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  1. Me and my kids took a trip to Camden Park a couple of days ago. It had been six years since we had last been there, and whille some things had changed, alot was still the same. Some of the changes was the removal of several rides for various reasons. Gone was The Monster, ferris wheel, Dodgems, Hot Cat and Sky Diver. Added since our last trip was The Rattler, Camden Princess and a new mini golf course. First stop on the trip was actually the restrooms. These desperately need some attention. Not that they were just dirty, but they are really in rough shape and could you use a remodel in the worst way. With that out of the way we took a ride on The Scrambler. Your typical scrambler, ran well but could use a fresh coat of paint. That would be a theme for the day. Next we headed for the Haunted House. Now this ride had certainly seen a facelift since our last visit. The outside had been redone, the ride cars had new designs on them and the scares inside had been spruced up a little. Fun ride and yes I believe it should count as a coaster! After that we went over to The Bullseye. Long ride cycle and plenty of force that keeps you pinned to the back of where you are standing made it fun ride. We then mosey over to The Paratrooper. Fun little ride. Next was the crown jewel of the park, The Big Dipper. Built back in the 50's, this coaster still has the same classic cars. Plenty of air time on the one back drop, especially in towards the back of the train. Saw some new wood on the ride and yes it still shifts some on the one turn. It really could use a new paint job, but its still lots of fun. We then took flight in The Flying Scooters. I can see why this are so missed by many at Kings Island. We then went over to The Whip, one of the last of these rides left. Doesnt look like much, but its more than what you would think. Long ride cycle on this one too. We then rode the train around the pond they call Swan Lake. Lots of folks in the paddle boats today. Next was a ride on The Little Dipper. Lots of new wood on this one, but it was very rough. It looked like the cars had gotten refurbished though. We then went aboard The Camden Princess. I called it Surf Dogs little brother, nice looking ride but you dont get much speed going on it. The Tilt-A-Whirl looked like it had been painted recently. I love this ride and another long ride cycle. The Kite Flyer was new the last time we were here but the paint is starting to fade and a lot of rust is showing in places. Skipped the log ride as we were heading to the mall afterwards and I didnt feel like getting soaked. The kids rode on the ski lift that goes over the mini golf, which looked very nice. Before we left it went down and it took them several minutes before they could get it running again and get everyone off the ride. I also picked up a tshirt in the gift shop and the kids hit the small arcade before we left. The park was pretty busy today. Several bus loads of church groups with lots of young kids were at the park. Camden is a fun little park to spend 2 or 3 hours at, and it appears the owners have done a little sprucing up of the place. With some more fresh paint and attention to some of the small things, like the restrooms, this park could really shine.
  2. Thanks for posting those! They are some awesome views of Kings Island back in the day. I'm sure they look really great through a View Master!
  3. Thanks for the replies! Scrambler is no biggie, I've been on so many different ones over the years I wont miss that. Hope to get on Viking Fury early in the day though. Looking forward to seeing some of the Haunt attractions in the evening, will focus on the rides before that starts. Cant wait for our first Haunt!
  4. Me, my girlfriend and my two kids are coming to KI next Saturday the 28th. This is the first time we have come to Haunt and my girlfriends first trip to KI ever. Its part of my sons birthday gift, as is the Reds game the next day as he turns 13 this Friday. I was just wondering what to expect, how scary are the mazes and scare zones, are all the rides still running during Haunt hours. We plan on getting there around 11 and staying until late in the evening. Hoping for good weather and maybe see some of you guys there.
  5. Enchanted Voyage is legendary to some of us of a certain age. These young whippersnappers today don't know what they missed.
  6. Yeah, I would say The Beast was about a 45 minute wait both times we were back that way. My wife isn't a big fan of waiting in line for too long, so as you can see, we mostly rode rides with shorter wait times. Our longest wait all day was about 20 minutes for Boo Blasters, but the kids really wanted to ride it.
  7. My family and I made our annual trek to KI Tuesday and enjoyed a fun day at the park. The place was pretty busy for a Tuesday, but the weather was nice and we had a good time. We rode the following: Flight Deck, Viking Fury (x2), Congo Falls, White Water Canyon, Racer (x3), Backlot Stunt Coaster, Adventure Express (x2), Shake, Rattle & Roll (x2), Monster, Dodgems, Boo Blasters, Woodstock Express, Surf Dog. We also rode the train over to Soak City and spent a couple of hours over there and also went up the Eiffel Tower. I wanted to get a ride on some of the other rides, like The Beast, but neither my wife or son were in the mood to wait in the fairly long lines some of the rides sported. Only the blue side was running on The Racer early in the day, but the red side began operating later in the day. It was a much rougher ride than the blue train. Also, Woodstock Express was a very rough ride. My wife felt the same way about the Adventure Express, but I don't share that view. Now, on to the pics: My family and I before entering the park. Barb and I before the rope drop. Kolby and I prepare to ride Flight Deck, our first ride of the day. Here is a shot of Viking Fury. Kolby and I on Backlot Stunt Coaster. Me and my sweetie enjoying something sweet. Soaked after a ride on White Water Canyon. Some pics from the Eiffel Tower. Nice view of the fountains and tower. A shot of the carousel. Taking a rest by the fountains. Another shot of the tower.
  8. Do you know exactly what happened with the two rides that malfunctioned? I hadn't heard anything in regards to these incidents.
  9. We always stay at the Super 8. Its a very short drive from KI and there are plenty of places to eat (Arby's, McD's, Burger King) nearby. Its nothing special, but is fairly cheap and pretty clean.
  10. I'm not for sure, but I believe the 21st and 22nd were Math and Science Days. We went to KI on a Math and Science Day a couple of years ago, and it was packed with bus loads of school kids.
  11. Hope the skies clear enough so all you lucky folks going to opening day can get plenty of rides in. Wish I was there!
  12. I had planned on going on opening day, but I think now I'll wait to the new ride opens before making the trip up there.
  13. This banner is now up on Camden Park's website. Does anyone else think this looks like a Delirum type ride?
  14. I was told today by someone who lives in the Huntington area that the new ride at Camden Park will be a Drop Tower type ride called The Rattler. No official confirmation on this, but it jives with some other info I had heard.
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