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  1. "Backwoods Bayou", based on my experience of it last year, would honestly be an amazing maze compared to being a Scare Zone. I would replace "Tombstone Terror-Tory" with "Backwoods Bayou" and make a longer trail for people to follow after they are dropped off by the train. Also I'd give it a large voodoo/"Crazy Hillbilly" theme with ACTUAL CHAIN SAWS (Minus the blades of course). Just the whole feeling of being in the woods with crazy hillbilly's and also a voodoo theme as well would give it a great feeling of being in a creepy Louisiana bayou!
  2. I totally agree that it's either a green space or a section that is to incorporate some special scenery for this "new" possible area because they obviously dug up the concrete instead of just repainting it. Which leads me to ask how would they incorporate the buildings in AZ? I'm thinking they may possibly repaint them.
  3. Hahaha I really wish they could somehow obtain the rights to show this in the queue line. For me that would be like icing on the cake, it suits it so well with Banshee!
  4. NOTE: MAY CAUSE NIGHTMARES. This is a tad off topic but did anybody else notice the close resemblance of Banshee's logo has to MAMA from "MAMA"?
  5. What was used was likely a canon Simulator! The Youtube channel Displayfireworks1 describes it! Skip to :50 to see it at night.
  6. Whatever this ride comes out to be, one things for sure.. It's gonna be one heck of a night ride!
  7. Looks like The Beast is deciding to finally spit a steel demon!
  8. speaking of TPR......Just saw this on TPR! Looks like its beginning to see it's last few months! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45427&start=4900
  9. FINALLY!!! Thanks Don. Hoping for something big! .......It would be pretty cool to take it out with a bang! Looking forward to the future!
  10. I heard of 2 people getting killed in one of the ponds.
  11. I remember in the 90s someone falling out of flight Commader and did not survive.
  12. thanks havent been on the fourms in a while
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