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  1. Probably not a recored breaker, that really doesn't free up much room, but then again who knows with Cedar Point.
  2. Call me crazy, but I think if one of the paramount park does get the Mtv concert thing, it will be a rethemeing of one of the Flight of Fears. I think they dropped some hits about remixs and stuff in the description.
  3. just wondering, why don't you like The Italian Job Stunt Track? It isn't just for little kids, it has explosions and it is launched, it should still be pretty intense.
  4. The theming looks awesome! and so does the ride!
  5. I think if we get anything else, it will just be repairs, and painting of buildings and stuff.
  6. LoL, I wouldn't be surprised.
  7. Well its just one person less in line to worry about. Also listen to Two Can Same about TTD, it no matter what the wait time is is worth the wait. I waited about an hour four diffrent times, not matter how many times you ride it you can't get enough of it.
  8. I can't wait I wish I could have been there! 10:53, still no announcement on the sites. This reminds me of the time I woke up extra early on January 9, to check out Top Thrill Dragster.
  9. Thats a good point Special K, but this is off topic, has anyone ever ridden The Mummy rides? If so could you explain what the experience is like. I think the ride should be great. The ride did coast 40,000,000, do yoou think PKI will drop this much for a ride? That would be the biggest amount of money to my knowledge of a single investment in PKI history. Im talking about just one ride, not three like the 99-00 expansion, where they got SOB, Face/Off, and Drop Zone. Im not even sure if that cost 40 million. I just don't now guess we will have to wait and see. Outer Limits didn't take that long to build, even though that ride seems a lot less complicated than the Mummy rides. Im guessing a launched coaster, with no building, and just theming throught the ride, this is just my guess.
  10. When I went last year everything was crowded. The rides and all the attractions. I liked it best when you would pay extra if you had a pass, and the other people had to pay full price, because then it was never crowded. NOw since if you have a pass you get in for free it is horrible. I would rather pay a little extra and have no line than have masses of people there.
  11. Sounds like it will be a lot like the Mummy rides, which everyone pointed out, I don't like the whole idea of stopping, seeing some special effects, and then launching again. We still may be wrong though, even though the ticket does drop a lot of hints. I will still he happy though, this ride should rock!
  12. I would like too see either an Egyptian theme, or a 50's theme. The Egytian theme would have a B and M hyper, twisting around pyramids and stuff.There would also be some type of Pyramid dark ride experience. The 50's theme would have a classic american and classic car theme, diffrent types of cars, especially bel airs littred around the area, an ice cream shop, elvis music playing( We'll even throw in the Beatles even though there from the sixties, but who cares they are the greatest.) The Main ride would be an Intamin launch, with trains that look like 56 Bel Airs. This is basically like the theme of Xcelerator, but the whole area will be themed to it, and the rocket coaster would be much much better, Probaly non inverting, but lots of overbanks, bunny hills, a ride kinda like Xcelerator mixed with Expedition G-Force. As for the names i dunno, just two themes I would like too see.
  13. NOt a bad thought special k, the launched 4-d was for Blackpool, but with; things going the way they are for blackpool I dont expect to see anything there.
  14. I thought B and M hated launches, thats why they didn't build the one for Hulk. Also B and M said they would never go over 300 ft.
  15. The stats for the length were made public, its only like 2,400 something feet, Top Thrill Dragster is 2,800. There is no way they will be able to launch you fast enough to get higher that Top Thrill. I however think that they will be getting a rocket coaster, something along the lines of Xcellerator, somewhat tall, around 200 or so feet, but have some hill and maybe inversions to go with it.
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