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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Definitely seemed popular throughout the entire night. Walked out of Wolf Pack at 1 and saw a still-full queue for Blackout.
  2. My mom just sort of side-swiped me with the news that I'll be auditioning for Halloween Haunt tomorrow. I'm not upset, seeing as I was interested in doing so to begin with, but I am surprised. So I have questions. What should I prepare for before walking into the interview? If I end up getting the job, what should I then prepare to do? Will I have to work any weeknights? When will training be? I'm sure I have more questions, and if I come up with more, or with follow up questions to answers, I'll end up posting them below. Update: I got the job. Turns out I wouldn't have even real
  3. I'd say the young girls wearing far too revealing clothes and spray on tans, but that's more of a general complaint. In my 7th grade so many girls looked like baked potatoes wearing Polly Pocket clothes...
  4. I'm just mad the program ended before I could redeem a free Fast Lane pass.
  5. I personally listen to soundtracks to movies, and especially broadway musicals.
  6. It's my birthday, so I'm definitely going! This is gonna be great!
  7. Maybe a more complex stage than the one at Cedar Point? Assuming that it is for a Luminosity style show, which I don't think it will be.
  8. ^Maybe because they're all somewhat situated on a particular path, and somewhat close to each other.
  9. 3 guesses: Year long haunt, dark ride, or an indoor coaster.
  10. Oh my god. They have a broadway themed show. This may possibly be the greatest show I'll ever see at a Cedar Fair park. Might be the second greatest.
  11. Umm... maybe for something bigger than a ride breaking down, since that does happen a lot. It's unenjoyable, but it'll happen. If you got stuck on a ride for an hour+ in 90 degree weather, than yes I think such a thing would be a fit "sorry".
  12. A snow globe. A pretty big snow globe may I add.
  13. Yes! This is a genius idea. Somebody please get on it.
  14. I miss the marshmallow fog in a manner which can not be expressed in words. Every Halloween Haunt I go without it pains me to no avail. I miss the fog. Severely. It made for great atmosphere when in the parking lot. I love the rest of Haunt though!
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