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  1. Haunt and Winterfest update with Don Helbig

    Some nights during Haunt it can get very chilly and may be needed?
  2. Current wait times

    I remember back only 5-7(or less) years ago when one could renew their pass for $69.99 the park in general almost always seemed less busy than it has in the past 2-3 years when the price has been $99+. I remember being able to go on a weekday and sometimes have near walk-ons for many of the rides, sometimes even The Beast.
  3. FOF roughness

    You should have tried it when they still had the over the shoulder restraints, now THAT was rough :-)
  4. Thedailywoo visits KI

    true, though he states that he asked if he could wear his Gopro on each ride since it was on his wrist and that some of them told him it was ok in fact one part u see the ride op talking to his camera
  5. Thedailywoo visits KI

    For those who have no idea who that is, he is a guy who basically drives around the country looking at interesting and sometimes little known places such as celebrity graves and places they have filmed movies and the like and makes videos of his experiences. And also more known places such as this video. . Start at 3:28
  6. Seeking some information about things moving around.

    Congo falls being removed? He must have heard that from the dipping dots guy. The Boo Blasters photo booth is gone also.
  7. So it's a straight down version of TP, same general idea. Have not rode that one but to me the extra 10ish seconds going through tubes would make TP more fun to me at least. Closest I've come to that one is The Cliff at whatever The Beach is called officially now, though i admit i love that one too.
  8. Sunday my 10+8 year old told me they wanted to try the drop one. We got up there and said they were scared and told me to go first so they could see me do it. Standing there waiting for it to drop you and looking down at the clear floor and it looking like I'm 10 feet up from the start of the slide gave me one heck of an adrenaline rush but the ride was fun. Once I got to the bottom I waited for them to ride it only to see them both walking back down the stairs. My little chickens :-)
  9. Current wait times

    Was planning on going today, but if it's another ed day forget it, too many bad experiences with teens cutting lines and no one doing anything about it
  10. Current wait times

    Everyone's been called out by Terp at least once I'm pretty sure :-)
  11. Current wait times

    any events today?(sunday)
  12. pez- having to scroll right to read post=annoying :-)
  13. ki site down

    lopan= had way too many adult beverages when wrote this tread :-)
  14. ki site down

    feel free to delete thread
  15. ki site down

    nm after 10 min started working again