sure about, I won't go up to place my order until I k
  10. By law, if a customer/guest asks for such information, then the place of business must provide all allergy information, or they can be sued. It's only after they provide all allergy information, that they would no longer be liable.
  11. That's what I've been waiting for Kings Island to do for what seems like forever. The most Kings Island ever came to doing something like that was just posting a few sentences telling park guests to go to Guest Services, and then they never had any food information, so they stopped telling people to go to Guest Services for food information. It would be cool though if there was a Food App that allowed you to search by food item and then showed you all locations along with allergy and dietary information.
  12. So they have all of their food and drink options listed on their website and in a brochure and in an App, where all park guests can easily and quickly find what food options they want, where to get them at, and don't need to ask any employees about foods regarding food allergies or special dietary needs? Please, show me, because I haven't seen any of that yet.
  13. I'm going to go back and read every post in this topic, but I just wanted to post this real quick while it is fresh in my mind. Kings Island has no food menu brochure for park guests, and THEY NEED ONE! AND EVERYONE HAS BEEN WANTING ONE FOREVER!!!!! Now when I asked management in the past about why they don't and never had one, I never got a straight answer. The replies were always guesses and assumptions, like it must be because not all of the food places are always available, or certain foods may run out from time to time, or they may add food options from time to time that are last minu
  14. Is it possible that they could be expanding Rivertown, so that whatever they are building will be further back where they can build more rides later? When the park built Top Gun (aka Flight Deck/The Bat), they had to extend Action Zone really far back just for that ride, where they later added other rides. Same thing when they built Outer Limits Flight of Fear, they had to build that whole new area behind The Racers where they also added more stuff later. I really don't see much room in Rivertown at all, and it needs to expand. If they don't expand it now, then it seems it might run ou
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